Based on the Neeraj Grover murder case.

Rasika Joshi's last film she died a month before the film's release.

One of the prime locations was the building Dheeraj Solitaire where Neeraj Grover was allegedly murdered in 2008.

The film was shot in 20 days.

Film released few days after the verdict of Neeraj Grover murder case.

Mahie Gill's supermarket scenes were shot with high end camera phone.

A source associated with the film told that they couldn't smuggle small digital cameras inside a Malad supermarket to shoot the scenes of Mahie Gill buying polythene bags and a big kitchen knife.

Maria Susairaj was not happy with the film and wanted to stop its release.

Ram Gopal Verma felt that the footage shot in camera phones looked like it had been shot on CCTV cameras, so he decided to treat the scenes accordingly in the movie.

Ram Gopal Verma couldn't go anywhere near the place as he'd be recognized. So, armed with the phone, the cameraman shot Mahie's scenes inside HyperCity. And in 15 minutes, they were out.