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  • Mixed bag couple of Pure Taboo scenes: a nice neo-noir with talented femme fatale turn by Evelyn Claire, followed by a glum tale of a perverted doctor forcing a couple of patients to hump each other so he can watch.

    Claire is outstanding as young wife of politician Mark Zane, willing to do anything to save his gubernatorial campaign. Sleazy tabloid reporter Codey Steele has the goods on him, and is ready to reveal a scandal, but sex with Claire plus a promise of rewards from Mark's campaign win him over. Evelyn's beauty, sexual prowess and solid acting make this scene a winner.

    Then we have to suffer through the self-explanatory story: "How Far Are You Willing to Go". Sexy if stoic Latina played by newcomer Vanessa Vega and Black stud with oddball hairdo Donny Sins both have serious illnesses, which doc Wrex Oliver will treat but the operations are very expensive.

    Unless they want to die, they must commit to having IR sex with each other while he drools as spectator, not much of a choice. VV admirably stays in character in this segment, but otherwise it's tedious once the basic situation has been spelled out: no plot twists, just a Pure Taboo opportunity for the viewer to sadistically and vicariously put himself in the bad doc's shoes (sort of a perverse variation on the ridiculous "Cuckold must watch" genre).