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  • The team of director B. Skow and writer David Stanley come up with just bird seed in the lousy Vivid Video porn parody, with delusions of adequacy.

    It takes on "The Crow", with awful makeup and a pair of black wings for Tommy Gunn as the title character. He's shot protecting his finacee Asa Akira and bitten by an eagle (off-screen only) to become a bargain-basement super-hero fighting crime.

    Cartoon panels are used in between the sex scenes for transition and Skow directs the entire show on crummy sets that look like back alleys and other practical (but ugly) locations -very sleazy. The sex is more vanilla, benefitting from a slumming all-star cast given zero acting to do. Vivid producer Shylar Cobi cameos as a henchman of bad guy Lee Stone.

    Violence is kept off screen.
  • I am a fan of missionary sex and this one has a series of good ones involving a slit eyed chick who likes to take it very hard always moaning for harder and more. I love the threesome because it is so creatively well lit in her mango.