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  • I really enjoyed this 2011 short film. I'm not always a fan of JL-D, but I did like her in this. It's a version of going and being in Paris that, I think, a lot of us have. Of immersing ourselves in the language, beauty and culture and a twist. Enjoy!
  • First of all, be aware that this "movie" is only 20 minutes long, but don't waste your time. I watched it because I like Julia, but it was a pointless boring movie with a dumb ending. Most of the movie had subtitles, but they go so fast, and blend into the background, that you have trouble seeing them, nor do you even have time to read them. I spent most of the movie, trying to see and read the awful subtitles. They were so fast, that I couldn't even really figure out what was going on in the film, because I was trying to focus on figuring out the subtitles the whole time. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Not worth it.