Scott Walker delayed shooting for 5 months so he could shoot on the cusp of fall, starting with no snow and ending in deep winter. He has said he literally wanted the feel of the weather closing in on the story, freezing the case.

The film was shot in 26 days. By the end of filming, the days had 3-1/2 fewer hours of daylight.

Jack Halcombe is based on retired Alaska State Trooper Detective Glenn Flothe.

In this movie, Nicolas Cage plays the law enforcement officer and John Cusack plays the convict. In Con Air (1997), the roles were reversed; Cusack was the law enforcement officer.

"Heavy Metal Shuffle," by the punk band Reagan Youth, plays during the strip club scene. Vocalist Dave Rubenstein's girlfriend was a prostitute who was murdered by serial killer Joel Rifkin.

In the film, John Cusack flies a Piper PA-18 Super Cub. Robert Hansen flew the same type of plane in real life.

Robert Hansen's house in the film is the property where the real-life Hansen lived during his active killing years.

When Halcombe (Nicholas Cage) is reviewing files in connection to the missing girls, the photos he looks through and that are later on the wall at the police station (with the exception of Vanessa's character) are those of the real life victims.

When Vanessa Hudgens pole dances, she wears a Natori Feathers Plunge Contour Bra.

Robert Hansen died August 21, 2014, at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. He was 75.