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  • ABBA Voyage must be seen to be believed. I was skeptical going in but the whole experience was mind blowing in all the best ways. Over a week later and I'm still processing it. I think I would have to see it at least two more times to truly take in all there is to see. I wasn't a huge fan of the animated sequences but they do give a nice breather to make you appreciate when all 4 are on stage. Absolutely worth the trip.
  • ABBA - Voyage

    Put together 4 pop stars in their 70's in a studio and let them relive their glittering past by singer and performing the songs they love. Not only had they kept their musical skills and love of performing, they rekindled their self evident joy of being together and gratitude for there sheer luck in life.

    For the fans they decided to just morph their physical representation, this was not a denial of the ageing process, more a celebration of what they considered to be their appeal and essence above and beyond the music. These avatars were overlaid preserving the concert atmosphere and emotional intensity of the performance.

    It was quite frankly fabulous from start to finish, a must see, you just accepted the presented reality and enjoyed the concert.

    This was a 10 outta 10 from me.
  • It was so special and so cool to see them on stage like this, it was like they were actually there and it was PERFECT... The smart use of lights and mirrors and screens was so imaginative, special and helps to get you in the classic ABBA mood!! GO SEE IT NOWWWW.