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  • gavinmccarthy198315 November 2011
    Without a shadow of a doubt - this is one of the finest video games to ever be produced. Dark Souls is also, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the toughest video games to be made, perhaps excluding it's spiritual predecessor Demon Souls (which I highly recommend also).

    When the game begins you will need to choose what type of character you would like to control for this epic adventure. The choice of classes (10 of them) such as a thief, warrior, hunter, cleric, pyromancer - you get the idea. To be perfectly honest it does not really matter which class you choose because you will evolve your character in any way you see fit as you progress through the game. I started as a pyromancer but as I approached the last boss, if anything I was more a knight than a pyromancer.

    The main selling point of this game is probably the difficulty level as strange as that sounds. "You will die - a lot!!!" This game will frustrate the hell out of you and at times leave you wondering if it is even possible to beat certain bosses but YOU WILL keep coming back, why? Well because it is such a brilliant game. Some of the weapons you can create in this game are fantastic, but it's the way you get these weapons which makes them even more special because it is not as simple as finding them or just beating a boss. You must have certain things and do certain things to get these weapons.

    I don't really want to talk about anything in the game but you need to get this, it will take priority over all your other games (yes I'm talking MW3, BF3, FIFA etc) and you will then probably go back and buy Demon Souls because these games are on a different level to those in the mainstream.

    Good luck and prepare to die a lot!
  • I've been playing this game for months and I'm still not bored of it. When I came to this page I was very disappointed by the sheer stupidity of some of the reviews.

    One of these reviews said: "I was supposed to go to random places and kill as many demons as I can find, there is no specific quest or storyline to follow. I killed a few of the bosses and gained nothing, just another dead end."

    There are so many things wrong with this. First of all, you aren't supposed to go to just random places, believe it or not. You have to figure out where you are supposed to be going by reading the description of items you pick up along the way such as keys, weapons, armor etc. That will tell you a bit about the story and characters, and the descriptions for keys will usually literally tell you which door they open.

    Secondly, there is a storyline, and a fantastic one at that. What did you think the large cut-scene was at the start of the game? Just some irrelevant garbage? You need to actually pay attention and use your senses to find out more and more of the story as you progress. And if you are still really struggling that much, you could always just look it up online.

    And finally, you don't gain nothing from killing bosses and enemies. You earn keys, unlock new areas to the game, find weapons and more equipment that will help you put together pieces of the story and find your way around- and you gain significant amounts of souls which you can use to level up.

    So to sum this up, don't bother reading the reviews on this page. I'd recommend maybe watching a little bit of gameplay on YouTube (but not so much that it will spoil your experience) and deciding whether or not to buy it from there.

    Absolutely phenomenal game. 99/100.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dark Souls is the ultimate test of a gamer's discipline and patience. The challenges aren't inherently hard, however you will die countless times before this journey is over and you learn this fact.

    [+] The positives - The art style is astounding. Each world has its own personality, one second you will be in a picturesque beauty-and-the-beast style castle stage, the next you will be toiling in a horrific mixture of tombs surrounded by a fiery inferno(think the Moria section of the fellowship of the ring film). It helps that all of this is connected- you will see past stages as you trudge along in your current predicament, creating an unprecedented sense of immersion. - The amount of choices you have is staggering, almost limitless, to the point of intimidation. Almost every medieval weapon, spell, and armor type is accounted for, and most of them work in the way you would imagine to a satisfying degree. - The foreboding sense of doom that permeates the walls of every nook in the world of Dark Souls. This world is not a happy place, making it all the more satisfying as you conquer each of its unique challenges. - The music kicks in at all the right moments,standouts being the sorrow on display at the central hub whenever you traverse it and the even beautiful piano score that punctuates the experience during the final battle. - This game is addictive as it comes, you will wonder where your 60+ hours went.

    [-] The negatives - The muliplayer is a failure in execution. Players will crash your party and murder you in the laggiest way possible. The amusing messages you can leave for other players to see even cost game items this time around. - The framerate can become an atrocious nightmare...on singleplayer. Just play the demon ruins or the blightown swamp levels to the revel in the true horror of the game. - Despite it having the artistic goods, the game can look downright ugly at times, especially if you crank up the brightness level. - This game is unforgiving and will turn off many a person with its harsh rules. - Don't play this if you are looking for a captivating narrative beyond its interesting setting and backstory.

    Overall, Dark Souls is the game to get if you are willing to overlook its technical missteps and buckle down for a hardcore challenge in a world that is the stuff of nightmares.
  • Having finished Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 spending a crazy amount of time (I still play them), I was hoping to see the HD remaster of the first Dark Souls on PS4, but realizing it's not gonna happen in the near future, I considered buying PS3 to play it. Am I happy I did it? Oh yes! More than happy! I can't find the words to express what a greatly constructed and smartly programmed game it is. The detailed enormous world here stands out as one of the most spectacularly designed ones ever with plenty of enemies/secret passages/traps, you name it, and a wide variety of weapons. The first installment delivers in spades everything we love about Dark Souls. This game is so addictive my sleepless nights have again begun. In a nutshell, if like myself you are crazy about Dark Souls 2 and 3, don't hesitate to buy an old console to play Dark Souls and Demon's souls.
  • Dark Souls. Unforgiving. Impossible. Brutal. Hardest video game ever made. Until you learn how to play ...

    Before i attempted to play Dark Souls, i first finished its spiritual predecessor Demon's Souls. From this experience i learned not only the mechanics of the combat system but i learned how one should approach and play the game itself. You die. Often. And you cannot load some previously saved state just before you died. You "reincarnate" as do the minor enemies and you have to march back up that hill one more time. The trick is to learn how to gain from dying, and more importantly, how to spend your currency before you do die (and potentially fail to retrieve your blood stain). You literally can make suicide runs and pick up some great booty in the process, although you won't know to do so on your first run with your first character.

    Dark Souls is controversial, no doubt about it. You either love it or you hate and i happen to love it (and my Chaos Scythe +5). While playing Dark Souls, i was distinctly reminded of many classic arcade, console and computer games that stood out: Atari 2600's Adventure and Dolphin, NES's Castlevania, Contra and Rygar, the Mario series, the Grand Theft Auto series, the Diablo and Baldur's Gate series and even the Sonic the Hedgehog series (mini speed-runs). Dark Souls is now one of my top games, along with GTA Vice City, Morrowind, Half Life, Thief 2, Might & Magic 5, Ultima 4, Super Mario World, Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Jade Empire, Assassin's Creed, Fallout 3 and Mass Effect. And i haven't even had the time to sign on and participate in online Player VS Player ... just do a Youtube search to see what i mean.

    I think what makes Dark Souls so special and deserving of praise is in its replay value and the reward you gain for accomplishing what most would consider impossible. Every adversity is an opportunity to learn new combat styles and to adjust your strategy. If you get stuck in Blighttown and decide to backtrack it out of there for more supplies (because you were too impatient to get down there in the first place), you feel the relief when you see daylight again. You learn from this game. It just doesn't spoon feed you like most games do these days.

    Patience is not a virtue in this game, it's a requirement for survival.

    (p.s. I think the current speed run is around 55 minutes to solve the game, but you can expect to put in nearly 200 HOURS before triggering the end scene.)
  • butr20105 May 2013
    This is a truly inspired game, it brings a breath of fresh air into a stale market and gives us something truly wonderful.

    From start to finish it is simply riveting and it's challenging combat has you between fits of rage and despair to an ecstatic state of joy that no video game has done before (even it's predecessor Demon's Souls). The story, although perhaps not the most obvious nor linear is amazing if you can be bothered to look into it, and that is another point about the game, it requires your unwavering attention. If you play this game with the right mindset, it can be truly breathtaking.

    And to people who say that it is 'overrated' or has 'artificial difficulty' all I can simply say is, you just went full retard.
  • Dark Souls is known as punishing, unforgiving and very challenging game. But it is also very rewarding and satisfying. It is tough, but fair (mostly). The game design, the level design, the inter connectivity of the world, is outstanding in every possible way. The story, yet very vague and cryptic, is more deep and emotional that you would have thought. Hidetaka Miyazaki's masterpiece is an unforgettable, memorable experience that every serious gamer should look for. For example, you pass hours, hours, trying to kill a certain boss, getting more and more frustrated. But the moment you land the final blow on this boss, you'll feel so happy, satisfied, proud of yourself, and the game will reward you for that. It has flaws for sure, but this is a complete, and unique gameplay experience. Try it someday. Or now, if you haven't already. It is a must-have for every gamer looking for a brilliant, unique experience, that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Contains spoilers about the early story.

    If you are looking for a video game for relaxation purposes you should continue searching. If you are looking for a game that feeds you the story and lore with a spoon and chews it for you, you should also consider moving on. If you like yourself, you will find something else.

    BUT, if you are into getting your head smashed in by the same fat demon 20 times in a row while not having the slightest clue of whats actually going on - stay. Stay as long as you need to "get into it." Because as soon as you are in.. it will never let you go.

    Most people focus their reviews on the unforgiving and brutal gameplay. In certain cases it's even unfair. But that's not what Dark Souls is. The difficulty is just a piece, fitting perfectly well amongst the others, creating a jaw- (and controller) dropping experience.

    In this game, you are nothing. Nothing but another undead locked away in a prison, awaiting the end of times. And even in the end, when you are a 2-ton war-machine of steel and fire you will still have this feeling. Everything will always be capable of killing you, doesn't matter how well developed your character is. This world does NOT want you here. At all. And it gives you nothing of the one of the best background stories in video game history. But then you start looking for it. You read the item descriptions, think about why this statue is destroyed, why this is here and the boss fights like that..

    It is surprisingly hard to actually describe how much this game means to me, and how rich it is in every aspect. You can either describe it in two sentences or you need thousands.

    Since you are still reading, let me conclude by telling you: if you are willing to get into a game that needs to be played (!) not just sat through, you at least have to try it. There is a good chance you will fall for it. And then you will fall. A lot.

  • alter43722 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    A challenging game with great combat and a dark lonely atmosphere. Fulfilling and exciting bossfights.

    The game often gets a bad rap by some players who expect the game makers to hold their hand like a child though the whole thing. An often complaint is the tutorial doesn't teach you how to play. This is in part true. The tutorial is nothing more than text messages on the floor, these tell you pretty much everything about the game play itself though people tend to just walk over them.

    Note: On the PC version, the developers admittedly didn't know what they were doing and so there are problems. A mod called DSFix and a gamepad fixes these in full.

    Another common complaint is that the game has no story and doesn't tell you where to go. The game doesn't tell you where to go because you really can go in any direction to usually do something at least and one direction will clearly be easier and ergo for new players. The story is told a bit differently to games like skyrim and because of this people often just miss it entirely. Simply put, the story of the game is what you are doing with your character. To know what you are doing with your character, there are item descriptions and subtle dialogue to tell you that the albino dragon you just slew is more than just a name, rather, an old duke who lost his mind defending a crystal granting him eternal life who also has a daughter locked away by the gods.

    It may not sound very fun though the subtle nature contributes to the atmosphere. There are also entertaining youtubers who pretty much explain every discovered aspect of the story: vaatividya and epicnamebro i believe are the most popular of these. The wikis are also there to guide you through any game play mechanic you don't understand.

    My final point is death in the game. Its integrated as part of the story and also part of the title. You are meant to die a lot in this game. Dieing means you don't have the knowledge or skill to pass the area so you need to try again and learn from your mistakes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game easily deserves all the praise it's given. Never before has a game affected me like this. It's in every way absolutely brilliant, breathtaking, infuriating, punishing, and above all, rewarding. Much like love, it is the best (and worst) experience you will ever have. I am NOT exaggerating.

    When I first played this game, I wasn't impressed. I was confused and bored. I thought it was just another cheap fantasy game. So, I gave up and left it.. for a long time. But one day (for some reason) I decided to give it another go. This time, I persisted and kept at it, just to see what all the hype was really about. And thank god I did.

    If you've heard anything about this game, you probably have an idea of how difficult it is. Dark souls is known for its notorious difficulty, and that turns many people away. But the sensation of accomplishment when you overcome this difficulty is where this game truly shines. It's only hard until you learn how do approach it. You learn the technique, you learn persistence, and get used to it- but if you mess up, you will die.

    Coupled with this unique take on gameplay is a truly amazing fantasy world. A world full of cryptic lore that will leave you with many questions. The story is there, but it's not all laid out for you. Pieces are missing and left to public speculation, or your own interpretation. This was done intentionally to intrigue you and leave you wanting more. And soon (after hours of research online) and along with the rest of the dark souls community, you put the pieces together and begin to understand this strange world.

    And even with all its content, it remains a truly beautiful game. From the horrors of Blighttown, to the beauty of Anor Londo- every detail exists within its environment for a reason. Breathtaking scenery and jaw-dropping visuals only add to the immersion of this masterpiece. Even the quality audio and voice acting remain unmatched by today's AAA titles.

    I rarely give anything a perfect rating, but here it is well deserved. Because this game, in my honest opinion, is perfect.

    -- Praise the Sun --
  • I was not sure that I would like this game very much, because of its reputation for being extremely difficult. But I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway. I am so glad that I did! The game starts by vaguely introducing you to the world of Dark Souls, and does a very good job at setting the mood for the game. As you move your character around, you get a feel that the whole world is gloomy and in despair. The world and the graphics by the way are beautiful. I'll admit that they are not the best I've ever seen in gaming, but they are still stunning. There are many "Wow, that's crazy!" moments in this game. The difficulty: If you are even looking into buying Dark Souls, you probably already know that it is difficult. However I think the difficulty is one of the games strengths. It almost makes the game. At first, you will feel like "Why is this so hard?!! Did they seriously have to put that guy there?!" But after a while, you almost get used to dying. And there is nothing like getting killed by a hidden enemy, then going back after re-spawning and knowing exactly where he and everything else is. The combat is at first a bit hard to grasp, as there is no real tutorial, but as you learn, it becomes pretty routine and comfortable. This game is very fun, brutally difficult, and rewarding if you stick to it. Don't give up!
  • It's absolutely not over overrated, you might think so just because you're not understand a bit of it and you gave up the game so soon. As my suggestion, you can play Youtube, there are 2 incredible guys can help you out, Epicnamebro and VaatiVidya. But you should give it a try first. Dark souls is the best game ever, and the only thing make it bad that is its complex. The game story it shelf is an example, no one can figure it out alone. It's a work of plenty of people who have a truly passion to this game. The design of the world is incredible, every little detail has its propose. The monster designs, their weapons and why they exist in each area, all have its reason. And the boss of course, they all have their back story hide cleverly behind. If you play the game and just jump up to the boss, hit them hard, kill them and think that is it, that's all, you were wrong. You just play with no attention and mindless. I must say that Dark souls has a largest story with almost every character and boss have connection. Some of them will make your emotion reach the top of your heart as well. You might think Dark souls is overrated because it's hard, very hard. But it is because you're not enjoy it yet. When you play Dark souls with your high attention, you will find it has so many think you don't know about. And before you recognize it, you just keep playing Dark souls again, again and again.
  • This review is spoiler-free!

    This game isn't made for the masses, that much is certain. Although its marketing and public identity revolves around its difficulty, there's so much more to this experience than you could ever grasp without playing it for yourself. Difficulty is there pretty much just as a key storytelling device, and it's put to good use, too.

    Dark Souls is mysterious, lonely, atmospheric, interconnected and difficult. That's how I'd sum it up in one sentence.

    The few friendly encounters with NPC's will quickly imbed themselves in your memory. Names such as Siegmeyer and Lautrec give me goosebumps every time I speak them, simply because of how masterful the storytelling and character archs are in this game. Each of them are only given around 15/20 minutes of screen time, total. But the whole world around you and them help tell their stories in ways no movie could ever do.

    Places like Darkroot Garden, Anor Londo, Firelink Shrine and Ash Lake (and practically everywhere else, too) will stay with me forever, as their individually unique and unmatched atmosphere, mystery, and lore is proof video games is an art form.

    The music, aaah! There's FOUR places where music is played, apart from during boss fights. Four. It's nothing, I know! Other games have music playing through every tiny battle and inside every single tavern, but Dark Souls spends it sparingly, thus making it feel that much more impactful.

    Dark Souls is such a fantastic metaphor for depression and loneliness. It doesn't welcome you with open arms in the form of a super easy tutorial, helpful ways of learning its mechanics or hour-long cutscenes explaining what you're even supposed to do. You best it as best you can, as is with the real world around us. The people and characters you share your place in the world with travel about, trying their best at carving out a meaning of it all, same as yourself.

    Dark Souls is just so damn good, and there's no way of understanding it without actually playing it for yourself, and finding the many fantastically written storylines and lore within it.
  • I am reviewing this game as a long term gamer, over 30 years now !!

    Graphics, visually the game is good, nice artwork and decent animations, its up there with most games although nothing I would say outstanding, on top of that the visuals can be a bit repetitive. The game is a bit glitchy, frame rate slow downs and the ability to fight through walls is amateurish

    Controls - At first the most annoying thing you will find in the game You will get used to them though. The controls however are just another part of the games dynamic which I will elaborate on later.

    Playability - This game is highly playable and can be highly addictive, why ?? well for the simple fact that you die a lot but each time you die you learn something, this is the most fundamental rule of games from yesteryear, Your playing Nemesis for example you not only need to memorise where the attacks come from but you need to remember the layout e.t.c

    Eventually you would have this maze of knowledge imprinted in your mind that you could eventually play the whole game subconsciously and subsequently very quickly. This is the game that Dark Souls is, its addictive but grindy, in the sense that you play, die, learn, repeat, play, die, learn repeat and so on. You could grind to level up or get better weapons e.t.c but this is not the best way to beat the game. the best way to beat the game is go toe to toe with the enemy and learn how to defeat them, this could take you 100 attempts to figure out or you may get lucky and suss it first time around. If you do get lucky though you should always remember how you got lucky as you may need to face the foe again.

    I do find todays games a lot easier and sometime it can be disappointing when the game abruptly ends because you have completed it on the hardest level first time around after 10 hours or less. £40 quid for 10 hours for me is not value especially when the challenge was not so great.

    Then you have games that no matter how good you are they will still take a long time to play if you want to glean all the storyline information, a truly great game is one that has a good combination of both.

    Dark Souls lacks a few of these key issues, there is very little story and very little point, not in the sense that you feel like you are aiming for a specific goal so you care about why you are playing the game in the first place, this is a fun element to a game even if it is just pretend.

    The RPG elements are not great, you level up, get new weapons, make them better e.t.c BUT the actual point of doing this is skewed by the fact that this element is way less important than the actual learning how to kill the bad guys. That new sword you bought is only going to add a minuscule amount of extra damage, its not what you use its how you use it. Its not even the skill of how you use it its following the set of controls that is imprinted in your brain to get the best result, like I say play, die, LEARN, repeat or play, die, REMEMBER, repeat.

    This is the ultimate memory game, remember the entire sequence and you can get through the game in 95% less time it took you to do it the first time around.

    This is the exact reason I mentioned the controls as I did, if you find them annoying or unresponsive well that's because you are just not using the correct combination of buttons at the right times.

    The boss guy will pretty much play out like a button sequence in guitar hero with only a few variations along the way.

    Its a rinse and repeat game, this however can be fun and enjoyable but with the lack of story, overall repetitiveness and lack of in depth information on what or why you are supposed to be doing it kind of falls a bit flat.

    This game plays to our addictive nature, it makes us want to have that one more go because the last time you died you gleaned that extra bit of information on how to progress ( or so you thought ). Its an old school game under a modern guise and for many new gamers its a breath of fresh air but for me its just going back to my childhood, All i can think of is hours of wasted time only to see the that black screen of disappointment " Congratulation, you did it ".

    Lets not forget though that its not the ending but the journey that is important but the problem with this game is the journey isn't that great, it just sort of... OK.

    The game is addictive but only if you are a sucker for punishment and you truly want to win. The game is good and when you get into it you will play for a long time but when you step away and break it down its not as good as people make it out to be. There is a lesson to be learnt from this game, sometimes simplistic is good and difficult is good, people want a challenge.

    At the same time don't make it so difficult that people cannot get into it, try and provide some sort of learning curve and also try and make the challenge a little more interesting overall.
  • sasharose2823 January 2013
    I absolutely do not understand the hype around this game, except the fact that most games have become to easy these days and it has become hard to find a challenge, But when you make a game this hard and this unforgiving, you have to makes sure it doesn't glitch, and this game glitches like crazy, the worst being the lock on, which we can barely play the game without, and is one of the worst lock on systems i have seen, many many times i am looking directly at an enemy (relatively close) and it won't lock on.. or it locks on to a creature to my far left, ( which had me walk off quite a few ledges) or even to another creature that's not even in the same room!! And it's impossible to aim a spell without the lock on, then there is the item use, many many times i tried to use a potion (wich take a few seconds to drink and get you killed if ill timed) press the button.. nothing happens.. no time to try it again, need to avoid the boss, and wait for another opportunity, but after running a bit or dodging, THEN, the system reacts, my character drinks a potion, no way out, i'm dead.... again!! In this game, any of these glitches usually means instant death, and with few save points, it gets extremely frustrating, dying to a challenging boss is one thing, but to glitches over and over, is unacceptable, and this game has virtually no story,or animations, the graphics are decent, but extremely monotone and dull... extremely over-hyped game in my opinion
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now I'm gonna go in-depth with this one, but it's really complicated regardless, so hear me out.

    You start as a hollow in the Undead Asylum, which is your prison of sorts. The place where you were trapped on your way to fulfilling your destiny and inevitably failing. It is up to you; the player, to find out how to get out, challenge the demons on your way, and beat the game. Of course towards the end you also have a choice to go light or dark for the ending, which is really cool.

    Another interesting pointer about this game is it's difficulty. The game is really only difficult to the people who don't have patience or strategy in getting through different areas or past hordes of enemies. I personally died quite a few times on my endeavors here, but through time & patience, anyone can beat this game.

    Probably the biggest pointer about this game's potential is it's exploration. There is virtually no way of knowing where to go in the game without an explanation through the description of an item you picked up earlier. It is quite challenging in the respect that it doesn't play fair, and doesn't intend to. Most players will always go to either the New Londo Ruins or the Graveyard first, which of course is a horrible mistake. However difficult, the game never punishes you for taking a wrong direction, rather a more difficult challenge.

    Graphics-wise; Not the greatest. It's certainly what I would only consider average for a game released in 2011, however in my opinion the Havok engine cancels out the negativity of the slight graphical issue.

    Sound-wise; Absolutely beautiful. I can't tell you how many times I wish I could restart an easy boss battle just to listen to the awesome music. It really fits the theme of Dark Souls as an RPG in general.

    Control-wise; Eh. It's really great on the PS3, not as great on the Xbox, and absolutely horrible on the PC. (bear in mind this is control-wise) I can't begin to tell you how much trouble I had with the PC version due to the sheer lack of playability, really. I recommend to almost anyone with the PC edition to buy a controller as you will soon come to realize that the port is not very great at all.

    Game-play wise; Amazing. Absolutely amazing. There's not a single nook or cranny that any RPG fan would find in this game that would upset them. I can't even think of one myself, and I'm not all that capital on RPG's. Nevertheless, the game is at least a rough estimate of 10-15 hours for a new player, and maybe 4 or 5 if a recurring player.

    Replayability; Great. Not the greatest though. There are plenty of other RPG's like Final Fantasy with more replayability, but this one certainly has an edge as well. Mostly due to it's New Game+ mechanic which will increase the difficulty by 20% on the first rerun, and 8% on the second rerun onwards. While you may think this has a lot of replayability, the item variation really doesn't. I suppose the only other comment on the matter would be the various character builds you find online which are certainly up for grabs with a simple google search.

    Anyway, time to wrap this up. All in all, I give this game a 8/10 because of it's vast and recurring ability to give the player new and exciting weapon/armor variations as well as brand new experiences each time. It isn't perfect, but it is certainly a great game!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I initially bought this game because I heard people go on about how it was a masterpiece and one of the best games ever to be released, as you can imagine I was devastatingly disappointed.

    The first thing I noticed was that the graphics were very bad, when I was creating my character he looked like something from a PS1 game, I ignored this at first. The story at the beginning made absolutely no sense, and it took me about half an hour to figure how to use the combat system, there are no instructions as to how dress my character or equip him with the correct weapons. I managed to get out of the Undead Asylum somehow, and still to this day I have no idea if my character is 'undead' or what. I was then thrown into the Firelink Shrine with no idea what to do. It took me a day to realize I was supposed to go to random places and kill as many demons as I can find, there is no specific quest or storyline to follow. I killed a few of the bosses and gained nothing, just another dead end.

    On top of all that the game freezes, the makers of the game couldn't even be bothered to take care of any possible glitches. I bought this game pre-owned with the expectation of it being as good if not better than Skyrim, as I already said I was disappointed. The only positive I can think of this game is that it's free roam, which isn't much of a consolation considering how much there is to do.
  • I don't see why this game gets so much praise. I understand that games nowadays may be getting easier, but that's to appeal to wider audiences. I can see how some people like a challenge, but when you make a game that's so hard that half the time it isn't fair, you've failed your mission. There are plenty of examples of games being able to provide a challenge and still work. That's what difficulty settings are for. This game's fanbase can't seem to grasp that games have difficulty settings and maybe, just maybe, people don't want to play a game that constantly punishes them for nothing. Maybe people play games to have fun, you know, the reason game's were created in the first place? The problem lies in the fact that the developers hide that fact that their game is broken behind the fact that 'it's supposed to be hard'. It wouldn't be hard if you could fall to your death because you were fighting five enemies at the same time and you couldn't turn around because the lock-on system is broken. The game also lies. At the start of the game you are given a selection of items, and one states that it regenerated your health. Yet, it doesn't. Instead it does something different. That's a game straight-up lying to you. The reviews of this game state that this is a 'very rewarding game' and that's a lie. Unlike normal RPGs, you don't get cool new items for beating bosses. You get souls which are easy to get anyway. Basically, I don't like this game. 3/10.