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  • abdullah-5391431 December 2019
    Now that's how you make a proper film. The whole movie was super impressive. Never got bored.
  • I like how the setting is displayed and there's a lot of action scenes between Donnie yen and Scott Adkins. This bring a lot of excitement to us, hope to make more of movies like this in the future.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film start with Yip Man watching his student "Bruce Lee" fighting at the San Francisco stadium, flashback of he diagnose having cancer, one of Bruce Lee's student invite Yip Man to San Francisco watching him demonstrate Chinese martial art, and an U.S. local Chinese community leader "Wan Zong Hua" refuse to writing a recommendation letter for Yip Man, because Bruce Lee teaching white people martial art scene! As turnout, this chapter is about a marine officer "Barton" despise Chinese Kung Fu, he want to defeat all the Chinese Kung Fu master to prove karate more superior, and Yip Man stood out to defend them! Entire film full of touching and intense martial art scene! Touching scene! Such as, Yip Man's son eventually answer his father call, after he knowing his father had cancer! All the martial art scene actually quite over par and satisfy! Such as, first one, Bruce Lee fighting with a man at the street scene! The nunchaku playing by Bruce Lee surprising good in this scene! He never hit by the nunchaku on the face! Second one, Yip Man fighting with Wan Zong Hua scene! This scene eventually end with the house shaking and the chandelier fell down! Third one, Colin fight with Hartman at the marine training ground scene! The martial art in this scene also quite intense and watchable! Fourth one, Colin challenge all the Chinese Kung Fu master at the Chinatown scene! This scene eventually end with Yip Man take down Colin by his famous "Yip Man punch"! Fifth one, Barton take down several man at the martial art school scene! This scene had things broken and quite impressive kicking and punching! Sixth one, Barton fighting with Wan Zong Hua scene! Barton defeat Wan Zong Hua in this scene! This scene had hand and leg broken and bloody scene! Last one, surely is the most epic one! Barton fight with Yip Man scene! Yip Man wounded on the ground and mock by Barton, Yip Man eventually defeat Barton by broken his leg, hand and neck! At the end, Yip Man back to his house and teaching his son martial art! Yip Man want his son record he hitting the dummy! Yip Man died and Bruce Lee attend his funeral! That's it! Definitely a must watch film for action fans! Surely we will remember the significant quote of this saga forever! "I want fight with ten men"!
  • lionel_191221 December 2019
    Unfortunately the last one. But the ending is also what makes it great
  • The finale of IP man saga was beautifully written with a great story and amazing acting. You must go and watch in theatre.

    This is a must watch this Christmas season
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Director Wilson Yip has teamed with worldwide martial arts movie legend Donnie Yen yet again to finish up the series about the first teacher of none other than Bruce Lee in a conclusion choreographed by Yuen Woo-Ping, who's also given us some of the greatest fight scenes ever put to film. Ip Man 4 is about acclaimed Wing Chun Kung-Fu master Ip Man travelling to the United States after being invited to visit by his number one student who has opened up schools on the West Coast and is thriving as an up-and-coming martial arts phenomenon. While abroad, Ip Man gets the idea to enroll his troubled son in a high-level American private school, but faces challenges adjusting from skeptical local martial arts masters in San Francisco's Chinatown, bigots, and even the military.

    The Wing Chun style is all about cutting down on excess movement and getting straight to the point, so let me do the same: the fight scenes in Ip Man 4 are fantastic, some of the series' finest, with many intricate applications of Wing Chun on display. Donnie Yen's Ip Man uses the style in fresh and complex ways to counter techniques he hasn't encountered before in other matches in the franchise. The film also scales back the content of the fight scenes a little bit from 3, where Ip Man was shown to take on entire gangs and crowded markets full of bad guys, as well as fighting Mike "Punch-Out" Tyson, and brings the fight scenes back to the quick, decisive duels that made the first film stand out. None of Donnie Yen's 57 years of age are present during any of the fight scenes. He looks faster, smoother, and more in-control than many untrained actors more than half his age.

    It's not just martial arts mastery that Donnie Yen excels at in Ip Man 4. With much of the screentime of the supporting cast from the other films cut down, or not available due to their characters passing away out of the story, Donnie Yen gives the best performance of the movie, with strong commendations also going to Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan who plays does a sharp, energetic job playing Bruce Lee (attention Mike Moh from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Tarrantino too: this is how you pay tribute to an Asian-American icon and a martial arts legend). The only thing is that Ip Man 4 misses the opportunity to put Bruce and Ip Man together in more of the movie, which feels like a let-down, because on some level, the entire series has been building up to this point to a degree.

    The first thing that stood out to me about the trailer for Ip Man was how glaringly over-the-top and historically inaccurate the content of the movie seemed. Every single Ip Man installment has stretched the truth and bent the record on what's historically accurate, but one of the largest flaws of Ip Man 4 is how far they take this content in the series conclusion. If you know anything about the real Ip Man, or even just peruse his Wikipedia page before seeing the movie, the amount that they romanticize the truth starts to get distracting. Ip Man never set foot in the USA, and yet this film features him facing off against an extremely racist Gunnery Sergeant played by another martial arts screen legend: Scott Adkins.

    Much of the plot points from Ip Man 2 are repeated: Ip Man moves to a new community where he was to prove himself to a council of Chinese Kung Fu elders that are skeptical of him, the leader of which becomes his close friend after a challenge match, and the villain of the film is a larger, racist, loudmouthed fighter from a foreign country that thinks that Asians, particularly Chinese people, are weak, and uses a strength-based fighting style in contrast to Ip Man's precise, speed-based that makes use of superior angles and leverage. In both films, the bully character either kills or severely hurts Ip Man's rival-turned-friend in a challenge match, and in both films Ip Man avenges his friend's loss by winning a hard-fought battle in front of a crowd of onlookers.

    It's satisfying to watch a humble, kind, intelligent guy like Ip Man who just wants to mind his own business beat a loudmouthed, offensive bully to a pulp on one hand, but on the other, we've seen the series do this exact same story and structure before. After a certain point, you had to wonder why Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen didn't just choose to create an original character inspired by Ip Man, but change the name and some of the events so that it doesn't ignore real history so much. I wonder about people watching this very popular film series and getting the completely wrong impression about who Ip Man really was and what happened in his life. If you're going to go the historical-fantasy route, then really embrace it, and have a huge fight scene where Ip Man and Bruce Lee take on a huge gang of Triad thugs in Chinatown, because why not at that point? Either choose to be more realistic or completely embrace fiction, because when you stay in the middle, you get the feeling that the finale could've been more, which is exactly how Ip Man 4 will leave you feeling.
  • Saw it at the theatres, such an amazing finale.

    Donnie, you're an amazing martial artist. Lived up to IP MAN's legacy.
  • oneebsaleem-3919331 December 2019
    Very nice storyline with great action scenes. All the cast played their role very well. One of the best kungfu movies. A must watch for everyone.
  • An excellent movie. A great finale. Hidup Ip and Bruce Lee. You are true great Asian Heroes
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Predictable weak story, everything set up with a purpose to fight.fight pattern is combine part 1 to 3.As Donnie admit his age is catching up, can't have any more fight scene so whole production team in a rush to get this movie done badly.Reycle story which use other races insulting to get the public anger as to provide demogogy at the end of movie.Will be better if change the movie message from racist hatred to inherit the spirit of kung-fu as this is final already.But have to admit Donnie portray Yip man so well and become a classic in everyone hearts.
  • stvnmk23 December 2019
    Really awsome the movie and actors teach the reality of life. Really hard to go straight not turn left or right also taught about honesty and honor. Impressive ip man movie. Finale is the greatest ipman movies. I'm really lucky to watch this movie but not yet in our country theater. Thanks sifu
  • nellz_nivlecn11 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ip man 4 is a delight to watch if you liked martial arts. Donnie yen is always wonderful to watched in all of the Ip man installment. The fighting sequence is well choreographed and awesome. Donnie yen nailed his role every time.

    However my gripe is with all the antagonist roles here, everyone is a master in this movie. Maybe the writer made all this antagonistic roles to contrast with how calm and collected Ip man was. I cringe a lot of times at their lines and their expression, the delivery is so on the nose, so dissapointingly one dimensional that it became quite hillarious at times. They need to write a better villains because they are all the same - the masters, the marine guy, the police guy, the police's daughter, the karate guy, THEY ARE ALL SOMEHOW THE SAME, they have plenty of villains in this movie and they are all a cookie cutter of each other.

    Also the pissing contest between masters of kung fu has been done before in every ip man movies before, they will antagonize Ip man, Ip man stay calmed and then procedeed to be getting whooped by Ip man.

    The story or the plot point in this fourth installment is pretty weak. Ip man wanted to send his son to the US because he is dying of cancer which the son is not aware yet. This has the potential of being the nitty gritty of the story but they decided to put it aside and instead the story focused largely about how Ip man need a letter of reccomendation for his son and how the chinese fares in USA among the racial issues divided them.

    But all this lacking was made okay by the action sequence and despite my critism about the plot, I actually like the ending. It was a dignified ending for Ip man, nothing over the top, nothing over dramatized, just like how Ip man has been.
  • I have no words.

    Never wanted the Ip Man chapter to end. But this was the greatest Finale and best tribute to Yip Man.

    The movie was full of emotions and good teachings which kung fu teaches to one. A must watch.

    Love Yip Man.
  • I have a been a huge fan of the Ip Man series ever since the first movie came out in 2008. I watched all of the films in the series including the spinoff "Master Z: Ip Man legacy". So, of course, I was going to go see this movie as well, especially considering its the last one in the main Ip Man films. Unfortunately, I came out feeling very disappointed in this movie.

    Let's start with the good points in this movie. The first and probably the reason most people come to watch this film is the fight scenes. They are still very well choreographed and this iteration features a variety of different type of martial arts including western Karate. Seeing how they choreographed different fighting styles. The fighting is also fast-paced and stylistic. The second has to be Donnie Yen's marvellous performance as the titular character Ip Man. He continues to embody the character perfectly and give a convincing dialogue as a man with many wisdom. Likewise, I also have to praise Wu Yue as Wan Zong-Hua (chairman of the Chinese Benevolent Association) for providing a contrasting character to Ip Man belief but still give that aura of wisdom. Danny Chan returns as Bruce Lee from Ip Man 3 and he is still great and resembles him. The score from Kenji Kawai returns and is also still really good at elevating every scene albeit it is still kinda similar to that of all the previous entries.

    Now let's get to all the negatives from this film. Firstly, while I did praise the fights and its choreography; it's not very memorable. Each film tends to have one or multiple fights that stick in your mind: The first film had the fight against 10 Japanese karate fighters, the second with the fish market fight and the table fight and the fight against the boxer, the third film with the fight against Mike Tyson and the final fight. However, the fights in this film don't come close to the memorable fights of previous films. The closest it gets is maybe the Ip man vs Wan Zong-Hua or the Ip Man vs Scott Adkins (can't even remember his character's name...). Even those fights feel short and underwhelming at points. Secondly, why is every character in this film also borderline cartooney? There have been some over the top characters in previous entries but it was usually just one for comic relief but in this film, it feels like apart from the three characters I listed above; everyone else is over the top. This blend of serious performances from some actors with the over the top from others is very jarring. For example, Scott Adkins plays this over the top racist general but he is so blatant and acts like a stereotypical general that it makes you wonder how he was even employed. Thirdly, the story is atrocious and lacks any nuance or depth. The story is simply Ip Man goes to America to get his son a school there and some weird racist stuff happens with Bruce Lee doing just kind of being there. The message in this film is, of course, exploring racism and they do kind of try to make it subtle with Bruce Lee who trains western people despite criticism from the Chinese people. HOWEVER, they waste Bruce Lee in this film by not even remotely having him involved in the main plot! He could have been used to show that it was possible for acknowledgement between Chinese and western people but they don't even utilise this. Instead, we got over the top racist people trying to get rid of all Chinese people and prove Kung fu sucks so Ip Man has to stop him and convince some people otherwise. Due to them not utilising Bruce Lee more, the message of this film ends up feeling like western people are racist and bad even though this contrast Bruce Lee and even Ip Man point within this film. It doesn't feel like a necessary story to tell for Ip Man with only a couple of things adding to his character like cancer and filming his training I guess? Also, this racist thing has already been done in Ip Man 2 so it is weird they are doing it again. A weird nitpick I had was when the Chinese characters called this karate trainer Colin a whitey when he is Asian as well? Very weird and brought me out of the film.

    Overall, this film is a disappointing entry but the last 15 minutes of this film are very satisfying and feels like a satisfying conclusion to Ip Man's legacy even if there were SO many wasted potentials in this film
  • TheNabOwnzz15 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you're going to create propaganda.... at least make good propaganda. This has not happened in Ip Man 4, a ridiculous film of extraordinarily exaggerated racial caricatures & created by someone with a view on society and humanity that is devoid of all meaning and understanding.

    Of course, it's always good fun to watch Donnie Yen's Ip Man beat up a lot of bad guys with his wing chun, and the first entry into these series is indeed a truly good film. However, and this is also the case in somewhat lesser proportions in Ip Man 2, the platform has now been made up as some sort of ridiculous race-war between asian & white people. This director doesn't seem to understand that the world consists of a little bit more than these ridiculous race disputes, as every white person at nearly every moment in this film has something negative to say about Chinese people. There are no real characters in this film, there are only races. People are defined by their race. A Chinese person is honorable and good, while a white person is evil and racist. This is no mere overexaggeration on my part, as there are pretty much no people in the entire film to prove the opposite. Everyone is what their race is programmed to be according to this director.

    The Chinese girl is bullied by white people, the mother of the white girl immediately generalizes the asian group as a whole when the little brat whines about being beaten, the evil husband immediately tries to deport a couple of Chinese people for it based on the whims of a little girl (really convincing), the white gunnery sergeant bullies a Chinese recruit, the gunnery sergeant also calls other races inferior for no real clear reason. Oh wait, we had to be reminded he was really a racist. Oh yeah. My favorite has got to be the white girl summoning 6 of her boyfriends to beat up 1 Chinese girl, though. There's really no words to describe how ridiculous this is, except that of course the director already knew Ip Man would save the day and him beating up 6 guys is more fun than 1. Whichever way you slice it, the screenplay of this film is a mess, the acting, especially by the American actors, is cringeworthy, and the only redeeming factor of the whole thing are the fight scenes, which are still superb. But that's about it.

    The gunnery sergeant is full of hatred for all things of the Chinese culture, he hates kung fu because it is not American and thinks that his race is superior. So he goes to teach these people a lesson with his karate. This is not a joke. Apparently nobody in this film knew that karate was not actually American. He's trying to prove the point of his country or his people's superiority in fighting style by using an oriental fighting style? This is the ludicrous nature this movie employs. One of my favorites also has to be the lead up before his final fight with Ip Man, where he is whining about how superior his country is. Why he would be doing that infront of his squad at such a moment not knowing Ip Man would be coming is somewhat of a mystery, but i guess the audience is so dumb they still needed to be told that the guy was a racist, right?

    In reality, there are never a lot of problems between whites & asians, as both cultures are somewhat compatible in their tranquillity, and asians are generally respected in white countries. Where the director got the idea that every asian is oppressed and every white person bad, nobody knows. It's quite clear though that his favoritism of Chinese people is visible, and his disdain for whites. Essentially, that's all that Ip Man 4 is. It's, by every modern definition of the word, really a racist film. It creates absurd caricatures of white people that are not accurate in the least, and forces its way along with heavy handed social commentary, and very little sophistication or restraint.

    Following Ip Man 2, the nationalist Chinese propaganda knows no bounds in Ip Man 4, although the characterization is even more ridiculous in this one. People are apparently biologically engineered to be the same in this little fantasy world, and individualism regardless of race is thrown out of the picture.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ip Man 4 have no different compare to previous movie. Same conflict and same solution. But in this movie it show us the feeling between father and son. How ip man admit his mistake as a father using only his emotion. Its really touching movie. And it gives you many morale.

    The plot is slow but not boring. It keeps me in sit and make me enjoy the ip man journey to america.

    Fighting style is good but not the best. Final fight is ok but the satisfaction feeling not that great. Overall its worth the money to watch it.
  • As a Chinese, this was nothing but embarrassing. It has no plot, no acting skills, and no moral. It portrayed Americans as brainless prejudiced hatred-filled demons. The essence of the movie is pretty much "hey, Chinese pig you want to fight?" "Sure, lets fight." Please Avoid if you cherish your time and your life.
  • df-3111130 December 2019
    Personally feel that the presentation of the story is too stiff and politically strong
  • It's fairly cheap that the Ip Man films have become vehicles for nationalist Chinese propaganda, this level of otp melodramatic patriotism went out in the west in the 50s, and with good reason.

    If this film was made in the West, about a Western martial art, at best it would be mocked as comical relic of a bygone time and at worst it would be heavily criticised for supremacist overtones.

    One day, when the modern Chinese Empire is dust, I imagine people will look back on this film in the same way they do at the ludicrous pro-American propaganda of the 50s
  • marounhs30 December 2019
    The fighting scenes were good but the acting was terrible from most of the actors, actually almost all the actors. The scenario and all the conversations are stupid and boring. No twist in the movie, from the first minute i could be able to know what will happen however i still enjoyed the fighting.
  • It was a very good film. My son was an extra in it and his school was in it. We went to see it in liverpool one odeon just wish it was on in the wirral . Just that they didn't put the name of the school in the credits at end of the film.
  • I'm sorry but this ridiculousness was more absurd than mike tyson being in the last one. what was the point of dragging the marines in as the antagonists? why was a clearly chinese man named hartman? and why is scott adkins still cast in anything? hes such a terrible actor. if hes there for just the fighting, then stick to that. dont give him nonsense dialogue. u know why he was cast in dr strange? cuz he didnt say a word. if you want to watch the fight scenes great, just skip over the "story" cuz its so stupid
  • The fight scenes were good as usual and I love the depiction of Ip Man as being calm, honorable and good. It was nice to see Bruce Lee in a few scenes, very few. You can feel that the end of Ip Man is coming in how the story moves along. I did enjoy this movie to a point because it gave a conclusion to Ip Man's story, but half of the movie seemed to be focused on white people being racist toward every other race which most movies and tv shows in this age of political correctness like to focus on now.

    There is a big difference in the story telling from the first Ip Man to this final installment. The first had a great story that did not try to stereotype anyone or any race. This one is focused on race period. If you want to see the conclusion to a once great franchise, I recommend this as a rental, but otherwise, I cannot recommend it.
  • The story is good, but the screenwriting is off.. too stiff and sometimes it's hanging. And some of the acting is just bad ..duh
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Fighting scenes are excellent. Choreography is great, though Donnie Yen gets old and a few more cuts are needed. Not as bad as Liam Neeson though. Edit those clips into a sequence and you will have yourself some good 30 minutes.

    The rest is politics and the bad kind. By trying to show how racist everyone was towards the Chinese, the movie itself becomes racist and very nationalistic.

    Chinese like so many other immigrants were discriminated in the US , no doubt about it. But why shoving it down our throat in 2020 in such a one-dimensional and biased way? It is a very bad example of Chinese propaganda. USA bad, karate bad, cheerleading bad, white people bad, US marines bad.. .

    The fact that every Chinese speaks mandarin in that movie tells it all. Most immigrants moved to San Francisco in the 50s and 60s were from HK and spoke Cantonese. Especially the scene when Ip man met all the masters in SF is ridiculous.

    I come from a country which had provided villains in movies for over 80 years now ;-). But it is handled with irony and awareness on both sides - movie maker and audience. If a western country would make a movie like IP man 4 it would be destroyed in the media for racism and prejudice.

    It is sad to see Donnie Yen sell out that way. Guess the overwhelming power and reach of the Chinese propaganda machine has the movie industry and its actors, even the few left from HK and Taiwan, in a firm grip.

    Oh yes, and the sad and over the top attempt to copy full metal jacket in the scenes with the marines is pathetic.

    Very dissapointed. Big fan of Ip man 1, part 2 was all right. It went downhill from then on.
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