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  • MehdiKhani6 July 2012
    "Silver Gardens " to me was all about expanding the borders of storytelling. Going beyond the usual ways of telling a story and at the same time saving the movie from looking too grotesque. The challenge was to tell a big story with a lot of details in a short time without losing any of the exciting elements in the limitations of the production. I never want my story to reveal everything it has in one glance. There must be a deeper quality in an artwork. The movie must challenge audience's mind and allow them to have a never-ending enjoyment. The magic happens when different understandings from the work (both in form and content) allow the audience to grow within the movie. Cinema is an accomplished form of art. Yes, it is one of the youngest arts and it is accomplished because it is the combination of all of the other arts. Every form of art changes by time. And if you want to know how much cinema could change in the future, have a look at the history and the evolution of the other arts. To me as an emerging film director that is the most exciting thing about filmmaking. I am always very passionate about using different kinds of high arts in my movie. So Silver Gardens is about everything that I like. Silver Gardens is the result of the work of over 50 people who committed to this project with zero payment. I believe what attracted their attention at the very first place was a mutual pain that anyone who has spent his life to master an art has felt and experienced. A pain that affects every aspect of an artist's life and it certainly expands to a level beyond just an unsuccessful attempt for learning something or a common desire for fame and fortune. Silver gardens is the story of the struggle between emotions, dreams, and the harsh reality. It is about putting all of your money (your life) in a roulette (being an artist) and watching it spin while insensitive people mock you. It is about falling and then rising. It is about walking toward the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how insecure you will feel. It is about clearing your mind from the negativities and taking punches without letting them affect your will. It is about overcoming depression and rejection, owning your destiny and mustering up the courage to fight for what you want.

    Writer And Director, Mehdi Khani.