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  • Sherazade12 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    First things first, it was made on a low-budget but for what in lacked in special-effects and exotic locations it made up for with content and fine acting. An affluent young couple's daughter is kidnapped from their home with no signs of violence or a struggle and the investigation into her disappearance unleashes a can of worms of epic catastrophic proportions that shakes the very foundation of their marriage. I thoroughly enjoyed this film because of its unpredictable twists and turns and of course Pam Grier's scene-stealing antics as a bounty-killer style New Orleans detective. Sharon Leal and Blair Underwood sharing amazing chemistry and screen presence as the afore-mentioned couple and both give riveting performances. It's a must-see in my opinion, especially for couples with children.
  • I read about this movie in L.A. Times and then on the Chicago Tribune's website, and I wanted to make sure I supported it. From the trailer, it doesn't look like the typical black film full of stereotypes and a plot that leaves much to be desired. I've been a Blair Underwood fan since I was a kid and think Sharon Leal is a great actress. The movie is about a married couple whose daughter is kidnapped but in order to find out who the criminal is who did it, they are forced to deal with their own deeply hidden secrets. I had my own opinions on who the kidnapper was and I was surprised I was right because I kept second-guessing myself, which is a good thing because a predictable plot is no fun. But the secrets the wife was hiding were definitely unexpected. I wasn't sold on Pam Grier playing the tough cop or her New Orleans accent ("that there" seemed like a stretch), but it was good to see her in a new film. I'll definitely buy the film when it releases and hope that Hollywood will let it show up in more theaters.
  • This Friday, April 13th, 2012, T.D Jakes welcomes a new installment from the Woman Thou Art Loosed series.  This one goes above and beyond its predecessor in quality and message.  Directed by trailblazer and award-winning filmmaker Neema Barnette, WTAL: On The Seventh Day boasts an amazing ensemble of talented actors including Blair Underwood, Sharon Leal, and Pam Grier.  With notable performances by Nicoye Banks, Nicole Beharie, and Reed R. McCants. Each serves the audience true to life suspense, and emotion.  When David and Kari Ames's daughter Mikayla goes missing, this who-done-it masterfully unfolds and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats! WTAL: On the Seventh Day is not only a testament of faith, but a balanced examination of the human spirit, as well as the complexities of perception, and self-imposed condemnation. The biblical scripture, "Let he has not sinned cast the first stone" is absolutely fitting.  However, this is not preachy film. Director Barnette orchestrates this drama/thriller with vigor and eloquence.  She delves into the role power plays in searching for the missing, the true grit of relationships, and the wickedness of deception, against a Louisiana backdrop beautifully captured by Cinematographer Keith L. Smith.  This film is a must see!  You will leave the theater full, yet wanting more!  Sitting in the sold-out audience at the Museum of Moving Image on March 29th, that was the consensus!  As the credits rolled the audience stood and cheered for the cast, crew, TD Jakes, and Neema Barnette - who took the series to a whole new level, and who's accolades are long over due.  
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a really good movie that won't be seen by as many people that would like it, because they are of the Caucasian persuasion and it's an "African-American" movie. My wife and I see a lot of movies. We judge a movie by many things, but skin color doesn't play into it. This movie is a story of a troubled marriage, a commentary on the meaning and need for faith, and a helluva good mystery/detective story. Blair Underwood plays David Ames, history professor and upper middle class mover and shaker, who has the ear of the mayor. He carries the role off on just the right note. Sharon Leal plays his wife Kari, beautiful partner, stay-at-home mom of nearly 7 year old daughter Mikayla , and perfect hostess/ homemaker. There seem to be some secrets however, and then Mikayla is kidnapped. Who took her? Why? Does it have to do with the secret past of Kari, that threatens to tear apart their marriage and cost them their daughter? Leal plays Kari as she starts to disintegrate, with notes of despair, anger, fear that are very convincing. Pam Grier plays Detective Barrick who is in charge of the investigation. She has one of the best lines in any movie I've seen recently, "That's Detective Bitch to you!" Nicoye Banks plays an FBI agent with an old connection to Kari. T.D. Jakes is there as the man of faith. Watch Nichole Behair as Beth, and Patrick Weathers in a role you won't forget. Wrap this all in shots and sets that take you into New Orleans upscale and down, and beautiful cinematography. This is a damn good movie most people won't see. I'ts only in one theater in all of the Cleveland area.
  • The acting for the leads Blair Underwood and Sharon Leal was pretty good although at times he was not so great as I would think there would be more sympathy for his wife. The police officer from her home town was believable. But the rest of the actors were really not very good, often over the top. The female detective was just too much.

    And I thought it would have more of a Christian theme but frankly I don't see how that contributed very much at all to the plot. Unfortunately it seemed to just be tacked on, was very superficial. I watch lots of movies that aren't specifically Christian but to seem to be Christian but not really have anything to do with true faith was disappointing.
  • Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day, directed by Neema Barnette, is a powerful movie that compels audience members to rethink the view others before looking at themselves. From the onset, this film grabs your attention with the heartfelt performances of Blair Underwood, Sharon Leal, Pamela Grier, Reed McCants. Having been filmed in New Orleans, a powerful cast of locals were tapped into including Nicoya Banks, Jaqueline Fleming, Zoe Carter, and Jamie Alyson Uribe to name just a few of the outstanding performances from the talent pool. Make the time to see this film while it is on the big screen. It's worth watching more than once as I look forward to the DVD release. I just hope that Neema, Blair, and Sharon aren't overlooked when it is time for the Academy Awards to nominate.
  • berynekita8 February 2019
    Its a great movie. first hear about the movie from a friend who recommended. i thought i should watch it to get the meaning of woman thou art loosed.