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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even if you're no fan of F1 and just happen to stumble across the program, its very appealing, it sums up Formula 1's history in a simple but beautiful documentary feature. 60 Years/Plus ca change follows the stories of almost all the surviving world champions of F1 as they meet in Bahrain to celebrate 60 years of Formula 1, on the eve of the inaugural race of the new season.

    60 Years not only takes views of the sport from the champions and other key figures in F1 e.g. Jean Todt, designer Gordon Murray but also reflects on some of the sport's key events through examples of safety breakthroughs, rivalries and important championship victories. However, it might take several views to get everything in.

    A calm yet thorough narration, endless nostalgic archive footage and a tranquil, fitting soundtrack make this a powerful experience, suitable for anyone with a vague or passionate interest in motorsport or speed.