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  • After watching this film I have lost all respect for people who have touted having made the summit. In the future, ALL climbers should be heavily taxed and all their gear should be weighed- if they leave anything on the mountain, then they should be heavily fined in addition.

    Excellent film.
  • e_gareth4 December 2019
    Great footage, amazing what they are trying to do. Hated how dramatic they tried to make it. I think anyone knowing a little about climbing Everest would know how reliant climbers are on Sherps and how difficult it is. To me this painted what they do in a less favorable light. They are the heroes of the mountain.this treats the audience like idiots just show what it is. Climbing Everest is dramatic enough. Don't edit and over narate. No need!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hard not to admire the Sherpa and the desire to clean up a sacred place for them, but in practical terms they risked their lives to retrieve dead bodies and trash for money. The effect on the water supply is completely overstated, and the global warming message was clearly coached. For better or for worse these men risk their lives to get rich foreigners up and down the mountain, and this was another such mission. RIP Namgyal Sherpa who died several years after this film on another expedition.