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  • The original American Choppers was an outstanding show which focused on creating custom motorcycles and displayed a vibrant family dynamic. The creative process was fascinating to watch and the actual machine shop work always interesting. Unfortunately, this version concentrates on the feud between father and son, with their competing shops the center of the turmoil. The arguments and disagreements in the first series have become pure soap opera reality junk. This is Kendra On Top and Cutting It In the ATL with motorcycles parked in the background. It is unpleasant to watch this nastiness and not at all interesting. In fact, it's a downright painful program now and I avoid it at all costs.
  • Reality shows today are really just extra low budget, poorly scripted soap operas of the past. Very few American reality shows are aired here in Japan, for the very fact that they make people too uncomfortable. This is one of the few that is aired in Japan due primarily to the popularity yet rarity of custom motorcycles amongst some people in Japan, but not because it is quality programming. This television series could probably expand their audience considerably, worldwide, if it toned down the incessant, yet petty, bickering, whining, and constant tantrums that turn so many away from typical reality shows.

    Due to is popularity, and given that the standard reality show "tantrum TV" format has become so worn out, one would think this show would try a different approach--maybe a few more vintage, or classic bikes--but instead repackaged the show under a new name that focuses less on bikes, and more on petty bickering.
  • Tak00530 October 2018
    Supposedly the competition between father and son whilst building motorcycles. The construction of the bikes is just a minor backdrop to what effectively is a soap opera between the parties. If you like shows about bikes etc..give this a miss.