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  • tanisha-3327 January 2015
    Hmmm... I'm not sure how I felt about this movie. Original, that's for sure. But, I couldn't help but feel as if the whole movie was dishevelled. I know it was supposed to be a character development but, you had the sense that there were too much of it. It took too long to get to why these people were there. And by the time I got there, I just didn't care much for it. The movie was starting to get on my nerve. And the ending, left a bad taste in my mouth. It felt unfinished. And it's unfortunate. I get where they wanted to go with their idea but, it just fell flat. I wanted to be amazed, and it ended up being "meh". Also, what the heck happened to the first guy?!
  • The visual imagery of this film is stunning, the acting is fantastic, and the story was gripping - all wrapped up with an ending that was not expected.

    The way the back stories of the various characters were interlaced with their current situations allowed you to completely understand how they found themselves in the places they were in, and as the overall story line was allowed to blossom, you were let in on secret after secret until you could see the entire picture!! Occasionally terrifying and continually gripping, the overall result was very well done and is something I will seek out to see again.
  • A stylish, violent horror done on a tight budget. 'Wrath of the Crows' contains some decent effects and coupled with a relatively interesting story (but the crows in the title hardly feature, so is somewhat misleading). This movie would be easily dismissed by some but i'd give it a watch and a fair chance.
  • I read the other reviews and I can only conclude that apparently we didn't see the same movie. Or maybe all the positive reviews are just from people that were involved in this movie and therefor they won't write an honest review. Because let's be honest, this movie sucks. I've seen thousands of movies in my lifetime and this one is certainly not one I will remember as excellent. I will just remember the amount of gory details because they were pretty graphic. I have no problem with that at all, because that's what you expect when you watch a slasher movie but the acting was just not good enough. Some characters were in fact really annoying. The story could have been much better if better executed. All in all I was struggling to make it till the end. That's how boring it was...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That's all I could think of while struggling to get to the end of this mess.

    Movie starts with several random prisoners in what looks like a medieval type of dungeon. Simple steel cages with straw for bedding. One of the prisoners finds a white sash tied to the bars of his cell which apparently means that he has a chance of being set free if he can pass some kind of test.

    The test is a sadistic torture sequence at the hands of what are eerily represented as Eastern European prison guards. After they torture him, they let him run off to see if he can escape with a rabid human let loose after him. As it turns out he wasn't fast enough, so the result is they catch him again and rip all his teeth out with pliers before returning him to his cell perhaps to bleed to death as from memory that was his last appearance. Charming stuff.

    Through various flashback sequences we learn that all these prisoners are there as the result of very violent crimes they committed. One day they notice a new prisoner but none of them saw her arrive and she's certainly not like any prisoner they have seen before. She arouses the male prisoners and gets under the skin of the female prisoners, and they start referring to her as a witch.

    As the movie progresses, it starts to become clear that this new inmate is not what she seems. A female prisoner manages to throw a blade at her getting her in the neck but she doesn't die, and she seems to know too much about everybody else there. Another prisoner who appears to be a trustee, is doing his rounds and collecting the meal spoons. He starts to go nuts when he realises one is missing and via another flashback this guy, who's called "spooney", loves to gouge out women's eyes with large spoons and then eat them.

    The whole thing just statically jumps from one mindless brutal scene to the next as this new girl kills one of the prison guards with her bare hands and kills one of the male inmates after getting frisky with him for no other reason other than wanting his soul. It then starts to become clear what this is all about.

    Turns out this really isn't a prison as such, it's purgatory, so basically they have a chance to redeem themselves and have their souls end up in a positive afterlife or their souls are collected and they are forever damned. Some of the prisoners who end up killed, (again, I guess), wake up in their cell feeling empty. In the cell opposite is a blackened version of them with glowing eyes and this is supposed to represent their black souls. A blind medieval monk explains to them what they are there for and that they are not to re-bond with their souls. 2 female prisoners do just that anyway, they try to escape, are re-captured and killed for their trouble.

    One of the prisoners manages to redeem himself by praying to god for forgiveness just prior to being killed by another prisoner, so apparently his soul is lost to them forever which manages to upset the witch just a tad, but with everyone else dead and their souls now pretty much useless it's a kind of "c'est la vie" moment as more souls are on their way soon.

    To say that I hated this movie is an understatement. I didn't know much about this when I picked it up and thought that the movie would head in a different direction than what it did. This isn't well written or well acted and it's nothing more than a sick snuff film. Violence and brutality just for the sake of it isn't entertainment. OK, for the sake of argument, these people are in prison or purgatory for committing very violet crimes and Hell is probably where they need to end up, but this is just trash. The source material is amazing and there is so much you could do with a tale of purgatory, but this was just a cheap, nasty flick that didn't the need copious amounts of gore and suffering to drive home a point. It's the same reason I hated the Saw and Hostel movies, the story and characters end up taking a back seat to the brutality as the makers of such rubbish believe that excessive violence will cover up any holes in the acting, writing or the plot.

    The fact that Fangoria writes positively about this movie highlights just how far they have fallen from endorsing good horror movies, and will now praise anything that has bucket loads of blood whether it makes any sense or not. Give this a total miss.
  • minblack7 May 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the best independent movie I ever saw. I was at the premiere and must say that I was impressed. So well wrapped, such a mysterious atmosphere. Well directed, with an astonishing use of lights and photography. And the actors were all so good. The passion of Brian Fortune, the madness of John Game, the cruelty of Michael Segal, the humanity of Matteo Tosi, the ferocity of Giuseppe Gobbato, the lust of Domiziano Arcangeli, the drama of Tara Cardinal, the unpredictability of Emanuele Cerman, the innocence of Suzi Lorraine, the fury of Debbie Rochon, the deadly sensuality of Tiffany Shepis, the mysteriousness of Gerry Shanahan. Ivan Zuccon did a very good job. Hope this movie will have the success it deserves and hope To see this Italian director behind camera soon.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had the chance to catch the Premier of "Wrath of the Crows" and was blown away by how big the movie turned out! It didn't feel condensed or showed in any way or form that it had a small budget (typical Independent film)! It has Action, Horror, Suspense, Amazing Visuals, great camera work, Amazing cast and one original story with a very unique twist towards the end! Not a lot of horrors will touch what is beyond the known and go that extra mile of Originality, But this movie sure did! Dealing with the spiritual world that is similar to our reality but in a different dimension.

    When given a chance, check out this movie and you will see what I mean! You will be amazed by its story telling! and if you are a Tara Cardinal fan such as myself... It is definitely worth the watch to see this amazingly multi-talented Actress showcase her range and epic character performance! This Film is a horror film so be warned that it will contain a lot of blood and such! But in the end, it is one rare entertaining movie! 9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This intriguing supernatural horror hits the ground running from the opening moments and doesn't let up until the final credits have finished rolling. In a lengthy pre-credit sequence, we are made familiar with the inmates of an unspecified Gothic prison where a character called Skinny is being tortured by two perennial guards. The rules seem to be set for what is to come: people who have been brutally sinful in life are taken away and maimed and killed brutally. After we are introduced to the motley crew of prisoners – a new inmate arrives.

    'Princess' is an intriguing, enigmatic character, played with brilliant intensity and sensuality by Tiffany Shepis. At times it seems she could be more than human, a saviour, or a witch. At one moment, she appears to have been killed, but after a period of self-healing, transcends death. Is she just another prisoner, or is she somehow in league with the Eastern European sadists who act as prison officers? Certainly they seem in awe of her, even afraid. Or is her position above them? Each inmate's former crimes are investigated in flashback, until ultimately, we (kind of) learn who (or what) Princess is, and what is her relationship to the blind Charlie (Gerry Shanahan). When they come, the explanations are ambiguous all round, to say the least.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. It has a compelling story to tell, and wastes no time in telling it. The direction is wonderfully creepy (cameras linger lovingly over rusted, dirty surroundings or fast-track across forbidding skies underlining the sense of bleakness). There are plenty of gory moments for those who enjoy such things, although a lot of the violence is there seemingly for the sake of it – the comically vile character of Spoon (Emanuele Cerman), for example, has little to do with the overall structure, but is no less enjoyable because of that. The ending, which threads its way through even the end titles, suggests that the narrative is ongoing and will continue as long as evil exists in humanity, which indicates the stark prison cells will never be empty. Such whirlwind pacing right up until the end does leave the viewer wondering exactly what they have just witnessed, but (for me at least) in an appreciative way, and a way that invites moments from the film to linger in the mind long afterwards.
  • Most seasoned horror movie fans know the scenario, you visit your local DVD provider, scan the racks for something half decent,pick up something with a lurid and enticing cover, only to discover within minutes of putting it in the player, that it is another incompetent amateur crapfest. My heart literally sank in my chest when after the obligatory production company logo flashed across the screen, I was confronted with badly lit, badly shot, badly acted and badly scripted opening scene. Things don't improve after either, characters speak with different accents,the attempts at drama are laughable and the cameraman seems drunk.There are bucketloads of blood splashed on the screen during its runtine , but thats of scant reward when there's nothing going on of interest, entertainment value or competence before or after the gore. Don t let the cool artwork or interesting premise lure you in. Save yourself an hour and half of your life and avoid this dud.
  • This came out in 2013. It's 2016 now. This is nothing but a piece of soft porn peddling itself as, not a great movie, but a POS movie. No.1 -- the movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities, No. 2, all of the actors were obviously rejected for their last 20 movie auditions, and 3) the scriptwriter quite possibly wrote this while on drugs, not anything anyone in the sane world might appreciate. Just skip over it, and pray that everyone involved with this piece of garbage went on to find a higher calling in life. There is not a single scene where you feel ANY empathy for the characters present while there are plenty of scenes where you say, "HARSH, that person wasn't so bad" from it!!! The power of Christ commands you!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Had the privilege to be invited to the Red Carpet's screening of a new Horror, the psychological thriller "Wrath of the Crows". Wasn't expecting anything like it, and, like others, i must state here, had seen a trailer i thought somewhat deceiving, without justice made to a film nevertheless pretty much anything, but, never an exploitative genre film, rather a dark drama, a psychological and visionary consideration, shot with splendid cinematography, always haunting and gripping, without ever resembling anything you'd see at the Grindhouse, or in another Horror films,think of Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, Uwe Boll or even down to the Asylum, or to Lloyd Kaufman, for example, who may be a very clever and humorous man, but, definitely, not a great seeker, nor a very open minded filmmaker, rather, just the mirror of an industry that's always been put at the fine borderline that lays in between Art and pornography, between products, either conceived by great directors, re-interpreting the Genre(think of Polanski in "Repulsion", "Rosemary's",etc., Kubrick with "The Shining", Friedkin, Bergman, Roeg, Bunuel, Ozu, Clayton, Frankenheimer, or more recently,others like Medem, Ozon, Adrian Lyne, Almodovar, Soderbergh and Von Trier, of course, with the strong "Antichrist"or Haneke in "Funny Games")or by "people", without many expectations or virtues, aside making the usual quick low budget's, cash in, shake, and, re-start all over again, with mostly forgettable results, ultimately, provoking what's happened to a whole Genre, which has been suffering, always like suspended in a misconception, that's grossed out many and engaged others! There's no right or wrong, some could say they like only greater Cinema, others instead could enjoy bad taste and provocations that many like myself feel more of the 1960's/1970's, but today seem trite and plain shabby. To each their own, i guess! But, it is so rare to see an original film, and,let's face it, it is extremely rare to see an Horror film, that breaks all rules with greater skills, such as some personal story telling, a precise and vibrant, driven visual style, and, a profound search and devotion fencing, without fears, most superstitions, presenting an audience, with a show daring to introduce us to the verge of a mysterious, unraveling darkness, coming directly from the mind! Talented, true virtuoso, Italian filmmaker (he writes, produces, photographs, cuts his movies!)Ivan Zuccon is indeed a surprise himself for me, and, for many of those who saw his enigmatic, but, splendid, somber yet powerful, "Wrath of the Crows",the other night in Hollywood, leaving pretty much everyone, at the end of the projection, like under a spell! I am not saying that this work is flawless, but, with ambiguity and with scenes, at times, virtually unexplained and seemingly coming out of a nightmare, drives us all inside a rabid madness and really does conquer fear from the interiors, using with nonchalance, a thought provoking, emotional tone of discovery, featuring pessimistic hallucinations, over a succession of alternating and troubling, incessant flashes, where the fine line between evil and good may be drawn, making us question whether its immoral conclusion was maybe already impairing our final judgment! Through an always fascinating array of arresting and vivid images, at times dreamy, at times much more painfully real, like the horror devouring all principal characters, the movie is extending, stretching not credibility, but, simply living with us, a surreal, yet never impossible path: a walk through existence, love, death, addiction, sickness, religions and faith, injustice, even a complete, utterly penetrating, reconstruction of the after life, with a clarity not made accessible to everyone, but able to interest even the agnostic's. Zuccon, always extremely well served by stories that feel real, thanks to the good use of some great actors, does not leave us ever breathing for a single moment! The acting certainly was another winning point: was mostly impressed by all British players, all truly exceptionally believable, and, in particular, Brian Fortune and,newcomer John Game, who both are able to almost create singular elements of introspection out of the reveal of their characters! And, then, Domiziano Arcangeli, who is another example himself of life and paradox, finds here another occasion, not limiting his extremely unique face and his burning glare to a provocative image, but, that adds up to a playful and painful game, portraying a dilemma that spawns over existence, solitude, addictions, murders, revealing how a sense of self awareness can break into despair even the most sarcastic, harsh and distant aloofness, while, his hidden frailty is rather at the very helm of his irremediably wounded, tragic persona. More surprises were delivered by all lead characters, a full cast of scream queens, all so perfectly "non screaming" (aside, from Tiffany Shepis, revealing and sexy costume, that ends up becoming too much of a concession to the non sublime, and, to interfere with her powerful performance, some of her best work to date!) but sensitively working on building up their corrupted characters with earnest dramatic qualities, recreating emblematic dark ladies,also conveying a disturbing impression over the meanings of abuse, nailing, completely, the different ways it gets in the middle of happiness and redemption. A chilling, bewildering movie introducing, so convincingly, some impressive thoughts over destiny and after life, rarely discussed elsewhere,and, an impressive wave of humanity tragically anchored to repress, hopelessly, their heavy contradictions, facing life and death, within the repercussions of a present that's here re-enacted as envisioned by the mind of a true artist, and, this was truly the best surprise of the evening, for me!
  • I struggle greatly with reading reviews on IMDB. The ones that rip movies to shreds are almost always filled with false equivalencies, foolish comparisons, and outright blatantly subjective snobbery. On the other hand, the "perfect 10" reviews are often just as misguided, though they number far less than the former. Most of what I watch these days is independent horror, and without fail, there is at least one review on even decently-average flicks that claims it is the worst movie ever made. There are certainly some indie horror movies out there where this is the case, or at least could have an argument made to such a claim, but by in large, what the heck to people expect from independent cinema? This is where I think so many reviewers get it wrong; the approach to independent movies is all wrong and is used in comparison to the best of indie cinema, when in fact, a movie should be judged solely on its merits, without comparison to another, unless there is some red thread (eg same director, actors, etc).

    That said, Wrath Of the Crows is DEFINITELY not as bad as many reviews make it out. I found the story to be unique and original - the synopses does no justice to the actual scenarios and result. I didn't realize there was such a connection to the occult when I originally read the plot, but was pleasantly surprised to reach the conclusion.

    As for the film itself, some of the acting is a little awkward at times, but I wouldn't call it bad. As the stories progress, this fades. The direction, production, and cinematography was very good. Some very good use of color, filters, and light really contribute to the feel and timbre. The music, sound, and Foley are also very good. When you add that all up it makes for a good film.

    Some notes on parental content:
    • some profanity, though not exorbitant.
    • nudity is brief, though there are two scenes with bare women's breasts
    • intense scenes...emmm...I wouldn't call this film intense. Not in a frightening way. Though, it is a bit grim at times.
    • violence/gore definitely play a role in the film. Some reviews say this move is over the top gory. I do not find this correct. There are a couple of lightly gory scenes, and while the fx are fine, the "moment of contact" is not often shown, rather the after affects. It is violent, and there is a fair amount of (somewhat fake) blood, so it is not devoid of adult content. Personally, after reading the synopsis and seeing some reviews, I was hoping for a real gore fest, especially since Ivan Zuccon is touted as the prince of new Italo-horror cinema. Had he wanted to, this easily could have been a gore fest. That's not to say those seeking content will be disappointed, only that it's not as heavily saturated or grotesque as it was made out to be.

    All in all, it was a very enjoyable film. One of the negative reviews notes how "a bunch of random characters" are in jail...but aren't all characters in movies random? Give this one a shot, just go in to it without expecting or comparing to other films. Judge it on its merits and you should enjoy it!