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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ahryan Astyn, a talented blonde "deserving of wider recognition" highlights this Randy Spears-directed video, one of the better assembly- line pornos from Penthouse a decade back.

    The theme, as usual, is infidelity, with Astyn featured in several segments and sort of tying the DVD together with her narration concerning her own and her pals' antics.

    For me the best moments came in a threesome scene boasting an abundance of breastage, as Sienna West and equally endowed Alanah Rae team up as hookers to service an uncredited Randy Spears (in his acting capacity).


    Spears introduces a quality fantasy element in the form of Herschel Savage cast in a NonSex role as sort of an Angel, playing a waiter who plies Astyn with introspective questions about her life, her friends and whether she has any regrets. It turns out she's headed for Heaven or Hell depending on her responses, a corny plot hook, but one that works here because both she and Savage are convincing in the acting department. The sincerity of Spears' script is a relief compared to the lion's share of these Penthouse story lines & dialogs (see: Cash Markman for dozens of examples) which usually insult the viewer's intelligence.