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  • This soap is a remake of the original Monte Calvario and Te Sego Amando premise. It works set in a more modern day era in Mexico. The setting is now a cattle ranch versus a Victorian mansion, however, the story still remains the same.

    Jorge Salinas is a superb leading man and the rest of the cast fall right in line. There are the quintessential love to hate characters (Ana Paula's Aunt, Vanessa and Cinthia, Rogelio's sister) and those you root to come out on top (Dany, Ana Paula's bff and Ana Paula's brother.) The love torn plot is a good one and dare I say I see this ending might be more of a surprise and not nearly as "expected" as the rest.

    This is a fresh, love to hate story that risks you away to a ranch an hour each night. GO with it. You'll enjoy the ride.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Despite this being a remake -- and a 2nd one at that -- this novela stands up there with the outstanding performances of Jorge Salinas and Susanna Gonzales as two contentious siblings, Ana Brenda Contreras as the woman they argue about, and Ana Bertha Espin as the scheming aunt whose actions have a domino effect on the lives of almost all the characters.

    Jorge Salinas' Rogelio is a study in depression as the result of an accident that ultimately caused him to question his value as a man. He reacts in typical male fashion with serious anger-management issues, wielding his riding crop and inspiring fear in everyone around him until the right woman arrives in his life. His interactions with Maria (Ana Martin) show that he does not have to live permanently in a private hell and prepare him for Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras), the pretty nurse who has the patience to deal with his difficult personality. Rogelio's sister, Cinthia, is a lazy, spoiled young woman who secretly defies his authority by carrying on with the foreman (Fabian Robles) and constantly whines about the inheritance she isn't allowed to touch. She forever complains about him keeping her prisoner at the ranch, not allowing her to get an education or have friends, but she in fact is too lazy to do any of this. She is also a total ingrate when Ana Paula's presence changes her bother's outlook and begins her personal campaign to break them up.

    Ana Bertha Espin is also excellent as the aunt whose greed and hunger for status puts Ana Paula into Rogelio's path. She is a manipulative leech, pretending to love her niece and nephew while conspiring with the equally greedy and vengeful Bruno Rey (Julian Gil), a predator who will stop at nothing to satisfy his sadistic goals.

    Great atmospheric music underscores the action. The writing was mostly good, although the several illogical plot turns may have been due to some emergency rewrites through the middle of the series to accommodate Jorge Salinas' medical situation and recovery. Although other actors might have been available to replace him (Sebastian Rulli was considered as a possibility), it was better that it turned out this way. While Sebastian Rulli might have been a decent first choice for this role, nobody could have lived up to it after Jorge Salinas. He is Televisa's ultimate alpha male.