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  • Sylvain((Pascal Cervo)is the manager of small theater which is about to go out of business.He works in the cinema as a projectionist and cashier and lives in the basement.Each night after the final screening Sylvain turns into vicious serial killer and stalks and stabs to death prostitutes and other unlucky women."Last Screening" by Laurent Achard is a pretty disturbing French horror thriller with some disturbing and detached murders.The performance of Pascal Cervo is quite believable and the storyline is quite absorbing albeit little bit repetitive.Still if you are a fan of Bruno Dumont's cinema or "Angst"(1983)you may give this one a look.7 hooded serial killers out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One more time, I went to see a little french film that hesitates between drama and horror. The weird tale of a small cinema theatre manager who sinks into madness when the owner - his boss - announces him that the cinema will definitely close. The young manager is in love with the theatre and all the souvenirs hidden in the basement; a small room where he keeps many pictures of his mother, who committed suicide when he was a child. A journey into hell for our lead, who becomes a serial killer, just because he is in deep traumatic shock of all this. The souvenirs of his dead mother that will be lost...

    A genuine downbeat, strange and very depressing story that deserves to be seen. But unfortunately, many things look no realistic at all, far too superficial. I can't really explain...

    Weird, very weird. The way of filming with static shots remind some of Bruno Dumont's films such as L'HUMANITE.

    The new wave touch I guess...From time to time, it's not disagreeable. But only from time to time.