While actor Chris Collins plays an American Marine Karate Champion in the movie who is best by Master Ip Man's Wing Chun, in real life Collins is a Wing Chun student of Grandmaster Leung Ting, one of the real Ip Man's most senior students.

During their alleyway fight, Mark Strange performs a jumping back kick on a solid door to show his skills. This gets the response "Doors don't hit back, but I do" from Bruce Lee, referencing Lee's memorable "boards don't hit back' quote from ENTER THE DRAGON.

The film broke the 100 million RMB box office in China on its first day of release, outgrossing the total for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which open in China on the same day.

Despite early rumours, and even one of the reviews in IMDB, Jackie Chan does not appear in this movie! A photograph of Jackie Chan visiting the set was taken out of context by web sites such as Film Combat Syndicate who proclaimed Chan was appearing in a cameo role in the movie.

When Frater calls his student Mr. Kreese, it is a hint to the bad guy Kreese in the Karate Kid series

Donnie Yen has officially played the character of IP MAN 4 times, but played a light hearted take on the character in the comedy GOLDEN CHICKEN 2 where he dons the outfit worn by Tony Leung's portrayal of IP MAN in THE GRANDMASTER, but originally played IP MAN in an abandoned project alongside Stephen Chow Sing-chi from Kung Fu Hustle that began shooting in the mid 1990's but imploded after a few days shooting.

The film reunites Scott Adkins with Action Choreographer Yuen Woo-ping for the third time, having previously worked together on BLACK MASK 2: CITY OF MASKS, and DANNY THE DOG/UNLEASHED starring Jet Li.

Donnie Yen and Mark Strange previously worked together on the movie TWINS EFFECT, where Strange played a vampire.