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  • I have seen several fandom Star Trek efforts, and so far, this has to be my favorite. Those I agree with the previous review that a lot of the dialog and acting is sub-par, I have to give the writers huge props for combining elements of TOS, DS9, and STV into a coherent story line. I enjoy what they are trying to do - and as the series progresses, they seem to be getting their legs under them. I hope they keep going - I love the story line. The sets are fine, the CGI is really quite good, the ensemble gets better. They have also created a new culture, a new enemy. There are some really nice creative elements, many unanswered questions, and they seem to give you a few more insights into the alien cultures as time goes on. Bravo for keeping the dream alive.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    **This is a newer review. Most other older positive reviews are from ST:Odyssey's own jaded crew members. Such crew members are not very objective on their pet project that they hope will make them into Trek celebrities. I would hope in preserving some objectivity for the record about this video, this negative review will stay up (not be turned-in by angry Odyssey's crew members only to be mindlessly deleted by MoDs here) for the public to read the other real & thoughtful side of the discussion. This film was not very good. In fact it was downright awful. Everything about this film stunk of cheapness and schlockiness. The earliest episodes are the most terrible. I was surprised to see that the knowledgeable critics did not bomb this video. They thought it had something going for it. But, the acting was just awful. There were scenes that were just plain laughable, unintentionally. There are some videos that they should never release and this is one of them. Of course I have seen worse, at least with this one I sat through the entire thing, unlike some other bombs I have had the misfortune to watch. Every now and then they have competitions to see which are the worst films ever made. I wonder if this one ever appears on their list.

    Sorry--- FAKE phony 'TV Series' IMDb entry.Just another kiddie fan 'home movie' getting it's undeserved fake 'TV series' entry by concerted effort of fanboy collusion posters here, lies and fraud done by it's cast & crew to gain undeserved credibility, noteriety and celebrity. Look past the 'puffing' in their online comments and use you critical thinking to ask the hard questions.... NOT a "TV Series" and other matters to examine.

    I don't know why this movie has so many positive reviews, my only guess is that only the Odyssey's crew people that are in this disaster would feel moved to write something about it. Since I hate this video over all others I've ever seen, I was moved to drop a little opposing viewpoint and a different viewpoint into the user comments for true balance of the facts. Internet freedom of speech should be here, also.
  • The acting and script are really quite dire. The storyline is OK.

    As it is fan produced the amateur props and sets can be accepted with understanding.

    However, simply because there is a Trek crew homosexual couple shouldn't mean that they are joined at the hip. Each time you see them they are together and they are effectively treated like a pair and not two separate crew members. In reality their domestic situation would have to be totally immaterial and not affect their worklife. The idea of having a married couple in the crew could have been far better.

    So if we look at the acting it's a case of what acting ? It is as tho the 'actors' are reading the script as tho it is a shopping list.

    So there we have it. It's dire. Sorry. 3 out of 10 for trying.
  • This is the second best fan-made Star Trek production I have seen, and I have seen most of them, from animations to live actions. The best is Star Trek: New Voyages and none other come close. But of the rest, Odyssey climbs top of the heap.

    Odyssey continues the story line started in Star Trek Deep Space Nine and continued by the fan-made series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. The plot is simpler than in STHF and not quite as imaginative. But there are other reasons that lifts Odyssey a head taller.

    STHF and Odyssey are made by the same production team and share some of the actors too. Fortunately for Odyssey, they got some of the best actors from STHF and some new good ones. The leading three - the captain (Brandon McConnell) the security officer (Julia Morizawa) and the Romulan first officer (Michelle Laurent) are all 1st class actors what comes to fan-made series. Since they are a crew thrown together by accident rather than design, they have internal conflicts and struggle to make a functioning crew. So it's a different set up than the usual happy smile one family Starfleet crew, and that's a good thing.

    The ships' interiors, the space views and fleet battles are very well made computer graphics, can't have much better. However, some other computer created locations aren't well made and ruin the feeling of being there. The green canvas outline around the actors problem that plagued STHF is now gone.

    STHF had very visible and frequent male gay love affairs theme, that could really disturb watching the series if you are disgusted by it (ruined much of STHF for me). This is also present in Odyssey, but fortunately much less so. It won't make watching Odyssey too difficult to almost anyone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really enjoyed Star Trek Odyssey. Its amazing how much fans can do just for the love of the show. While its not as great as Star Trek Phase 2. Its really well written with new characters, new alien races, and new star ships. Just think a whole new adventure. With no recycled story lines. That gay love scene was a pure delight. I even like how some of the actors are barely old enough to play there roles. That helps with the plot where the under maned crew of the Odyssey is just barely able to keep the ship running. So, some things on the ship don't work all the time because they can't keep everything fixed. That adds a lot of realism to this miniseries. Since they can't go to a star base to get spare parts. There are plenty of surprises as it unfolds to keep me wanting to watch more.