Final film to be filmed at the South Australian Film Corporation's Hendon Studios.

First film to be mixed and post-produced at the South Australian Film Corporation's Adelaide Studios.

Director Rolf de Heer's first feature film since Dr. Plonk (2007), a gap of about four years.

First film to use the new sound mixing theatre at Adelaide Studios. South Australian Film Corporation CEO Richard Harris said is equaled only by that of the room at Deluxe in Sydney.

One of a number of "interior" films of director Rolf de Heer which are predominantly set indoors inside rooms and buildings. These films include: 'Bad Boy Bubby' (1993), 'The Quiet Room' (1996), 'Dance Me to My Song' (1998), 'The Colonel' (1978), 'The Audition' (1979), 'Alexandra's Project' (2003), and 'The King Is Dead!' (2012).

The thirteenth theatrical feature film directed by director Rolf de Heer.

The 2013 Rolf de Heer film 'Charlie's Country' has at least nine actors who have had prominent roles in earlier previous Rolf De Heer movies: David Gulpilil starred in both 'Ten Canoes' and 'The Tracker'; Gary Sweet starred in both 'The Tracker' and 'Alexandra's Project'; Wayne Anthony starred in 'Dr Plonk'; John Brumpton starred in 'Dance Me To My Song'; Damon Gameau starred in 'The Tracker'; and Dan Wyllie, Luke Ford, Gary Waddell and Bojana Novakovic all starred in the 'The King is Dead!'.

The film was nominated for 1 AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) award (formerly the AFI (Australian Film Institute) awards) in 2013 for Best Supporting Actor for actor Gary Waddell, who played King, but lost out to Antony Starr for 'Wish You Were Here' (2012).

The film was nominated for 5 AFCA (Australian Film Critics Association) awards in 2013 including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Music Score and winning one gong for Best Supporting Actor for Gary Waddell who portrayed King.

Director Rolf de Heer was the winner of the Jury Grand Prix for Best Feature Film at the Rencontres Internationales du Cinema des Antipodes in 2012.

First Rolf de Heer directed dramatic feature film in which long-time producer collaborator Julie Ryan was not a producer since 'Dance Me to My Song' (1998) as well as the same year's De Heer produced 'The Sound of One Hand Clapping' (1998). Ryan worked on those two films in production roles but not as a producer.

First Rolf de Heer directed dramatic theatrical feature film without long-time production collaborator Julie Ryan working on the picture for around fifteen years - the first since 'Epsilon' (aka 'Alien Visitor') (1997).