Narrator, host and producer Derek Partridge had, at the age of 7, given up his seat to actor Leslie Howard for the ill-fated Flight 777.

Leslie Howard featured as Actor of the Month [June 2018] by Turner Classic Movies. Leslie Howard's absence from the Premier of Gone With The Wind, which brought an appearance by the reclusive author, Margaret Mitchell, spoke volumes about Howard. Howare was off to his homeland to aid the British War Effort.

Quoting the DMN [Defense Media Network] about Leslie Howard's plane being targeted: "What the public didn't know, though the Nazis did, was that [Leslie] Howard also worked for British Intelligence. In fact, Howard's tour to promote The Lamp Still Burns in neutral Spain and Portugal was a cover for his participation in the Foreign Office's effort to keep Spain and Portugal neutral, guarantee the uninterrupted flow of the strategic metal wolfram (at the time the Iberian peninsula produced 90 percent of the world's supply), and obtain military base rights to Portugal's Azores Islands Initially Howard refused to go, citing security concerns. It took the intervention of Foreign Minister Anthony Eden to convince Howard to make what would turn out to be a fatal trip."

Claire Colvin of the Daily Express Newspaper and Website reports about the 1944 British Airlines Flight that was shot down with Leslie Howard on board: "There are [British] Foreign Office files relating to the flight that are classified, until 2028."