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  • Imagine all the worst chick flicks produced and extract the worst moments and you get close to The Coalition; it almost has a plot, it is full of stereo types and shallow individuals and is more about attitude than substance. Some rotten tomatoes needed for the producers of this trivial piece. It is your classic good girl meets insensitive guy who is also a player story, There is so many girls getting it on with various men that it is not possible to keep up with which sassy character is linked with which stereotypical player. The men treat the women like objects, the women treat each other like objects and think of the men as suppliers. I am living in a place that is famous for the way it treats its ladies but if this posturing piece of trivia represents anyones real life we may as well turn out the lights on humanity... needless to say I don't like it :)
  • It was a really good movie about revenge. even though no one was gunned down and they had no epic sword battles, it still was a good revenge flick.

    What was good about it was how leveled the revenge was. the movie was about a group of girls getting revenge on a group of guys who have been playing them, but as the movie unravels you get the feeling the guys did not deserve the full vengeance they received, because by hurting them a lot of other people got hurt. Yet it gave me great pleasure to see them get with they deserved, because I do like a well played revenge story.

    The film making was very slick and polished and kind of looked like a well done R&B video, which fits the night club setting of the movie. The film was well written and well acted. It brings the drama instead of the melodrama. I'm glad I picked it up.
  • An example of boys and girls who were not raised right. I understand that they are adults in the movie, but they act like children. Especially the men who chased every woman they saw. They lack morals and character. Not all of the characters, but some. When you chase women and men in clubs you get what you pay for. These women were just as damaged as the men. The delivery guy turned out to be the good guy. It proves that real women and men just want honesty. This movie had so many stereotypes, like all men are dogs. Some men are dogs, but not all. It shows that everyone, man and woman should do some research before we date someone. I was disappointed that the characters were so shallow and lacked depth.
  • Stellar acting, engaging story-telling, and an intellectually challenging perspective into a lifestyle few may ever encounter, this movie will redefine for the viewer what it means to be human. Thanks to the magnificent vision of its producers and director, the humanity on display is nothing short of a spiritual powerhouse. What does it mean to love the unobtainable? What are the limits of a brotherhood that transcends socio- economic status? Why must bros be before hoes or hoes before bros? This movie will leave you questioning the existence of God, certainly longing for more. In short, imagine somebody thought VH1's Basketball Wives wasn't scripted enough and instead of writing a scripted reality TV series, wrote a scripted movie based on reality. This is the genius that lies within "The Coalition."

    I also deducted one star because I disagreed with Dallas's double chin.
  • usothirsty12 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Great movie! Very entertaining with a twist. The men and women were a pleasure to look at. The movie was funny as well. Great cast and the acting was very good. One of my favorite movies. I hope to see these actors in other movies. I really like Autum, never seen her in movies before but she would be great starring in bigger movies. All of the men were gorgeous, very sexy and excellent actors. I would definitely like to see them in other movies, especially JR Rimirez and Eddie Goines. Speaking of Eddie I enjoyed the date and love scene with Skylar. It was romantic. Shanti Lowery is such a beauty. Carnegie was my leas favorite on the show but she made me laugh when she got on Dallas.
  • I love this movie because, it reflects reality. There are people that play games with each others emotions and there are people that are obsessive. So I enjoyed the movie very much. actors and actresses are sexy ad beautiful. e soundtrack was excellent. I recommend this flick to any female that need a dose of reality. At first I thought this film was going to be whack, especially the fact that I am not a chick flick person because I don't believe in sappy romance. I enjoyed this one because it was a mixter of romance, great sex, heartbreak, friendship bond, revenge, regret, and love. I sure would like to see the actors and actresses in other similar films.