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  • Today i went to see Not a Love Story. Watching the trailers was quiet overwhelming for me. So couldn't miss it. Entered the movie theater with quiet high expectations for this RGV film. He was the one who i looked forward to but he seemed to have lost his touch a little. But this time he comes out with a bang. The first sequence of the movie gets you in the groove. Then you start expecting. Which he delivered. The cast i am speechless by the performance of Mahie Gill and Deepak Dobriyal. Hats off to you both, especially Mahie Gill. She stood out as once Urmila used to. She was the one only who could do justice to the role. The first half you just can't take your eyes off. The plot and the performance and the camera was awesome, and was beautifully done. The second half gets a bit slow which i think was a bit of stretching but hey then also you just stay glued to the seat. The music drives you crazy.The ending was very unexpected but quiet good. Last but not the least direction!!! Hats off to your RGV. You are back. Guys go and watch it on the big screen, i bet it would be worth the money.
  • Not a love story is a Masterpiece by Ram Gopal Varma. It is slow paced movie,In few minutes you will be connected to the movie and then it would be impossible to disconnect yourself. It brings fear of situation and bad time in you.It brings practicality of life in you.Its ultimately defines and defies LOVE.Its 'Not A Love Story' Its Love,Just Pure form of Love.

    Performances: Every person involved to the film has done his or her best.I would like to appreciate Mahie Gill and Deepak Dobriyal for amazing acting and Mr.Ram Gopal Varma for Superb Direction. Dialogue writer has written a few touching lines which make you shiver. Background music of rangeela in the end was so perfect..!!

    I Recommend this Movie.
  • Its tight rope walking when the trailblazing headlines are to be the backbone of a movie. For starters no matter which side you decide to glorify, the rivals will mercilessly hound you with the sole objective of crucification. Not to mention, commercially that section of audience base does not translate into box-office collections, worse spread negative publicity. But if the media succeeds in getting it trapped in an imbroglio, you have hit the jackpot mate.

    Ramgopal Varma orchestrates his story with great flair. Notably he highlights the defining moment when the raging bull within momentarily exercises supremacy, chess played by lawyers on the judicial game board and finally an underlying love story that is devoid of any saccharin coats. But what distinguishes the film even more are the performances of the principals. Deepak Dobriyal is riveting, will Bollywood now take notice of this powerhouse of talent? Mahie Gill makes her way into RGV camp and her potential is well utilised. If I may dare say, after Urmila here is a true successor for RGV camp. Zakir Hussain as always impresses as the "fool me not" Inspector.

    The proceeding are slick and the pace rapid. There was immense scope for the plot to pan out a howdunnit in "Johnny Gaddar" style. And yes thankfully RGV doesn't pay tribute to "Saw" series though the subject had enough potential.

    There is a fine line between technical excellence and showing-off technical excellence. The background score and cinematography undoubtedly falls into the latter category. Toning down would help immensely.

    And yes, the ode to "Rangeela" song is awesome. Likewise its "Company" in the scene where Mahie Gill wears shades in the police station.

    PS: A better title was warranted, seriously.
  • This movie had an intriguing real story as a reference point and a potential to really turn a cracker of a movie out of it dwelling into the different personalities and their motives around the event. Unfortunately, Ramgopal Verma prefers to focus more on Mahi's assets and his creepy perverted camera angles focusing on Mahi's body takes away from the whole story.

    Into the second half, about 10 minutes of Zakir's early investigation makes you hope that the second half would be better. But by then the movie has dug itself into a big hole and is not able to get out.

    Do yourself a favor. Read Meena Baghel's take on the event in her book instead.
  • With his current masterwork, Ram Gopal Verma makes a new statement, different from all his previous films, which is exactly what was expected from the maestro from a long time.

    For many viewers and reviewers, this may not be entertaining stuff from the MASTER and they might like to rate it quite low, taking it only as an average interpretation of a real-life incident from RGV's own point of view. But for me this is RGV's new avatar as a Cinematic Philosopher where he superbly goes on to explain the significance of that one tiny moment in the life of a person in love, where he loses control and commits a horrendous crime, without any hidden and prior intentions of doing it at all.

    Apart from the master at work here, the three other aces in the film are its superb performances by the entire starcast (Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal & Zakir Hussain), its fast paced slick editing and a well worked upon Background score which enhances the overall impact of the movie significantly. In fact I strongly feel that the film can be easily used to explain the importance and role of these two post production elements of film-making to the students of cinema.

    The best part of NALS is that RGV never takes any sides of either of the killers in his second half. And then he ends the film with a well written open climax, showcasing a highly intense loving moment involving the lovers standing right in the middle of their family members, police officials and lawyers. And this last passionate scene of the film defines the feeling of LOVE within the couple, like never before in Indian CINEMA ever.

    Moreover, what differentiates NALS from a normal film project is the way RGV brilliantly explains the value of those few moments full of anger, which become responsible for a serious crime committed without any prior motive. Particularly, in the court room sequences of the second half, the moment it is revealed that what actually happened in those few seconds, you feel like taken onto a dreadful trip within the sick & mean human mind which can go to any extreme to save his own self from a mistake already made. For instance after watching the film, just try to think for a moment that how ardently, the boy must have loved the girl whom he was visiting after a long gap and in return what the girl did, while opening the door crying like a baby. Again, just think how the girl must have made up all those words she said, in only a few seconds she had, which resulted in a dead body lying in her own house after a few minutes.

    Hence, as I see it NOT A LOVE STORY is a must watch journey into the human mind capable of doing anything in those strong avoidable moments of ANGER & LUST. For the die-hard fans of RGV, the maestro is back in form with a blast and for students of the medium, here is another classy piece of art from the director, capable of teaching you many vital aspects of film-making in its two hours.

    Interestingly, the basic storyline of the film is inspired from a real- life incident of Mumbai and very daringly RGV has also shot the whole movie in the same building in which the original crime was committed. Now the reason I rate it as an essential watch for every avid movie lover since RGV undergoes a notable change with this movie revealing a lot more about our present society and its questionable norms. It made me feel like watching an intense Hitchcock film after a long time.

    In few words, I thoroughly enjoyed and loved watching NALS because :

    With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV uncovers the rotten, open and ugly face of our society where SEX clearly remains the biggest currency which can be used to get anything in the world under the sky.

    With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV once again clearly exposes the awful side of a LAWYER's profession and shows how disgustingly they try to mould the things to win their respective cases, stepping over the souls and emotions of their own clients.

    With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV bewares the viewers from the cunning desire and ambition of BEING SOMETHING above the others, for which a human mind can simply go to any extremes.

    With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV redefines the emotion of LOVE on Indian screen, especially in the concluding moments of the film which declare the pure love still existing between the two loving souls despite of all those dreadful happenings between them.

    And With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV reminds me, one of my own earlier statements written few months back that, "CRIME is an illegitimate and unwanted child of ANGER and therefore we should always take extra care before it gets conceived."

    So as a conclusion do watch NOT A LOVE STORY for its hidden lesson, for Mahie Gill who is a true performer to look out for and for its highly realistic treatment given by the director, accompanied by an outstanding background score by Sandeep Chowta. Further just remember to watch out the sequence in which RGV uses his own song from "RANGEELA" to explain the inner conflicts of the girl, while she is being arrested.

    Highly recommended for all lovers of intense cinema.
  • virenderprithvi14 September 2011
    I watched the TV serial version of this and I have to admit that was better than this movie.the story of this movie is actually suited for a TV show.And more than that this film looks boring because of its camera-view.there was lots of buzz about the camera work but it was simply awful.its not a very commercial type movie.Maybe class audiences like this.acting was average but the camera work and flow of story makes it very very is bad as well.overall, will have to give an afford not to fall asleep during watching this.Not worth watching.But again if you are a fan of rgv you may just want to watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I simply don't understand what is wrong with RGV? What on earth he was thinking while shooting this movie. The camera movement was exaggerated and made me want to throw up. I cant understand how anyone could watch this movie and like it.

    Deepak Dobrial is such a fine actor but he gives only one expression throughout the movie. Mahie Gill is bit convincing but movie is too bad to notice anything.

    There was nothing in the movie except shaky camera angles, you will be irritated your ass off. Go read the instead and you will find a lot of information.

    You will exit the theater dizzy and dissatisfied. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • NOT A LOVE STORY...should have been titled NOT A of the worst movie i have ever seen....worst story...worst direction..even worst CINEMATOGRAPHY-only can see legs and face close ups of the people in whole feels to be shoot-ed with the crappy mobile camera.....RAM GOPAL VERMA should now seriously think about his retirement or stop making this type of non-sense movies...the effect of the movie- you will start praying to god in cinema to complete the movie as soon as possible and help you get out of the cinema can somehow bare the movie till first half..but then after the half...its just out of control...GOD SAVE EVERYONE from this kind of movies...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Trailer was bad-ass, movie is bad blood...everyone knows the story of infamous Neeraj Grover murder case and yes the film is based on this same murder case...if u people really want to know about this murder case than I insist u all to not to watch this movie, simply ask Google to search it and it'll save your 2 hours and 100rs.

    Story- Its about a girl Anusha, her obsessive boyfriend Robin and her dreams of becoming an actress. Robin's obsession for her girlfriend changes there lives forever.

    Performances- Deepak Dobriyal(Robin) rocked this movie in true sense, his eyes were showing his obsessive love for his girlfriend, great act from this guy...Mahie Gill was average and this disappointed me a lot...i was expecting something great from her. Others did there job very well and especially the inspector was spectacular.

    Technical Department- Worst Cinematography Ever in the Bollywood history, music was seriously a pain for ears...Ramu wanted to create the disturbing environment in this whole movie but he failed to do so, i think he was pretty disturbed while making this angles, editing and background sounds were really nasty.

    ADVISE- Ramu its a little advise, from tomorrow please start watching Bergman's and Aronofsky's movies...u really don't know the meaning of dark movies like REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, PI, BLACK SWAN, etc. if u really want to know about the disturbing cinematography, sound designing and dark cinema. I can't believe that I just watched the movie of a director who made movies like SATYA and COMPANY.

    Please do not waste your time for this crap...5/10

    5 because this movie showed some intelligent sights of non-living things which were related to Anusha.
  • Many are claiming that with 'Not a Love Story', Ram Gopal Verma is back on track but I'd take last year's 'Rann' and 'Rakhta Charitra' any day over this. This isn't among his worst and it's not a horrible film either but the story doesn't seem to go anywhere. It starts off well with an aspiring actress wandering from one audition to another until things finally begin to look up when she is chosen to play lead actress in a heroine oriented film. The movie becomes an ordinary thriller after the murder sequence and to make matters worse Ram Gopal Verma gets too playful with the camera-work and it's dreadfully irritating. He doesn't seem to have learned much from the disastrous cinematography of 'Rakhta Charitra 2' but his obvious interest in Mahie Gill's anatomy is quite apparent. The much publicized 'Rangeela Re' track lacks the magic that Asha Bhosle's voice had. Moreover it's poorly utilized in the film. Independently, the background score is interesting but in the film it's too intrusive at times and ends up making some sequences very melodramatic. The sound effect is very good in the first half but very poor in the latter half. While Deepak Dobriyal is very good, this isn't Mahie Gill's best performance. Overall, 'Not A Love Story' simply didn't work for me and I really hope Verma takes it a little easier with the camera and focus more on the content of his film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ram Gopal Varma has directed some decent films, Shiva being the one I like the most. Rangeela, Satya and Kaun are also very good films to have for your collection.

    This film should be classified strictly as an adult only film, because there a scenes in this film which show full mouth to mouth kissing which I feel is very vulgar to see in the cinema by a family audience.

    I also think that Varma would have showed us some nude scenes also, had he not been heavily restricted by the censorship board. Despite this, the versatile Varma still manages to sneak in the mouth-on-mouth scenes.

    In this modern age of internet, majority of the audiences have already seen Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, Psycho and also The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Dismemberment is nothing new to horror buffs like myself.

    This film capitalizes on the dismemberment theme to scare its viewers. But overall the film is so poorly scripted and with no established big name actors this film is sure to fop at the box-office.

    Varma tries too much to sign newcomers just to save money. This is DAMN WRONG. Established and big-name actors are what make the film a success, even if the script is bad. The lead actress is very ugly even by Bollywood standards. The hero is also mediocre but overall he is a better choice than the lead actress. Overall one of the most horrendous casting of imbeciles I have ever seen. I can't believe that at one time this guy directed a blockbuster film called Shiva.

    Plot of film: Inspired by the gruesome murder of Neeraj Grover in 2008 that led to the arrest of Emile Jerome and Maria Susairaj, this film stars Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal and Ajay Gehi.

    Anusha Chawla, bids adieu to her boyfriend, Robin Fernandes, and re-locates to Mumbai, in order to act in movies. Weeks later she manages to meet a film-maker, Sam, who assures her of a lead role on the condition that she become intimate with him but she walks away. She meets with more disappointment when a movie with Richa gets shelved. Disappointed, she nevertheless continues to audition - encouraged by her new friends, Anju and Prashant - while Robin urges her to return home. She then meets with Ashish Bhatnagar, who puts her on a short-list, eventually gets approval, and signs her in a lead role. Both celebrate in a pub, get intoxicated and end up in bed in her Malad flat. The next day, a delighted Robin, happy with her success, attends at her residence to congratulate and surprise her, is enraged at Ashish and kills him. He subsequently cuts the latter's body in small pieces and the duo borrow Prashant's car...

    Verdict: Varma doesn't know how to direct films based on true-crime incidences. I think Madhur Bhandarkar would have been a better first choice director for this film. Even Shekhar Kapoor would have done splendidly. After seeing this one, I wish NEVER to see a film directed by Verma, even if someone gave me a free ticket or paid me to see it!!!
  • pareshpatel-0715116 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Superb amazing fantasticπŸ€˜πŸ˜πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘
  • Warning: Spoilers
    RGV is the man whose films are noticed for camera angles but some of his films have been ruined by the same. This film has a good plot based on a real murder case of Neeraj Grover Though it's waferthin yet the handling is good. RGV starts the film superbly, though slowly yet the twist in the tales are well handled, the murder scene is superb, however RGV seems to force in erotica when not required and the worst part is the use of hand held camera and weird angles, which give a headache and look out of place.

    Direction is good Editing is good, the film has a short length of 1 hr 45 mins The director uses the song of his hit Rangeela as a ringtone throughout.

    Deepak Dobriyal is fab in his role, Mahie Gill is fantastic too, Zakir Hussain is good as the cop, Ajay Gehl is good as Ashish, Neil Bhoopalam is okay, Late Rasika Joshi who died a year before it's release is okay in a small role, rest are okay
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After a series of misadventures Ram Gopal Verma has tried a take on the real life incident in "Not a love story". One has to appreciate the tenacity of the man who with his perseveration & indefatigability surprises us again and again. Forget whether his movies are good or bad or dismal, one can never question his love for the medium & never ending quest for experimentation.

    Right now he seem to be obsessed with the real life stories with him following up a biographic "Raktha Charithra" based on the life of Paritala Ravindra with this one which is based on a real life story of an aspiring actress colluding with her boyfriend to murder a producer.

    Thankfully "Not a love story" is one of the better works of Ramu though it might not be close to his best. That the movie is based on a murder case which is fresh in everyone's mind & recently only verdict has been given, kindles up enough curiosity at the outset.

    Movie tries to be faithful to the story that one has read about in the media about the case with liberal doses of artistic liberties taken to make the happenings spicy & riveting. Up to three fourth of the length, the movie is realistic bereft of any clichΓ©s or being cinematic. The manner in which the story unfolds makes one travel along with the central character's travails, joys, frustrations which all get undone by a moment of rage & madness. At this point one tend to feel sorry for both the perpetrators as well the victim.

    Last quarter of the movie undoes the good work by resorting to melodrama , theatrics & some inane moments like that of the victim's mother's outburst against the killers of her son , investigation room scenes & the court room antics by the lawyers. By allowing such absurdities to creep in , Ram Gopal Verma has once again lost his rendezvous with artistic greatness which he achieved with movies like Sathya , Company and Sarkar.

    Mahie Gill in the central character of an aspiring actress with loads of greyness is brilliant. That at one point of time one starts to sympathize with the character & her plights and wish her to be let off is a testimony to the strength Mahie has brought into her portrayal. Deepak Dobriyal is adequate though he overacts a bit now & then .Zakir Hussain is neat while Ajay Gehi as the victim has nothing much to do.

    Sandeep Chowta's background score is definitely a strength. The "Rangeela re " song blaring out again & again as the ring-tone of the lead character irritates one after a while (Overdose of allegory i suppose )

    Cinematography of the movie is irritating in the form of experimentation. The weird camera movements & angles coupled with jarring close-ups are pain for the eyes.

    On the whole , "Not a love story " is not the best or even closer to his best , but Ram Gopal Verma might redeem a bit of his reputation after a series of utter craps (with exception of "Raktha Charithra")

    Bottomline : "Not a love story"--> Not a bad movie..
  • RGV comes again with another Good everyone knows that its based on a real story and the way it is shot gives it very realistic look.the cinematography is brilliant but at first you will find it a little weird.The sound design is perfect.The first half is about murder and the second half is about police investigation.The story is about a girl who have big dream to be an actress,how she comes to Mumbai and how something that brutal happens in a city like Mumbai.the Movie is shot in the same building where actual murder was occurred.the actress Mahi Gill and Deepak Dobriyal both have done Mindblowing job. another thing,this movie is not at all for all those mas-ala and mainstream movie lovers. there are some brilliant symbolic scenes like the fish in the fish tank and how the building looks normal from the outside.the song Rangeela re will give you goosebumps if you can feel it specially the line"Itne Chehro me Apne Chehro Ki Pehchan to ho,bade bade Naamo Mai Apna Bhi Namonishan to ho"cause it suits so well to the situation. on the whole if you have understanding for such kind of cinema then its a worth watch.........
  • ashdoc532 November 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    One can almost imagine Ram Gopal Verma rubbing his hands with glee when he heard the story of the murder of Neeraj Grover , especially the fact that his murderer Emile Jerome Mathew and accomplice Maria Susairaj had cut Neeraj's bloodstained body into 300 l-i-t-t-l-e l-i-t-t-l-e pieces before disposing it off .

    Here was a story fit to be fit to be brought on celluloid by the badshah of blood and gore !! The king of countless underworld films in bollywood !! Some good , some bad , but all having the trademark RGV style......

    But while showing the mayhem unleashed by a crime of passion in a flat in Dheeraj Solitaire building in Malad in Mumbai , RGV surprisingly shows a softer side of himself......

    For he shows the three main characters of the film ( the murdered , the murderer and the accomplice ) as the victims of a situation rather than trying to pin the guilt on anyone .

    His softest touch is reserved for the woman--Anusha , as Maria is called in the film . She is shown to be the unwitting accomplice who is helpless as Robin ( as Mathew is called in the film ) and Ashish ( as Neeraj is called in the film ) physically tussle it out after Robin suddenly lands into Anusha's rented flat to find a naked Ashish there-- and a mere spectator as Robin overpowers Ashish and kills him with a knife .

    Ashish is shown to be a nice guy who helps out Anusha in her film career , and is prompted to make love to her only when he lands in her flat in a drunken state and loses control of himself .

    To return to Anusha--she is shown to have rejected advances of other film-makers earlier , only to be unable to stop Ashish from making love to her as she has to pay a debt of gratitude . After all , he is the one who has helped her realise her bollywood dreams......

    And Robin--he is the one with glazed eyes all through the film, as if he knows that he is going to commit a terrible crime , even before he has committed it .

    But glazed eyes and all , nothing has prepared him for the sight of a naked Ashish as he steps inside his girlfriends rented flat one fine morning in Mumbai.....

    ......A sight which makes him lose control of his mind , and what happens next is just driven by passion , pure passion--a passion which knows no rhyme nor reason......

    The rest--sending Anusha out to buy a large knife to cut the body into pieces , then actually cutting it , and putting the pieces into plastic bags , and then disposing them off in a remote area ,then wiping off all the blood in the flat--is something that Robin and Anusha have to do only after realising the enormity of what they have done too late.....

    But caught in an impossible situation ,seeing their lives , their careers on the line , what else can the two young lovers dooooo.......??

    And seeing such a plot , what does RGV's camera do ??

    It moves up and down the heroine's ( what else can we call her , even though she has taken part in such a grisly crime ? ) body like a voyeur , almost licking her at times.....

    ......And it is never steady , constantly on the move--A reflection of RGV's mind ??

    Watching over all this is lord Ganesha , or at least his idol in the rented flat--making us wonder if the lord has any control over what is happening in his universe......

    In the end the sheer weight of the situation forces the two lovers to back opposing stories in the courtroom ( as told by their lawyers ) until a moment of passion ( here we go again !!) allows them to reunite for a heartbreakingly brief moment.....but the heartless society is all around to prevent it......

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is not everyone cup of tea.I like all the movie of r.g.v but in recent he lost his sense of story telling.But now he is back with not a love story.I know the case of real murder case so the first half was o.k but the second half was awesome while police investigation and court case.The climax was brilliant and unpredictable.Its a modern remake of Shakespeare classic Macbeth.mahie gill and deepak dobriyal are damn fine actors today we have.rakta Charita is also good movie by r.g.v in recent time.His sholay remake was awful i hate that movie.loved Shiva one of most memorable movie of mine.Satya was also a good gangster movie.Agyaat awful remake of predator.
  • well, if you want a lame screenplay with a formulaic scenario and storyline to become at least has the potential to get some box office gross, the first thing you producers or director got to do is finding a marketable female actress to be such main character. but the basic requirement seemed to become a lost cause from the very beginning. this female cast was a big mistake. a woman already past her prime, looked so unattractive with her ordinary features, a lightly hooked nose, meaty and fleshy face and body, there were no ingredients that could ever make her realize the dream of becoming a bollywood star but a bimbo or even a playmate-like whore, by sleeping and selling her body and soul to any potential dream maker she could find, just as what the movie itself predictably rendered in the end. such lame and overly used scenario/plot/storyline have already been used elsewhere thousand times. if the main character, the heroine, is an eye candy, then it still got the chance of being barely watchable, but....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just for the record, Ram Gopal Varma should have credited the song 'Rangeela' and the posters of Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit, they were as much of characters as the rest of the cast. Mahie Gill continues to impress with her amazing acting range and facial expressions. She is definitely entering the league of Konkona Sen Sharma and Chitrangada Singh. I didn't care much for the story, the guy who played the psycho boyfriend overdid all of his scenes but Gill was awesome in her role as the unfortunate starlet.

    The moral of the story the film tells is simple, don't string another person along when you have a psycho boyfriend who is obsessed with you. It won't end well. Also, a word of caution for the faint hearted, the film is pretty gory and gruesome after the thirty minute mark and there are some scares as well as nauseating camera angles.
  • Super'b gentleman!! Where do I begin writing about this movie. Should I start from the casting for the movie, camera work, sound/music technicians, or the editing? Wonderfully captured.

    I've watched all seasons of Dexter(season5), The good wife, Damages, Suits, Criminal Minds, and now Ram Gopal Varma has given us a mixture of all of these in just 1hour:45minutes.

    Movie making is an ART. How would you make a movie or narrate a story that you have seen/heard multiple times? Well, learn it from Mr. Ram Gopal Varma!

    I've seen Ramayan at least 4 times since my childhood. Do you want to see it in action capturing every character, every attribute of emotions watch RAAVAN - Mr. Mani Rattan's movie.

    Same concept, capture every emotion during a sequence : How would you show Guilt, Anger, Love, Hate, Scheming, violence, suspense, fear, horror? Watch the movie and you would probably learn the art of moving making.

    What an ending with the back score of "Woh ek pal"... Maan gaya boss, aap Ek super film maker hain!!