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  • ...I understand that this is a make over and the other previous incarnations (that I did not watched it yet)are TV movies but in this case did not do it for me. I understand about the Japanese society too but this is too naif. One of the character is so cartoonish and childish that does not work at all here. Then you have Abe as the main character. His acting is just OK in the parts that looks "enigmatic" but pretty poor in the rest. The third character is the gal; of course a young, nice and beautiful one (normally you do not find a girl like this alone...)

    The story is about to redeeming and growing but the focus of this, may be, Sunday movie, is not the best. Think in several cliché, bland music, poor and predictable dialogues.

    Only good for a Sunday afternoon if you will be watching with all the family.