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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen a lot of movies, many about drinking, and this is perhaps the worst I've ever seen. The acting is amateurish, the production quality is average, the film's sound was sometimes just terrible, and the story was a farce.

    There are several scenes when the acting was worse than our local high school students. Stilted, awkward, slow, and amateur.

    Apparently the authors thought that all the alcoholic problems of the main character were solved by Joe Debs showed up to a single AA meeting. Trust me from personal experience, this is insulting to anyone who has ever struggled with addiction.

    In any case, I was hoping for much much more. I only watched it to the end so that I could honestly provide a review.

    Unless you are a huge fan of Terre Haute (the place it was filmed) I'd pass on this movie.
  • Paul Fleschner and William Tanoos wrote, directed and starred in this independent comedy alongside Tom Sizemore and cameos from Jesse Ventura. Hinting at the millennial generation's suspicion of corrupt party politics (we have had a do-nothing congress for almost a decade), the hard-drinking grandson of the great socialist American Eugene Debs decides to continue the family tradition and run for governor of Indiana. The film is located almost entirely in Terra Haute, which is the birthplace of Eugene Debs, and it captures the spirit of a plain- speaking populist politician who sets out to unite people in the American heartland. Fleschner and Tanoos give a nice performance, and Sizemore hits is out of the park. Although I kept wishing that they exploited their material more deeply (both the Terre Haute setting and the Debs legacy), I'm giving these first time filmmaker a thumbs up.