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  • Baaz review :

    A lesser known Govinda film which sank without a trace at the box office but wasnt actually too bad for a one time watch. Govinda played a small time photographer who gets embroiled with the underworld over a missing diary containing their confidential information. His mother is murdered and sister raped due to this and our hero then seeks revenge.

    A remake of Tamil film Jeeva (1988), Baaz had sincere performance from Govinda. Archana Puran Singh sizzled in the song "Resham jaisa rang dekho" and had meatier role than female lead Sonam. Sudhir (normally referred as "Shudhir" due to his lisp) was chilling as the blue film maker who rapes Govinda's sister.

    The only weak link in the otherwise decent movie was Govinda's real life bro Kirti Kumar who was cast as the main villain. I dont know who influenced this decision but Kirti really stood out like a sore thumb. The villain's identity is to be a secret and we dont get to see his face till the climax. However Kirti Kumar's rolly polly body was a dead giveaway and the audience could recognize him from the first scene. The result : A box office flop!!

    Regards, Sumeet Nadkarni.