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  • lor_5 December 2017
    "Fresh" is perhaps the worst of a dozen or so features Nick Steele shot independently in the middle of this century's first decade, after his highly successful movies for Adam & Eve. I don't know what sort of distribution they received at the time, but they were all given wide exposure by Bluebird Films (under the banner "Sensations" reserved for Steele vault items) around 2011, after Nick scored hits with "porn- parodies" for that British distributor.

    Title is the name of an advertising agency run by Derrick Pierce and Gia Paloma, but the scenes are carelessly knitted together around the skimpy premise of Gia planning to leave the company and go off with Joey Ray.

    Steele seems obsessed with motorcycles in this project, not only used as part of the ad campaign being created for the agency's client to hawk vehicle parts, but with frequent interstitial scenes of Pierce riding his hog, or perhaps a stunt double hiding under his helmet. Sex scenes are desultory, though Gia gives it her all heading up a C-list supporting cast of femmes.