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  • The film title doesn't mislead us. Sex toys, phones, and ladies are involved. It's also a relationship film, but an impressive variation from the usual romantic comedy angle.

    Like another film from this year, Giant Mechanical Man, a significant part of this story involves young adults finding themselves along with happiness after what they thought was a serious relationship was ended by the significant other. And so begins the adventure. It may be we have a new type of urban adventure involving main characters exploring the unchartered territories of themselves and those close to them.

    Unlike GMM, this is not nearly as predictable. Just when you think you know where it's headed, it shifts directions and explores areas that rarely get explored in film.

    It also does many of the artistic things that other films keep failing to do in terms of how and who the villains/enemies are and who those you can trust are.

    Another relatively low-key, indie film from 2012 doing new stuff that doesn't involve 3D, computer FX, or horribly loud audio blasted at the audience.
  • A comedy about phone sex may not sound like a good idea, but For A Good Time, Call... manages to pull it off thanks to a good deal of humor and character development. Much of the humor here is raunchy but it works. It's not one of those dumb raunchy comedies. Some of the best bits happen when Lauren and Katie talk to their customers. One of them is Captain Jerry who's played by Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller's real-life husband. Miller plays proper young woman Lauren Powell. She was also one of the script writers, along with Katie Anne Naylon. They based the script on their real-life experiences as college roommates. Miller's performance is suitable and works well opposite Ari Graynor as Katie Steel. There's commitment from every actor involved but it's Graynor who steals every scene she's in. She has the best lines and she knows it. She plays her character like a pro. At first she doesn't seem appealing to the audience, but as the film progresses she becomes a rounded and likable personality. Although the story is set in the modern day the film still seems like one of those films from the early-1990s. It reminded me of Clerks (1994). A good script and a good setup make For A Good Time, Call... one of the better comedies of 2012. I recommend it.
  • In Manhattan, the nerd aspirant editor Lauren Powell (Lauren Anne Miller) is dumped by her boyfriend Charlie (James Wolk) that is expatriated to Rome. Meanwhile, the manicure Katie Steele (Ari Graynor) can not afford the raise in the rent of her apartment at the Gramercy Park. Their common gay friend Jesse (Justin Long) brings Lauren to share the apartment with Katie, but they are college enemies and have difficulties to accept each other. Katie also works in a phone sex line but her income is very low. When Lauren loses her lousy job and is not accepted in a publishing house, she decides to use her knowledge to make a profitable business in sex for Katie and herself. But when Lauren's parents unexpectedly appear in the apartment, their friendship is tested.

    "For a Good Time, Call..." is an uneven comedy, funny in certain moments and lame in others. The religious fanatic in very unfunny; the slut Katie being a virgin is something ridiculous. But there are many scenes that make laugh. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Para se Divertir, Ligue..." ("For a Good Time, Call...")

    Note: On 21 July 2016, I saw this film again.
  • Attended the World Premier of For a Good Time, Call... at the Sundance Film Festival

    If you liked Bridesmaids you'll want to see this movie. For a Good Time, Call... had the audience in stitches the whole way through. It somehow manages to be both raunchy and sweet at the same time. Cameo's with Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith were hilarious. Ari Graynor is perversely funny. (that's a compliment) Lauren Miller is just too damn cute. And Justin Long WOULD make a great Bond villain. I loved it and if you're not a complete prude I think you'll find things to love as well.
  • Okay first things first, I know this movie will raise a few eyebrows amongst you, but I would urge you not to base this film off of its synopsis or concept. Don't get me wrong, this film is what you think, but it's also NOT. It all revolves around two former-college "frenemies" (I really hate that term, but whatever…) who both need to find a roommate so they can stay in New York and live the "American Dream" which is when mutual friend Jesse (played by an hilariously camp Justin Long) forces them to move in together. The two women, strapped for cash, very quickly set up a phone-sex-line and realise a very lucrative, if not slightly filthy, business opportunity. The phone-sex-line however, is not the centre of this film, though it certainly plays a significant part. The heart of this film lies in the friendship that grows from this business, and this is where a lot of our laughs and "awh" moments come from. This film is borne from a post-Bridesmaids we-women-can-be-just-as- filthy-and-funny-as-men era and it takes that female empowerment to a whole new level with both ladies showing their modern-esque sexuality and embracing there situation. They don't lament their career and pity themselves for running such a service. In fact they revel in their power and it's quite an empowering, if not slightly wacky, message to bring to our screens. Aside from the I-am-woman-hear-me-roar quality to the film though comes the message of love that slowly grows between the characters, and this is where the film really grows on you. The chemistry between the two lead actors is very convincing and as I watched I couldn't help but think that they had a truly distinctive "Womance" (that's the female version of a bromance) that is rear to see in film or TV. In fact now I think about it there is no pop-culture media-frenzy womance that really comes to mind, which is irritating really. Maybe this awesome little film will pave the way for more womances in the future, I certainly hope so.
  • Lauren (Lauren Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) have a mutual friend (Justin Long), but they hate each other. A humorous flashback scene is included to help explain their hatred. Essentially, they hate each other because they're opposites. Lauren lives the settled conservative life with her perfect, boring boyfriend; Katie is an adventurous, flamboyant sex phone operator. And now their current situations force them to become roommates.

    Our ticking clock of the three-month lease sets a good, quick pace for the adventures and relationships the girls get themselves into. Lauren's sudden unemployment coupled with the good head on her shoulders sparks her idea to help Katie launch her own sex phone hotline. Cut-out the middle man and take more of the profits.

    A smart move the film made was to have their business be successful right off the bat. That's because the film isn't about the phone sex hotline business but rather Lauren and Katie's friendship. Written by girls, starring girls, about girls and for girls. Earlier this summer, the male stripper movie "Magic Mike" turned into a rather nice surprise as it became a quarter-life crisis dramedy. And now the crass and crude sex comedy "For a Good Time, Call…" is actually a cute and sweet female buddy film.

    While the dialogue is extreme, it is surprisingly fairly well written. It's all in context, and the vulgar and coarse sex jokes fit in extremely well with the plot. The final scene, the climax if you will, is an excellent example of keeping the sex-addled jokes funny and completely in context of the story.

    A certain indie filmmaker shows up for one cameo scene where self-servicing has never been as funny. The other well-documented cameo with Seth Rogen isn't nearly as funny because it is also supposed to serve as plot advancement. Plot advancement is limited as it is very predictable and the jokes are very one-note, but it's still funny.

    "For a Good Time, Call…" is honest in what it claims to be, and despite an unresolved storyline, we're cheering for Lauren and Katie by the end because of the actors and how they have connected them to us. Lauren is beautiful and sympathetic; Katie is more complex and is gorgeously displaying one of the sexiest figures to grace the screen.
  • I had the privilege of seeing the premiere in Sundance and nearly peed my pants with laughter! I had read a blurb about the movie and heard comparisons to Bridesmaids, but this is the epitome of an independent comedy without the typical and predictable Hollywood plot lines.

    Without giving too much away, this movie was very funny from the first scene to the last and the characters were not afraid to be REAL. There conversations were real, behaviors were real and emotions were real. I fell in love with Ari Graynor as an actress and can not believe she is not a mega-star already. I had never even heard of Lauren Miller (but found out she's married to Seth Rogen) prior to this, but this will most certainly be her breakout film. I am smiling and laughing as I am typing this!

    For a Good Time Call is exactly what you think about with an independent film - no sugar coating or dumbing down to make it appeal to a mass audience. As sappy as it sounds, I laughed and nearly cried at the end and when the curtain went up at Sundance I was one of the people who stood up and clapped vigorously. I cannot wait for this movie to hit the theaters and I am hopeful the writers and actors are thinking about a sequel as I never wanted this one to end!
  • STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

    Former bosom buddies turned long separated rivals Lauren (Lauren Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) find themselves thrown back together by chance, through GBF Jesse (Justin Long) and after sorting out their differences, Lauren learns Katie's making ends meat by being a phone sex operator. At first repulsed by this, she agrees to help only with the business side of things, but then unleashes the inner vixen inside her.

    Good, clean wholesome comedy just doesn't do the rounds any more. Not that I want it to, but it says something that yet another edgy, sex based comedy has come out of nowhere, with what must have been a pretty limited theatrical release and an even more unnoticed DVD arrival. But of course, there's probably a more obvious reason for this.

    Jamie Travis's film is just not funny, with a plot that's lost your interest about twenty minutes in and is just left to wallow in the mire, with little cohesion or comic timing. Current comedy favourites Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen make only the briefest cameos and, along with the film's minimal publicity campaign, this should be saying something.

    For a Good Time, Don't Watch. *
  • Y-A-W-N ... a perfect example of a film that had absolutely no reason to be made (other than the empty avarice, enabled by a palpable disdain for its' intended audience, manifested by the producers of such a useless, worthless, waste of time, energy, and resources), and has nothing original, intelligent, or entertaining to offer. Old, lazy, and tired, unimaginative, sitcom "writing", characters and situations. If you dislike being amused, challenged, or stimulated - go waste an hour-and-a-half having your intelligence insulted by this pointless exercise in vapidity. You would probably derive more engaging entertainment, mental stimulation, and satisfaction playing solitaire with a deck of fifty-one cards. Mimi Rogers should have passed on this embarrassment. Seth Rogen? Kevin Smith? Are you kidding? Red Flags. How do these lumps get work? I guess the poster boy for brainless pablum (Asston Kutcher) was busy. Do yourself a favor; stay away.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Contains SPOILERS: The blonde is totally vindictive and a brat and hated the brunette for no reason. She urinated in the brunette's car so the brunette kicked her out in a bad neighborhood. Uhhh, yeah, I would have done worse if some drunk fool did that in my new car. I would have been po'd, shoved her out of my car and would be tempted to strike her. I could see no reason for the blonde to hate her for that but whatever.

    Anyway, they become friends and business partners and so on and so on. Equally stupid is the blonde who is a very sexually open, flamboyant phone sex operator who ends up being a virgin (no offense to phone sex operators, I am one myself). A virgin? Uh...OK, LAME.

    Then that religious fanatic comes in undercover to apply for a job with the girls just to sabotage their business. Again, LAME.

    But it was fun for me to see the male callers that phoned in, LOL. Working in the industry myself, I got a laugh out of that, pretty accurate.
  • Co-writer and star Lauren Miller has played various smaller roles in several of her husband Seth Rogen's movies (Superbad, 50/50, Zack and Miri Make a Porno), but uses For a Good Time, Call… as an attempt to step out of her hubby's shadow and distinguish herself as a star on her own. Her script is a fun, light hearted take on the so-called taboo world of phone sex, and while the endless amount of naughty jokes are humorous to a certain extent, the gimmick runs itself a bit thin by film's end. Miller, paired with veteran ditz-for-hire Ari Graynor make a fun female version of the Odd Couple, but it doesn't take long for these characters to run out of steam on screen. Along with Miller, Graynor has long been the sidekick in other people's starring vehicles, so it's nice to see her actually get the chance to carry a movie on her own, but her persona in this flick is virtually the same to her characters in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and The Sitter. Graynor shows flashes of what could be. I truly hope she gets the chance to do something different and show the world that she's not just a one trick pony. One plus going for the flick is the numerous cameos of big-time actors getting to come in and day play as the skeezy pervs calling into the hotline for some help with their self gratification. Rogen makes a cameo as an air pilot showing a possible reason why all our flights are delayed. Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob) delivers huge laughs taking care of his business while driving a cab. Ken Marino (Party Down, Role Models) a blunt tax attorney, and Martha MacIsaac (Superbad) a female prisoner using her one phone call, also get to chime in on the fun as well. It's obvious the cast got a kick out of making this film. Although For A Good Time, Call… is fun and has its charm, it doesn't have enough weight to dig past its superficial glossy exterior and tell a truly realistic story.
  • Had so much fun watching this movie with my best friend. We laughed, laughed, and laughed some more! It was a rom-com spoof using best friends instead of a romantic relationship. The chemistry between characters was so playful and realistic, the writing stayed consistently great throughout the movie (there was no dull middle), and the stars were fresh and candid. Love that this movie was written at a kitchen table, filmed within 16 days, and came out looking like a high budget film. Great writing and acting! Had so much fun meeting the director, starts, and writers after the film. It's so much fun supporting people who are relate able and down to earth.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For a good time, call... is a laugh out loud, witty and altogether true comedy about making money and life long friends. Though this may not seem like much on the outside the characters and story are well thought out and lively that it is almost impossible for you to not have a good time while watching this film.

    The story, behind its raunchy and superbly unladylike jokes and jests, is one for the lovers of a good tale of friendship. The two characters find that because they are total opposites they fit together perfectly. Their friendship works because the two know the other's personality to a fault and even though they dislike or disagree with how each of them run their lives they pass no judgment because without the other they each would be left destitute. Without the veil of superiority hanging about either of their eyes they are able to be open to all that their roommate had to offer, and up springs a friendship that will stand the test of time, outrage and foolish cattiness.

    This film is greatly underrated and I suggest that all women should watch it and take note. 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "For a Good Time, Call...premiered at Sundance this winter. It was about 2 women who couldn't stand each other during their college years and were then forced to live together due to circumstances beyond their control...and due to a meddling friend they had in common. Their gorgeous NYC apartment far exceeded their meager wages which pushed the two to be more creative in their ability to earn a dollar. The phone sex business seemed to suit them well. As the two built their business, they began to like each other more. OK, this could be funny. But once again, true to so many movies, all the funny (or even relatively funny) scenes were revealed in the trailers. So, I checked off "funny" on my list of hopes for this movie. Next on the list? Item #2: Well-written and creative. Nope. OK, on to item #3: Great acting. We're not exactly batting a thousand here. Last item #4: Entertaining. Jeez...can't even give it much credit for that either! It was mildly entertaining at best.

    Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, and Justin Long starred in this mediocre, rather crass, and not-so- funny comedy. There were some mildly humorous parts, but all in all, not worth my time. I believe that it was definitely geared solely toward the 20 to 30-something female age group who might be able to appreciate just going to a total escapism movie about women. At 40- something, I want my entertainment, no matter what the topic, to be smart and creative. This was not.
  • Has the bar of crudeness in a comedy been raised after the release of Jamie Travis' For a Good Time, Call...? Possibly. After all, only recently have we been seeing that women can be just as explicit if not more-so than their male counterparts. I heard some fun reactions from people who either saw the trailer or the actual film at hand here and a few stated they were appalled at the way the humor was conducted. Let me put it this way; after hearing men reiterate the passion they have for the size of their private parts and their ability to pick up and have sex with any women, it was somewhat pleasantly different and original to hear women converse about vibrators, phone sex, and different slang terms such as "phanal" ("phone anal" for the literate).

    To put it simply, this is a very funny and surprisingly warm movie with a contagiously raunchy side. It's no different than one of the modern-day works of Judd Apatow, where characters can be crude and brazenly filthy, yet open up later in the film and reveal their deeper, more intimate side. It just so happens that we are given two female protagonists here that carry a lion's weight of the film effortlessly and poetically; the last things I was expecting to say about a film centering around two acquaintances drumming up an outdated phone sex business.

    Lauren Powell (Lauren Miller) was the smart-girl in school who always seemed destined for greatness and who was always seemingly benefited from mommy and daddy's money. Katie Steel (Ari Graynor) was the narcissistic popular one who seemed benefited from absolutely nothing. One night in college, Lauren was forced by her best friend Jesse (Justin Long, in quite possibly the most brashly gay role this year) to drive Katie home and after, let's say, a poor circumstance, Katie was left in the middle of nowhere.

    Fast-forward a few years later, when Lauren is down and out after being dumped by her boyfriend and Katie's apartment is about to be sold to another client if she can not pay rent. Jesse cunningly arranges for Lauren and Katie to spend the summer sharing Katie's apartment together and reluctantly, with much contention in the air, they do. When it is learned that Katie runs a phone sex business in her home, Lauren, at first appalled, realizes that there is a boatload of money to be made in the business and decides to become Katie's business partner when the job she wants falls through. Several filthy calls and credit cards later, Lauren wants to have her own line at the newly made 1-900-MMM-HMMM, because she feels she has gone too far in her boring, good-girl life.

    The movie realistically portrays how girls carry out their contention between one another when forcefully paired together. Not so much through cat-fights, but through smarmy little remarks back and forth, and how one tends to be more ladylike and human than the other one. Then it shows their slow, awkward, and shaky progress towards friendship before they are blossoming with joy from being around each other.

    It's that and the idea that the film doesn't overcompensate on the infinite number of dirty things these women can say to their customers or vice-versa, but also explores them as characters with emotions, personality, and feelings. Of course amidst all that, we get fun cameos from Kevin Smith, a taxi-cab driver, and Seth Rogen, an airplane pilot, both horny and looking for a good time on the phone.

    For a Good Time, Call... is like the best comedy to ever deal with phone sex and will be for many, many years to come. Sure at times the film has a difficult time escaping its own dirty nature, yet it zips along with its bubbly energy and largely is elevated by its tremendously talented, spunky leads. Ari Graynor is terrifically energetic here, as is Lauren Miller, but the performance that did it for me was Justin Long's passionately convincing, if over the top, gay character who continues to check up on his friends even long after they've committed to a solid, likable relationship. And if anything, this film is definitely one of the year's brightest and funniest comedies. It's sweet, memorable, and effervescently fun; pretty much all of the things phone sex isn't.

    Starring: Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, Justin Long, Seth Rogen, and Kevin Smith. Directed by: Jamie Travis.
  • With a premise in a similar vein to 'Zack And Miri Make A Porno', which also starred a dim- witted Seth Rogen, 'For A Good Time, Call' is a crude, daring comedy that never crosses the line simply because it doesn't have one.

    Resorting to phone sex to help pay the bills in their city apartment, Lauren and Katie - two completely opposite personalities - bond despite a teenage feud still lingering. While Ari Graynor has the better role to play, Lauren Miller manages to prove she shares a sense of lowbrow humour with her husband (Rogen), who cameos in one of the film's most memorable scenes. Justin Long's flamboyant character is used to the right extent; the film never outstays its welcome in any aspect, its brisk running time only slowing for a more serious third act, a missed attempt at giving the film emotional weight where, given its no- holds barred hilarity, feels somewhat unnecessary.

    Refreshing and relevant, 'For A Good Time, Call' is a chick flick for both genders; a sugary depiction of sisterhood flirting with a risqué exploration of what men enjoy about it.
  • Jb1117411 August 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    After watching a great movie, I didn't change the channel. This movie went on immediately and was sucked into the storyline immediately. Lauren was just left by her boring boyfriend and Katie's once rent-controlled NYC apartment are both in need of a roommate. Justin Kong plays the funny, gay friend to both and persisted/insisted these once polar-opposite frenemies to share an ideal apartment together. Hesitatingly, they desperately agree!

    The story continues with the two ladies sharing a phone-sex hotline business and create an awesome friendship along the way. They each learn life lessons from each other.

    Surprisingly, this was not a big chick-flick hit!!! Funny, cheesy, and clever all in one. Perfect to watch with a best gal pal.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Low budget unfortunately often means low entertainment because of lack of experience and lack of time taken to hone the film. It seems as though sometimes comedians and amateur film makers get over excited and cram out some silly movie. I believe that For A Good Time Call this is exactly what happened. Now that being said it isn't a bad movie. It was decently entertaining, raunchy without being disgusting and over the top, and cute. It felt like it dragged a little bit but definitely got the point across and even had some fun cameos. It was far from perfect and it didn't blow me away but for all that it was, it works really well. Actually much of the time I kept thinking what a great pilot/premise this would have been for a TV comedy and I think it would have really worked well but of course would have to be on a cable network for sure. The sexual innuendo is the never ending gag in the film but given the whole plot it works quite well and you certainly will chuckle. It's well made with an okay script that will adequately entertain you but not much beyond that.

    Mrs. Seth Rogen aka Lauren Miller plays one half of the lead gals. She does a really good job as the sweet and innocent Lauren Powell who eventually comes around and becomes a sex call operator. She is believable and appropriately sweet in her role. The wild child of the duo is played by Ari Graynor who certainly fits the stereotypical easy gal role. Surprisingly the two of them do click which is vital for this film. Their chemistry isn't outstanding but it is solid considering how different their characters are (which is the point.) Both roles are a little cut and dry but right for this movie. Justin Long, god bless him, tries very hard in this rambunctious role as the gay best friend of both girls. He sort of overdoes it and thank goodness they didn't put him in it more than they did because he's fun but any more of him would have been simply too much. Still he has his moments and the role is mostly fun. James Wolk, Mimi Rogers and Don McManus are particularly good in small cameo roles. Speaking of cameos it was a lot of fun seeing Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen and Nia Vardalos in small but very funny roles. I hate Seth Rogen and this was the perfect amount to see him on screen.

    This is really director Jamie Travis' first full length feature and he does pretty well with the script. The film's setting is mostly in the girl's apartment but you never feel stifled so he definitely makes the most of a low budget and a "just okay" script. The script was co-written by the aforementioned Mrs. Rogen (Lauren Miller) and there is some genuine comedic talent here. I think its just a little grandiose for a full length feature film. Something about the characters and story would have just worked better in small doses (like a half hour sitcom.) The cleverness to the film is the spoofing of typical romantic comedies, and the bizarre relationship between the two main girls. Most of the time you think the two of them are going to end up together but in reality the film is simply spoofing the close relationship of two best friends. All in all it wasn't so bad and it was fun. Was it amazing? No not even close. It had a lot of holes in it but for an indie comedy it was definitely worth a brief look. 7/10
  • "Hello world for a good time call 1-900-mmm-hmmm." Lauren (Miller) & Katie (Graynor) are both at a rough patch. Lauren's boyfriend is moving to Europe and she lost her job, Katie can't make enough to stay in her apartment so their mutual friend decides it's time they move in together. When they meet they remember they hate each other and it becomes tense, until they find a way to make more money then they ever dreamed of. The preview to this movie made it look very funny to me and I was excited about watching this. The cameos were great and the movie was funny but it was a little more girlie then I was expecting. This is more then a movie about phone sex, its about friendship and being true to yourself. As cheesy as that sounds watch it and you will see what I mean. While there are some pretty racy things in this it's nothing over the top so don't expect a soft-core type movie. Overall, not as funny as I was expecting but still funny and worth seeing. I give it a B.
  • In recent years, the direction of female comedies has taken a turn for the better. It was always believed that a comedy, featuring a mostly female cast, would only work as a buddy comedy. No one ever thought that women would ever be able to successful pull off a raunchy comedy, until Bridesmaids came along and changed all that. For A Good Time, Call... is from the same writers and producers as Bridesmaids and may even be funnier. The story begins with Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) being dumped by her long time fiancée. On her own, Lauren can't afford the upscale apartment she's been living in, and is forced to move in with Katie, a promiscuous, pill popping OCD, who she'd only met once before, at a party, where Katie threw up on her. At first, the hostility is off the charts, but when Lauren loses her dream job, she is forced to help Katie run her business, a phone sex line. This film is not for the faint of heart, as it is very raunchy, to the point of shocking even me, someone who thinks they've seen it all. While this may seem like a great thing, the truth is, as with most single themed comedies, the longer it goes, the less funny it gets. At first, seeing the things these girls were saying and the people they were talking to was hilarious, but after an hour of this film, it just really wasn't all the funny anymore. Both the female leads are terrific and they are the reason this film works. For A Good Time, Call... is very raunchy and very funny, but it has one centralized theme and doesn't deviate from it much at all. If not for the amazing young ladies who star in it, this film would have got tiresome a lot more quickly then it did. For a good time watch this movie, it's way out there, but some parts are truly hysterical.
  • I had to give 10 this movie, though it is not the most hilarious comedy I have every seen but I'm shocked it got only 5,6 average. This was certainly the funniest comedy far I have seen this year. After the trailer I had mixed feelings: it could go reeeal wrong. But fortunately I hadn't. It was fun from the beginning to the end, not a moment when I wanted to "hang up". The not so well-known (first time I saw them) girls acted brilliantly, the situations and dialogues were fresh, realistic. I also loved Justin Long's part, he was great, too.

    On the whole: have a nice time and watch it, though not alone....I made this mistake and I really missed a girlfriend to giggle with - as this movie is not only about sex, laughing but also some new-found feeling of deep friendship. Love it!
  • I was pleasantly surprised this film was so good. I don't always like 'chick flicks" but decided to go. The story was interesting and the actors timing was excellent. The locations and editing were superb. As good as any Hollywood film made for millions and millions!

    I found out during the credits that the main actors had other roles in the production which means they are super talented. I love to support fellow filmmakers and this info made me really happy and proud.

    The audience was more women than men but you could tell the men were really liking it too. The two main actors are both attractive in entirely different ways. It was interesting to see their contrasts on screen.

    If you like sex, comedy and friendship films this is a great one to see.
  • This comedy is about two women in their 20's who come together to create a phone sex business. It's a women's bromance (is there a word for that?). I thought that this movie worked on all levels. It's very funny, but if no-holds-barred phone sex is too much for you, you might not be as entertained as I was. And it really worked as this phone sex business really did (surprisingly) empower these women. One would expect degradation. I'm a middle aged guy who went with my wife and adult children, and we all loved this movie. I rarely go to comedies anymore, as I am invariably bored with the movies that my kids tell me they loved. This movie had solid acting, great dialog, and a ton of crude but very funny humor. Both leading women are so likable. I often rate films on this site, but don't write reviews, but I liked this so much more than others here, I had to express my opinion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "For a Good Time, Call..." has a story centered in the everyday of two young girls whose lives are filled with pornography and men, mainly due to the fact that the girls charge them boys for telephone sex. The film becomes funny once the shy female let herself loose and becomes being even more confident than her friend. Also, it's funny when both characters are normally lied down in the bed, doing customary things, while, in the phone, they're pretending to be "turned on", to say the least. It's important to notice that the main actresses are quite professional, since they're able to portray different feelings in characters that were supposed to be just crazy and nothing else. If filmmakers had a higher budget, I'm positive this film would've be relatively known... or maybe they would've just destroyed the amateurish story we have seen. Either way, albeit "For a Good Time, Call..." isn't a flick to change people's minds or to teach something new, it's a good entertainment without moral lessons, being surely recommended to teenagers and young adults. I had a great time!
  • abcvision14 October 2014
    Two women are brought together because of financial hardship to live as roommates in New York City. Despite there utter dislike of each other the bond merged after their financial needs. Lavern Miller (Lauren Powell) and Katie Steele (Ari Grayner) turn the tables from being college frenemies to BFFs.

    A quirky comedy about the dynamics of using sex appeal to discover the vast pot of undiscovered gold. The rated "PG" version of what could have been a salacious filled film. For A Good Time Call makes you laugh and cheer on the entrepreneurial spirit of these innovative women. I had fund watching it and listening to the silly antics thought up to squeeze one more minute of sex talk.
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