Chia-Yi Shen: People always say that the most wonderful time of a relationship happens before it really happens. When two people are together, the magic vanishes easily.

Ching-Teng Ko: [Looking at Shen Chia-Yi] I dare to make a bet with you: 10 years later, even if I don't know what is meant by LOG, I still could live my life well.

Chia-Yi Shen: Ching-Chen high school represents our young and crazy days. It gave us the most wonderful times of our life. From now on, it's time for us to spread our wings and chase our dreams.

Ching-Teng Ko: Do you believe in parallel universe? Maybe in that parallel universe we are together.

Chia-Yi Shen: How I envy them. Thank you for liking me.

Principle: Jerking off right in class! I have been a teacher for so many years. Have seen strudents who cheat, get into fights, blackmail or even those who beat up teachers. i have seen all kinds of problematic students, but just no perverts like you!

Ching-Teng Ko: I didn't even ejaculate.

Principle: And that's an excuse!

Ching-Teng Ko: I'm not interested in boys. I'm not interested in girls either.

Kuo-Sheng Tsao: Don't you think...

Ching-Teng Ko: Think what?

Kuo-Sheng Tsao: Don't you think Shen Chia-Yi likes me? If not, why would she wear a ponytail today?