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  • I went to watch this movie without an good or bad expectation...never hear of it, didn't know actors, director, plot...nothing,A friend wanted to see it so tools me with her.

    The result was simply amazing. You just want the movie to never end and wish knowing more about the next. Actually for those who read Chinese, you can find out lot of info about the outcome of the really person (as this is a true story).

    In any case, you come our of the theater Happy, touched, enriched and isn't that what movie is for?

    I hope the movie will have a descent channel if distribution to open it to the largest audience possible!
  • It is a very simple story but it's funny to watch and after the movie finished I didn't feel like leaving the theater. I sat there, speechless but felt satisfied. Some people sat around me couldn't stop crying but many of us left the theater with smile on our faces.

    It is a very simple story but it reminds us of something that was once special and important in our life. We laughed through out the movie and our emotion was triggered by a very simple but very hearty story.

    "You are the apple of my eye" what a wonderful phrase! Those years, what we did could be non-sense but it was so important and we saw only those things in those years. We grow and we change and so do the characters in the movie.

    The director did a great job to tell the story and the actors/actresses did great job as well. Camera work's fine and music/original scores are great too. It's a great combination of works and it's touching! I encourage/recommend you to see this delightful movie and to find something once was important back in life. Feel young again and feel reckless again~ 10 out of 10! Don't miss it!
  • You Are the Apple of My Eye based on director Giddens Ko's autobiographical novel, is a coming of age story.The film starts with Ko Ching-Teng (Giddens) remembering his old school day when he and all his friends had a crush on Shen Chia-Yi, a honour student from their class and how they all chased her for years.Shen develops a deep friendship with Ko-Teng as she helps him study through his final year in school.Shen, Ko-Teng and all his friends then go their different ways to attend college.The story follows Ko-Teng as he tries to win over Shen.

    The film has all the makings of a cult.The director shows us a crude and strangely accurate picture of our youth, sometimes going a little overboard but never failing to capture our sensitive side.See how Ko- Teng picks a fight just to bring his love a little closer or how all the boys can jerk off all day long but don't have the heart to face rejection of their love.All the performances are light and carefree,which works very well with the theme of the film.You never sense that something is out place as the film flows freely with a pace of its own from start to finish.Shen Chia-Yi will remains in your memory as the girl we all come across sometime,somewhere and you smile with her smile and cry as she weeps.

    I loved this emotional roller-coaster of a film and will surely come back to it in time.The films is nostalgia for the old and reminiscence for the young.This is a special movie.Don't miss this instant classic.

    P.S. : Last time i enjoyed a film about love this much was when I watched The Classic directed by Kwak Jae-young.
  • You Are the Apple of My Eye had successfully reached out and grabbed me by the throat with its many identifiable, similar moments mirroring personal experiences, at a time where school and education played a big part, and what more with co-ed schools, having friends and facing competition in going after the girl of our dreams then, who almost always turns out to be the popular school flower. Sad but true facts of life, and with game theory, anyone would have been better off with the friends of the object of our affection such as Hu Chia-Wei (Wan Wan) who turned out really well despite her less than stellar looks and knowledge (though things always change in the future for the better, like fine wine), rather than the primary, unattainable target herself, whose bookish behaviour came off very prim and proper with an unrelenting focus on school results.

    But Fate always possess a hand at springing up surprises, and in Gidden's chief protagonist Ko Ching-Teng (Ko Chen-Tung) who of course is his avatar in the film, this comes in the form of the popular schoolgirl Shen Jia-Yi (Michelle Chan from Hear Me) who inexplicably takes a strong liking for someone she initially detests for being too childish, but an episode of standing up for her became a catalyst for a budding relationship to grow, stemming from the desire to help Ching-Teng improve his grades, as well as the implicit result of having a studying companion to spur her on, friendly competition and a protector of sorts in her late nights spent in school. Then there is the keen competition from Ching-Teng's own clique of likable, though one-dimensional buddies, from the nerd Boner (Yen Sheng-Yu), the obligatory fatty A-Ho (Steven Hao), the bragger (Owodog) and the weirdo Groin (Tsai Chang- Hsien) with his repertoire of strange tricks up his sleeves, who each have their own way at courtship, to varying degrees of failure, trying as hard as they can to try and win her affections.

    Broadly split into three areas in a young adult's life with the time spent in school between two friends who share an unwritten and unsaid declaration of their mutual affection, to post high school graduation into higher learning and the long distance put between them as the test of their relationship, and the period of the present, Giddens firmly helmed all aspects of the film and orchestrated a flowing and slick ensemble, successfully merging many different genres together, from wacky comedy to romance, and having the natural flair to pull off some of the most absurd (though not far fetched in real life) of situations especially those involving body parts and those containing plenty of innuendos to bring out the laughs (seriously, the soap bar is not an urban myth it seems), and at times presenting them for the keen eyed viewer whose eyes wander to the background of a scene, and being rewarded with sight gags.

    Since the narrative unravels itself during the 90s, those like me who grew up during the era will find a lot of strong nostalgia from the production design right down to a walk down memory lane given a backdrop of historical events, or in a period of time where the mobile phone hardly has the proliferation and pervasiveness of today. Those long, snaking queues of people waiting for a payphone, bring back fond memories in really sweating it out to want to speak to a loved one until being goaded to let go or when the coins run out, and of course with advancement in phone technology being able to butt in just to hear a loved one at the end of the line post-disaster, is nothing more than comforting, though only when there is adequate signal strength.

    Being a Taiwanese film, language plays a key role here especially when Hokkien gets into play, with the very colourful, familiar swear words used that will undoubtedly provide a certain kick to movie audiences here. The rich use of the language also helps to flavour the film especially with the very authentic, natural lines of dialogue, making the characters believable. Also, the rating for the film at NC16 is something of an indication of a loosening up of classification perhaps, where once sustained use of vulgarities, male on male lip locks regardless of context, and the many scenes of sex and masturbation (stylized for comedy) will likely get nothing less than an M18, but I suppose given the context of the film's setting dealing with hot blooded male characters, as well as the film being so well received in its home country, that it will be silly to try and artificially restrict its pool of audience from enjoying what is essentially a simple, yet effect story being translated for the big screen.

    In some ways Giddeon's film is like Ah Niu's directorial debut effort Ice Kacang Puppy Love which is also a story about first love and peppered with quirky characters, but if the story comes from a sincere heart recounting one's own experience despite a very universal theme, I truly believe everyone's first love story will be something worth recounting given its bittersweet moments, and the lessons to be learn from it. You Are the Apple of My Eye will warm your heart and wring it with regret at the same time especially if you're able to identify with the story. It made me ponder over my own similar What If scenario, in the way parallel universes worked itself into the story, and its reconciliatory tone was something cutting very close to home, of how people change, and when we look back we're probably seeing very different persons from that point in time, when compared with who we are today.

    Highly recommended and it goes into my shortlist as one of the best this year has to offer.
  • This film is about a group of high school classmates' amazing years together, growing up and learning lessons in life.

    "You Are the Apple of My Eye" has a simple but profoundly effective story. The backdrop of the story and the characters are all so ordinary, everyday like, which connects with people so well. Watching the film is like having a time machine, bringing me back to those days when I was just like them.

    The main characters, Chia-Yi and Ko-Teng, are so well matched. They have amazing chemistry, and shows the sweet puppy love which does not fade with time. Their blossoming relationship is bound to evoke much memories, taking viewers into a treasure of sweetness which is stacked away somewhere deep in the brain. Aside from the sweetness, this subplot is also full of "if only", which brings reality back into the fairytale. It invites people to take a nostalgic trip to fill in what the "if only" is for them.

    The film culminates into a great emotional zenith at the end. That beautiful shot in the banquet hall, even though is imaginary, serves as a bittersweet closure. Again, "if only" comes to mind, but only with happiness and not regret.

    "You Are the Apple of My Eye" is an exceptionally well done film. There is no wonder why everyone in Hong Kong is talking about it, all social networking websites have status updates related to the film, and even many newspaper articles are named in relation to the title. "You Are the Apple of My Eye" has become a social phenomenon, and is likely to be an enduring one.
  • if you're around 15-23, maybe you can relate to this kind of movie. to me, this movie relates to my real love life. this movie is a wake up call for those who are related, and by watching this movie you realize that there's someone forever remarkable in you, your significant other, but that "someone" isn't destined to be with you. maybe, after several tries and efforts, you realize that this person will always be "the apple of my eye". someone who is remarkable enough and has changed you to be the better person you are today.

    the person you want to be happy, if it's with someone else, and you're happy for them after all those years.
  • Nostalgia's a bitch, and this columnist is pretty sure each and every one of you reading this review is guilty of indulging in memories – as much as you know it's the present that really matters. How else would you explain the sudden emergence of movies (Smurfs and Transformers come to mind) which remind us of the good ol' days? (Ed's note: Michael Bay's pompous 'bots simply serves as a stark reminder of how good things from the past should be left alone.) Closer to home, Taiwanese novelist Giddens Ko capitalises on this innate human nature and turns his creative talent into box-office gold by directing his first feature film. The prolific and popular author has translated one of his well loved works into an accessible movie you will find no problems falling in love with. How else would you explain the phenomenal success of the 110 minute production back in Taiwan, where it beat Monga (2010) and Cape No. 7 (2008) to become the local film with the biggest ever opening day and weekend box office earnings? The story may have been a chapter of your younger days: The school prankster and the perfect student become the most unlikely friends. A relationship blossoms between the two, and before one realises it, years past and what's left are bittersweet memories of what could have been. Along the way, you also get introduced to the protagonists' friends who are familiar characters from your past – the loyal sidekick, the overweight but studious goodie two shoes and the goofy and unassuming dude amongst others. We are also introduced to thematic memories which seem to have flown past us during these hurried years of growing up. Be it the pursuit of the perfect future, the hopelessly romantic crush on a fellow classmate, or the steadfast allegiance between friends, there will be many sequences in the movie that will strike a chord with you. Producer Angie Chai sure knows her audiences well – the experiences on successful TV series like 2001's Meteor Garden (the show that launched boyband F4's career) and 2003's Love Storm have made this movie an unabashedly likable idol drama. It has all the ingredients of a crowd pleaser: Besides the nostalgic storyline, the stars are pleasing and charismatic. Good lookers Ko Chen Tung and Michelle Chen take on the lead roles in this adolescent tale, and relatively unknown artistes are now stars in their own rights. Other unfamiliar but pleasant stars like Ao Chuan, Steven Hao (you may recognise him as the butt baring kid in many infamous Kung Fu slapstick movies from the yesteryears), Tsai Chang Hsien, Wan Wan and Yen Sheng Yu make up the ensemble cast. Complement the young actors' decent performances with a refreshing touch of humour (watch out for a hilarious scene which involves synchronised masturbation), eye pleasing cinematography, a soothing piano score and some recognisably retro songs. The emotionally fulfilling theme song "Na Xie Nian" (literal translation: "Those Years) performed by Hu Xia deserves a place in your music device. The film has earned several nominations at the 48thGolden Horse Awards, and this is further proof that viewers are lapping this shamelessly nostalgic movie up. Yes, this increasingly cynical columnist is a fan of this affectingly moving movie as well – simply because nostalgia's a feeling no one can shake off.
  • There has been a clamour for this Taiwanese coming-of-age film among Chinese youth ever since it opened at the Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival in August this year. Indeed, Giddens Ko's directorial debut is based on his semi-autobiographical novel, "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years" (its Mandarin title), which was a best-seller among online readers. Needless to say, "Apple" reigned at the Taiwan box office for more than a month, landing at second place on the nation's chart of all-time box office hits. For viewers young and old, it is a nostalgia trip to their carefree school days when hormones rage and hope abounds. The narration, by Ko Chen-Tung who plays Giddens (or Ching-Teng), starts off in 2005 when protagonist Ching-Teng is dressing up for a wedding. Next, it takes us back 10 years earlier (1995) to Ching-Teng's school days when he and his buddies, Boner (Yen Sheng-yu), Cock, Groin (Tsai Chang-hsien) and A-Ho (Steven Hao) are students of Ching-Cheng High, a backwater school in Changhua in central Taiwan. All these boys admire ace student Shen Chia-Yi (Michelle Chen) and many of them even have a crush on her. However, Chia-Yi is closest to Ching-Teng because she has been instructed by a teacher to tutor Ching-Teng in his studies and help him stay out of trouble. The two gradually fall in love but have to separate when they go to college. Staying apart, the couple face many challenges and temptations which threaten to tear them from each other... The school pranks and events are seen from Ching-Teng's point-of-view and he pulls no punches to show us what it is like during those heady and crazy days. We see the boys masturbating, disturbing girls and handling heartbreak and separation. One college scene explains why the boys jerk off with their left hand while watching online porn - the right is needed to move the mouse. We see how the girls have to put up with these pranks and crass jokes and somehow manage to hold their own. The best part of Giddens' direction is that we can easily identify with the protagonist and the lead cast. In any co-ed class, there will always be a beautiful bookworm like Chia-Yi whom all the boys will admire and even try to court; and there will be the resident sex maniac, the fat slob, and other weirdos. All these characters are credibly developed although there are some sequences, like Ching-Teng and his dad going naked in his house, that are not satisfactorily explained or rationalised. Another is Ching-Teng's refrain from intimacy with Chia-Yi even at intimate moments. And just as the boys have a crush on Michele Chen's Chia-Yi, we too are charmed by her. Chen is such a natural that her Chia-Yi reminds us of the girl-next-door, captivating our hearts especially in the scene where she is summarily punished with the boys for being disrespectful of the teacher. This is one movie from which you will leave the cineplex with a smile on your face and feeling warm in your heart.
  • This is a very nice romantic movie but unfortunately was drag down by some unnecessary / offensive scenes like masturbation, guys walking around naked in front of family members, erections, porn, etc. The director must have thought these scenes were essential and funny but not everyone can appreciate these kind of humor especially in a youth oriented romance movie.

    I was disappointed on the first half of this film and wondered why it got such high score on this site. After a week or so I decided to finish the movie and surprise, surprise I ended up liking it a lot. Guess I just wanted a clean romantic movie which I can proudly show to all the people in my household regardless of age.

    I give this movie 7/10 rating. Sad because this could have been an easy 9+ for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A Hong Kong business guru, when presented with the initial screenplay, predicted that this movie's box office take to be lower than 20 million Taiwan dollars. While still counting, the latest gross has already exceeded 400 million.

    It is easy to like this bitter-sweet adolescent romance and coming of age story although it doesn't have the depth of "Lan se da men" (Blue Gate Crossing) almost a decade ago, also from Taiwan:

    The first three quarters of "You are the apple of my eye" is pretty much what you expect from this genre. Towards the end, it moves up one notch, particularly in a phone dialogue between the protagonists after an earthquake. The two leads Michelle Chen and Zhendong Ke have good chemistry and is each endearing in a special way. The supports are good. It is interesting that in this purportedly very close biopic of Giddens Ko (magazines have published some photos of the real people), while the guys are modelled after the real-life counter parts, Hu Chai-Wei, alias Wan Wan the popular Taiwanese comic book author is a real person "implanted" into the movie.
  • A quirky and lighthearted romance film that encapsulates what it means to fall in love and the pure, laughable elements of teenage love. You are the apple of my eye captures this great aspect of teenagers but set in a cultural background so different from what the average American audience it is sure to send a certain level of culture shock yet still able to connect foreign viewers with its magnificent story telling.

    This film is such an easy and delightful watch, it captures the authentic life of Taiwanese students in such a great, down to earth and realistic way. It truly goes above and beyond to highlight the beauties of the island of Taiwan. This film does such a good job at blending the good and the bad, the happy and sad moments of teenagers in a way that I believe transcends borders and languages. Thus, as a Taiwanese myself I always recommend this film for foreigners who want to broaden their views and understand my culture. It is lighthearted, relatable and very well executed.
  • A poignant but warm and memorable story on a childish boy who falls in love with his intelligent classmate, set in the backdrop of 90s Taiwanese high school. Firstly, I loved how realistically everything was presented. The portrayal of the characters felt honest and natural, as emphasised by the vulgar nature of the adolescent boys and what they get up to in their spare time. The film wasn't afraid to present young people for who they are. The acting was incredible from every character, especially from Kai Ko, who despite his immature manner, was totally lovable, and evoked a lot of sadness due to him continuously chasing after a girl he can never have. I loved the presentation of their high school days, eliciting a strong sense of nostalgia, friendship and fun, a time we all miss. I highly respect the realism in this story ; This is yet again another movie which reminds us that not all things in life work out, and as I saw one commenter say, 'It was not enough for him to like her'. They were both young, naive and incapable of understanding what was best for them. The ending was near perfect (albeit soul crushing) in seeing what could have been different had Jo Ching acted more maturely. However, the film is unapologetic in conveying to us that is this real life. Humans aren't perfect, and we don't always react well to these situations, especially when we're young. It was clear that although Shen Chia liked Ko Ching, she didn't like him enough to express her feelings clearly. She even admits, she preferred him chasing her, because that's a lot more fun than an actual relationship, where the 'magic vanishes easily'. I'm not irritated by her at all, because she's just a teenager, confused by her feelings and the complexities of life. I'm glad the movie didn't take the cliche route out, and ended the movie with a sad but bittersweet and powerful closure. Lastly, the camera work was well well executed and compelling in parts, making certain scenes more humorous and fun to watch. Overall, a superb watch. Highly recommend!
  • Youth is hand in hand sit on the train does not look back
  • If you find something different, watches this movies. This movie will dig down to your memories when you were still at high school especially those from West Asia. They had comedy, romantic, drama, etc. What were you going to except Truth me you will fall some tears at the final scene.
  • Taiwanese movies always produce beautiful scenery. Look at the youth, is their own. Regret is the best, and what you can't get is always the best. Hey, look and think, in fact, has been a person, is not unacceptable ah, so many people think of all kinds of ways, and finally just leave memories. Let these memories be painted with my personal color.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is about experiencing love during one's teenage years. And I guess, we've all been there. That's why, watching this movie felt close to the heart. It'll remind you of the joys, pains and memories brought by young love. But though this movie has a bitter-sweet ending, it was still enjoyable to the last bit. This movie teaches us that though there are things in life that are just not meant to be, the memories, experiences and lessons you learn along the way are the things that matter most.

    Have fun watching this! It's totally worth it.

    P.S. Aside from the lovable characters, this movie has a good soundtrack too. <3
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You are the apple of my eye is a very popular film from Taiwan in China and its story used to become a trend in 2011. This is a real story came from a very popular author-Ke Jingteng who is also the director of this film. The story includes his friends and the girl who he liked and chased. He decided to use read-me way to show the whole story line and a special way to retell the story through screen in order to commemorating the good times and unforgettable experience during this special period in his life.

    First of all, the style of this film which we call "small fresh" is still very popular today and become a trend in China. No matter "small fresh" is as an ideal of life, or as personal vision of a better mood, "small fresh" is always exiting with the characteristics of natural, simple, quiet, freedom and happy. The name of film is You are the apple of my eye, which give information that Ke Jingteng and Shen Jiayi, regarding each other as the most lovely and important person in life. Apple is sweet but could be sour; it is just like the youth. There are many regrettable things of youth but they are still the precious person for each other. We cannot deny that friendship is an important clue linked this film. For Ke Jingteng, Shen Jiayi is the positive energy for him, helped him to improve his studies and also encouraged him to became a real man. They seemed like good friends but inside their bottom of hearts, there are emotions beyond friendship.

    Actually, "friend" is a fantastic word; it will always tie people with their intellect and emotions when they face some problem in life. Ke knew that three of his friends have also like Shen, maybe once he expresses the true feelings, their friendship will be destroyed. In our society, between love and friendship, it is often difficult to make a choice and we are not allowed to get both at the same time in many special situations. There are only four results at last, no love but friendship or no friendship but love, both or neither. Ke took care of Shen and finally told her his feelings, but he did not want to get the answer from her. He wanted to keep the relationship with his friends but he also really afraid of being rejected by Shen. On the contrary, for Shen Jiayi, first love is fantastic. She has also liked Ke but in her opinion, this first love between them will become the most precious things in life, she wanted to keep it in memory and hope it will not be changed by time. Nowadays, when two people really be together, many initial emotion will disappear. First love is like the blooming flowers, even as beautiful as the rising sun, it is unforgettable and pure. Shen felt happy enough about the time they spent together, she did not say "Yes" to Ke but told him instead, "In the parallel time and space, we have already being together."

    Secondly, from the aspect about cinematic technique, each image is taken pastel colors and all the colors are fresh, bright and beautiful in order to adding up the lightness for the whole film. In particular, sunny day is the basic environment of the whole film which means in this story, most of the time is very happy for Ke. Sunshine can always represent the best period of age in people's life, especially the age of eighteen, people own pure friendship and pure love, the color of sunlight is yellow or orange which gives us the feeling of warm and happiness. For example, when all of the characters went to the beach and had a great fun in a summer time, sunlight irradiated on their smiling face, every image can be a good picture in our mind; Also, when Ke Jingteng imagined that he is the bridegroom in Sheng Jiayi's wedding and kissed the bride, the sunlight is filled up with the room. There is a image which i still remember, both Ke and Shen wrote down their wishes on the lantern and flied it to the sky, the background was dim which brought out the only color of bright orange from the flying lantern. This is a perfect part to give deep impression to audiences. We can understand that each of these scenes is precious memory for Ko, sunlight represents the first love, and it can always give the warm feelings for everyone. So whenever we see every scene with sunshine, it is beautiful and we will receive cheerful mood along with them.

    To my mind, it is a very simple and funny story, but easy to remain us those special and interesting times in our life which make this film successful. I really enjoy watching it and also moved from it. Youth is like a heavy rain, even though it is easy to get cold, we still looking forward to going back and poured by it again. Finally, Ke has the friendship forever and most importantly, he owns a pure love from a girl and those wonderful memories.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the best coming-of-age films that I've watched! Set in Changhua county in Taiwan, it's full of local flavour, yet contains themes that most of us can identify with. (Perhaps not Westerners, but Asians certainly.) There's the smart and pretty girl whom all the guys have a crush on. One of them gets her attention by lending her his English textbook, and accepts punishment for having forgotten to bring it. A friendship springs up from there; to return the favour, she helps him with his schoolwork, and he studies hard to prove his capability. After high school, they all go to separate universities and he continues pursuing her. A silly quarrel ends things and heartache ensues.

    I love how the film captures all the ups and downs of adolescent love, and from the perspectives of both sides too. Its charm lies in the details - from splashing around in the sea and talking about their aspirations as a group, to the young couple walking the railway tracks and releasing a sky lantern with their wishes written on it. There are sad moments too, but the movie ends on a high note with the friends reminiscing on the past but also celebrating the present. This is nicely captured in the Mandarin title, 那些年我们一起追得女孩, which roughly translates as "the girl we pursued together in bygone days". So much better than "You are the Apple of My Eye"!
  • hasnarb5 January 2017
    This entire movie is just too beautiful. It is funny, heart- touching, tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, sad, bittersweet, or whatever you call it, it practically has everything inside. You're The Apple of My Eye is, hands down, one of my favorite romance movies of all time.

    This relates a lot to the the life of adolescences, especially those in high school who are still confused about their own feelings. The story reflects a lot with real life, that's why the progress of the story is very easy to follow as we can relate a lot to the story. It portrays the beauty and innocence of love in teenage days, and I feel nostalgic while watching it. My heart just feels warm.

    Although some people might be uncomfortable with the a little scene of explicit nudism (in which I feel uncomfortable watching it, too) the essence of the story pretty much covers them up. 10/10.
  • This is my first time to leave my remark on IMDb, so don't expect too much!! As a Chinese, I understand each of the hidden laugh points inside this movie and can deeply relate myself to it as it really reflects most people's memory when they were young or when they were in senior high school, which is amazing for a movie to do so. Plus, the reason why I said it is a must see movie lies on its plot , it is really well-prepared and designed,as is totally based on the director's own story, which is more closely to our daily life. Last, I am going to stop writing and watch this movie again. Just the moment I clicked the button to submit , I was told the remark didn't reach the minimum lines required by IMDb,after typing down this one here now, I guess I can do it now. LOL
  • It's a story about growing as a Taiwanese student, studying for exams and finding love and experiences with friends. But the story seems too real and uninteresting to be made into a movie. I remembered my high school days to be much more interesting then this movie.

    This movie is pretty much a love story where nothing happens. Also it wasn't funny. The movie has a lot of male nude scenes and masturbation jokes, which sadly was confusing as to why it was put in the movie. I often found myself looking at my girlfriend asking is that suppose to be funny??

    The only things I enjoyed about this movie, were the camera angles. I felt the film did have a great cinematographer, also the music was fairly good. The story was just not compelling enough.

    I would pass on this movie, save yourself 1hr 40 minutes and watch something else.
  • alij-346412 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is copied of movie (2009) 500 days of romance
  • poohduck726 March 2012
    The movie was not well made. I had high expectations after watching Secrets by Jay Chou. Since this movie was invested by his company, to be honest I was expecting a little more right off the bat.

    There are some funny scenes occasionally, but overall it wasn't that funny. Everyone has a different sense of humor. Guess this wasn't one of my favorite ones. I think this movie might be in the same category as 21 Jump Street of 2012, but 21 Jump Street was so much funnier.

    Throughout the movie, I also found myself wondering when is the climax. Since it is not quite a comedy, I was expecting to see some kind of a plot. The movie was meant to be a comedy, but it wasn't quite a success. Finally, hate to say it, I just feel like there are better ones out there. I was expecting something better.
  • this is a typical Korean romcom with fresh touch. its amazing how Koreans implement their kick ass super funny ideas in pg13 movie. of course it changes its course to drama in middle and before it starts boring you it gets back on track. direction and story are great, acting is nice, and overall feel of the movie is such that it after seeing it, it doesn't go into regular Korean romcom category. it stands out of it with a distinctly new spark. recommended for every teenager. love, friendship, life, and being cool n stupid at the same time. even if you don't like Korean cinema or bored of watching similar once this movie has some fresh offerings. watch it with your best friend on a Sunday.
  • Wooow !! I can't describe in words what I experienced while watching this film and afterwards. I am literally in a shock. Great story, great cast, an amazing lead character. I mean, the lead male in this movie did something which is unbelievable. An effortless, rocking performance. I am in love with his character. As the movie says, not all the efforts are done to be acknowledged. This truly makes sense. You just have to watch this movie. The lone wolf character portrayed here is awesome. This movie will make a lasting impression on your heart. Believe it!