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  • This movie is so garbage it's not worth a real review, don't waste your time. I saw RZA and my heart dropped. Saw the movie and was exactly what I expected, despite hoping for the best. To RZA- stay with the beats, or movies that take place solely in the Bronx, since he can't even lose his SUPER ghetto accent when being paid. This was ALMOST as bad as a blind martial arts master with a Bronx accent from feudal Japan. STOP MAKING MOVIES RZA! I can't even think of a single good thing to say about the movie, even though I need to fill 10 lines of text to post this freaking review. I can see why one hadn't been made yet, I feel as though it would have been better spent doing anything, up to and including inpatient surgery.
  • Watched this movie with a friend and we both thought it was worth a bucket of popcorn and the 1.5 hours. Is it academy award winning material? Absolutely not. Is the storyline new or innovative. Again, no. However, I thought Luke Goss had good screen presence and to see RZA continue to branch out of his music origins is a welcome sight. A previous reviewer focused on RZA's poor acting skills. I didn't see that. This is his 3rd movie that I have seen and I see him getting better. I must state that Bokeem Woodbine's character was unimpressive. He tried to do the 'hard/killer' roll and it fell flat. With all that said I suggest to take a chance and have a look see. You won't be blown away but you won't be disappointed either.
  • This movie is worth a watch, neglect my 5 rating. Here's why:

    I really liked camera work. Good cameras were used for this movie and really good cameramen. It's really nice to watch.

    Luke Goss was pretty good in this movie. He's good at playing tough guys. But there were a few other actors that were not that good.

    The story is not very good, but it's OK. It's not fast paced, but still pretty intense. However sometimes it's hard to understand what's happening.

    There's a lot of thing happening in this movie, so it's quite hard to predict what's going to happen next.

    On overall it's an OK movie and it's the first movie I have seen with Luke Goss. I really liked him, so I'm planning to watch a few more movies with him ;)
  • Writers put many irrelevant things things in this movie to make it a torture. Unnecessary action. What was Conrad Miller doing in those motels and even if he had entered a wrong motel, why writers engaged him in freeing the slave girls & killing the human - traffickers plus arresting a cop too?. What was connection of these events with containing secret government information by Conrad Miller which he was alleged to have sold to Russians or other buyers? What was the need to involve an AWOL officer into Municipal Law things (Police / slave girls / human smugglers)? If Laura Wilder was a Russian agent and Conrad Miller, an American Agent and they were a married couple and both a spy of enemy countries? Then what a pathetic outcome of the movie was? Writer mixed many things up and viewer is far from getting near to it what was going in the movie.

    I saw many Action movies, spy movies, army officers movies but this was the most terrible and unpleasant experience for me. Torture for a viewer. Waste of time & money. Pathetic plot, characters and events poorly connected with each other, result-less events in the movie & real thing- fate of an AWOL left almost unattended?

    You really don't believe that movie has ended when it ends on screen. Pathtic & absurd.
  • "This will all be over with soon." Conrad Miller (Goss) is a marine in possession of classified government information. When he leaves his post to investigate what he has many people are upset. Now, he is not only trying to evade the CIA, but the LAPD, a Russian agent and an assassin who not only want the information for themselves, but him dead as well. I thought this was actually better than I was expecting it to be. Most of these action B-movies are identical and formulaic. While I can't say this one wasn't I will say it was entertaining enough to keep me watching. Luke Goss is a good choice for this genre of action but even he can't make a movie like this better than it really is. The movie itself is entertaining and I have seen much worse, but its really nothing amazing or anything to rush out and see. Overall, entertaining enough but really is the kind of movie to just put in and veg out to without having to really think. I give this a B-.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I knew something was wrong when the highly professional "cleaner" - i.e. hitman - pretended to be looking for a lost dog - he even carried a dog lead - as a way of overhearing a conversation between people near a boat that told him where his target was, and as he walked away from the boat he threw the dog-lead away. That immediately told the people he wasn't actually looking for a lost dog. Stupid plot hole.

    And then minutes later some bad guy pulls a gun on a guy so I'm thinking "OK, shoot him now" - which is what any bad guy would actually do. But no, he walks right up to the good guy, and presses the end of the gun to his forehead. Obvious what would happen next. Stupid plot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Conrad Miller (Luke Goss) is AWOL and has the local police and Russians looking for him. He is aided and abetted by his girlfriend Laura (Heather Roop) while the police (RZA) are looking for him.

    This is a film that is all over the place as the reason why everyone wants Conrad is a mystery as well as what he is up to. We know he has bad dreams and gets PTSD sex from a beautiful woman. The individual scenes were good, but the plot is loosely constructed and even when we find out what is going on, it is still a big "huh?"

    PLOT SPOILER It is an odd film where our heroes betray the American government. I was a bit dumbfounded.

    Guide: F-bomb. sex. No nudity.
  • This movie was so pathetic!! The acting was so terrible!! The only person who deserves just a bit of credit here is Conrad, and that's just a little. This movie was as awful as the acting of the detective and the pregnant wife's "girl friends". I would never advise anyone to watch this pathetic movie! It also contains an element of amateurism. It was really bad. I swear you picked the actors from a super market in some town! DO NOT WASTE YOUUR TIME! CANT BELIEVE I WASTED MINE. I DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE GOOD THING TO SAY ABOUT THIS MOVIE! PATHETIC! As for the script... I DO NOT EVEN WANT TO BEGIN TO MENTION WHAT I THINK OF THE STORYLINE!!
  • For God's Sake !! Another above average movie about terrorists, where is the creativity of movie makers? I even don't know why I lose my time watching this movie. In fact, I didn't watch it all, but what I see was enough... The movie is absolutely predictable, the good guy has some problems, but at the end he (presumably, i did not see) overcomes all of of them. It is an action movie, with the typical more of the same approach. Perhaps the best quality of the movie is that it is short, the suffering is not so prolonged. So here am I losing more time with it. Simply said, this movie belongs to the category "avoid like the plague"
  • joshuabenhaggai10 September 2015
    A lot of good actors end up carrying films like this. Sometimes they hit on a good one, with a good budget. I think it's just a matter of the popularity of the actor. Tony Jaa in the protector for example. His martial arts and acting was a lot better than in Furious 7. Heat with Robert De Niro was all star and therefor a hit. The expendables exception. Too many actors competing.Jason Statham is very popular but Crank(either one) was lousy. Luke Goss, although a good actor, seems to get canceled out when playing next to a better known tough guy even if it's a lousy movie. Popularity or just not being well known enough. What would happen if you threw in say Jason Statham instead of RAZ? Might be even, might not. Would be better though, but try getting a hold of Jason and your budget go'es up 50%. Altogether i give i give this one a 7 only because i watch movies depending on the actor who's in it. By the way, i've never even heard of RAZ until this movie.