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  • Love needs expressions not language, it requires feelings no boundaries, it's beyond oceans beyond limits- Free and Beautiful but only few know how to live it. Barfi as its name is sweet, full of aroma, delicious and tasty. This in true sense expresses love without any language, caste, creed or color –Selfless with heart; an impeccable cinema worth watching with your beloved, friends and family.

    Barfi ! Essentially is a chapter of life which has numerable good moments to recall, laugh and to love with. Every character is well placed without being dramatic with excellent music, performances, direction and screenplay.

    Anurag Basu- the director has done extraordinary work in terms of narrating the story. Like 'Inception' his narrative style takes you in flashback and a flashback within a flashback to narrate a simple story in its most impactful form without creating confusions to audience. Every story has been woven perfectly till climax. Despite the destiny of characters what audience recalls some beautiful moments, cheer, laughs, true love and sacrifice. Each and every prank on screen gives you a bucketful humor and feel good factor whether it's Barfi-cop chase or Barfi's effort to impress Jhilmil and Shruti throughout the movie.

    Ranbir Kapoor- Well this guy has redefined himself, and the only commercial cinema star of recent time who knows how to act dances and laugh with perfection. Whether it was 'wake up sid', 'Raajneeti'or 'Rockstar' with every movie he has successfully set benchmark for himself but with this movie he has set benchmark even for so called Khans and Roshans. The beauty of his character is despite being deaf and dump in the movie not a single moment you will realize that he even require to speak. His expressions are heartwarming and simply outstanding.

    Priyanka Chopra – Luckily we have a pool of talented actress these days and Priyanka Chopra with this movie will give a tough challenge to her peers. Her expressions as an autism child are natural and clean. Her feelings for Ranbir as a lady could be easily readable and this is undoubtedly one of the best performances of her career.

    Ileana D'Cruz – She is one of the best debut of this year. Extremely good looking and charming, she never gives the feeling of a debutant. She does her job perfectly as a narrator and as an actor.

    Barfi is a way of life, it has potential to make you laugh without getting dirty, it has power to make you cry without getting dramatic and it has energy to teach you love for all without being a documentary. Barfi is perfect in all sense. And for those who could ask why I have written an inch away from Masterpiece ,well being a critique we always expect more than what we got but as soon as the wedding bells rings in the end it was obvious that Barfi has crossed that inch of perfection… It's a Masterpiece of Indian Cinema.

    Thanks & Regards Yours AVA For Complete Review Please VISIT Your Views are heartily welcome…
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  • India's official entry to the Oscars - Barfi! might as well have been an acronym for: Breathtaking (cinematography), Astounding (acting), Ruthless (breaking of stereotypes about the disabled), Fantastic (music), and Invigorating (feeling in your heart as you leave the theater).

    This is essentially a love triangle between Barfi (played endearingly by Ranbir Kapoor), a hearing and speech impaired son of a poor chauffeur, Jhilmil (played brilliantly by Priyanka Chopra), an autistic girl almost abandoned by her rich parents, and Shruti the narrator of the tale of love (played convincingly by debutante Illeana De Cruz), the soon to be married tourist visiting Darjeeling along with her parents.

    The writer and director - Anurag Basu uses non linear storytelling to traverse between 1972, 1978, and 2012 Darjeeling, Calcutta, and little known places of Bengal as they three protagonists try and grapple with Love and its various heart rendering implications to their lives. For a film with hardly any dialogs, 'Barfi!' amazingly manages to say a lot, using a combination of sign language, facial expressions, first person narration, and sometimes simply stunning silences to convey a gamut of emotions.

    Several sequences stand out for their sheer brilliance, be it Barfi's reaction at Shruti's choice of her fiancé (Jishu Sengupta in a small but significant role), Shruti and her mother's (played beautifully by the veteran Roopa Ganguly) exchanges on certain choices in Love, Barfi and Jhilmil's night in the forest illuminated by fireflies, Barfi's cutting off of the lamp posts to test the loyalty of his friends, Jhilmil's fantasy about getting married as she watches a 'Chau Dance' in a village, Daju's (Haradhan in a superb supporting role) tear stricken face as he finally accepts Jhilmil's fate and let's her go, the unfolding of the photograph's at Shruti's house to finally reveal the truth about her entire life, and lastly, the finale. All these, and many more, are sure to be etched as a memory, not in your mind, but rather in your heart.

    This film shows how one can find happiness in the small things in life, and how disabilities, be in financial, mental, or physical can never really appear as a handicap to an otherwise soaring spirit that does not know how to give up on life. This film reminds us that falling in Love is natural, while staying in Love a decision that must be taken with the heart, rather than the mind. And finally, this is a film that tries, without trying too hard, to help you understand that the language of Love does not necessarily require the wisdom of words.

    One might argue that certain portions of the film are 'inspired' from other films. For example, certain dialogs between Shruti and her mother might remind you of the Notebook, certain mannerisms of Barfi as he tries his best to escape the bungling cop (played aptly by Saurabh Shukla) cause you to recollect sequences from the films of Charlie Chaplin, while the way Barfi tries to entertain Jhilmil & Shruti remind you of Singing in The Rain and Mr Bean. Yet, Barfi manages to stand on its own for the way it interprets these classic scenes and the logicality of their inclusion in the proceedings.

    The Hair and Makeup department, however, especially when it tries to show the same actors playing aged characters, is the only one that takes a slight dent. Yet almost everything else manages to come together in unison to more than compensate for this slight glitch. And it does so, at numerous places managing to make you think, smile, cry, and sigh, sometimes all at the same time, and in quick succession.

    Watch it for the performances (especially that of Ranbir and Priyanka), the vision of the director Anurag Basu and cinematographer Ravi Varman, the terrific score of the music director Pritam Chakravarty, and last but not the least for the innumerable ways in which Love has been expressed between the characters. Trust me - this is the perfect example of art that can forever stay in your heart.
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  • rhitwick14 September 2012
    I was not actually very keen to watch Barfi. The trailers intrigued me enough to go for it but till the last time I was unsure if it would be any good. And then on a boring Friday I found myself waiting in queue for a 3.05PM show. And I do not regret my decision.

    Story/Theme: I'm not sure how to tell the story without giving anything. Let me then take the help of IMDb here.

    Three young people learn that love can neither be defined nor contained by society's norms of normal and abnormal

    Actually, giving any more would spoil the movie for you.

    Character Development:Once in a while there comes a movie which consists of characters not stars. But, it takes a master to make his puppets grow in the short span of 2hrs and 33mins and make people feel the change. Barfi is such a movie where you could observe the characters changing with time, maturing, being tolerant to each other with passing time. Though Barfi is the central character of the movie still, Jhilmil, Shruti and Inspector are well crafted and given ample scope to go through changes. Anurag basu gets full marks from me here.

    Direction: Day by day directors are understanding the value of freedom and Anurag Basu once again proved that. Even though having powerful stars and big banner for his last movie Kites various restrictions took away the artistic freedom from him and we got a flop movie. This time he showed what a master director he is. Look at the character of Barfi. How beautifully its crafted. His mannerisms, gestures, postures all are shot with utmost care. Then take Jhilmil's character. An autistic girl. Who gets tangled in the Barfi's life. They fall in love and discover love in their own way. It had the risk of being a "Koshish" anyday. A lucrative trap for making a tearjerker, emotional serious drama but Anurag Basu took the risk of walking on rope here. He subtly showed the pain of the characters through comedy. And there he wins hands down. Then there is Shruti and confused normal person. Who gets lost in the world of few 'abnormal' persons and never survived fully. And, hats off for choosing Saurav Shukla as Inspector. He's a revelation in this movie. Other supporting casts are also good but coming out of theater I bet you would remember only these. And, the subtle touch of live background intelligent touch :)

    Screenplay: The movie narration does not go in linear motion. We get jump cuts, flashback within flashbacks and stories from different key characters. I don't know if many would appreciate such story telling. Screenplay is neat, dialogs are few and far between. Silence plays a bigger role in this movie.

    Acting: I'm speechless here. Every actor seemed to be acted in this movie considering this is their last chance to prove themselves. Ranbir proved his level in Rockstar already...but Priyanaka just took reinvented herself. A very strong but sidelined character she played here. The focus was never on her but whenever she got scope she just marveled it. Kudos to her and Kudos to Anurag Basu to show us what Priyanka could do. Barfi for Priyanka is going to be what "Jab we Met" is to Kareena. Then, the next gem of the movie is Saurabh Shukla. Another brilliant performance. Ileana as Shruti also did well.

    Cinematography: The movie is a visual poetry. Every frame is such beautiful that reminded me "Raavan" by Santosh Shivan. After a few searches I found out the man behind this poetry and he is Mr. Ravi Varman. Just remember this name. Because if you watch the movie you are obvious to search who was the man behind camera.

    Songs and background score: Songs are good, specially "Main Kaya Karoon". And, nice melodic background score. Best thing is the story does not stop when the songs happen. The songs just help enrich the moment on-screen.

    Editing: In theater few were complaining about the length of the movie. I on the other hand think its the way it was meant to be. Such movies are best told in slowly, like a poetry. Such that every scene, every dialog leaves mark in your mind.

    Verdict: Reading this far it might seem its nothing but a romance between two invalids and Anurag Basu emotionally blackmailed you in the movie to love it. But what I've not told you is how much laugh riot it is, how this is even a thriller or how beautiful this movie is. All in all, a movie that gives the pleasure of listening a complete story. A movie to watch with your family. A movie where if you take your girlfriend does not stop saying "how cute!"

    Go, watch Barfi!. Watch the best movie of 2012.
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  • I went into this movie with very high expectations and guess what Anurag Basu did it again.

    I am always a fan of movies which are slightly different from traditional bollywood style where hero heroine and villain engaged. This movie was comic most of the times and lovely.

    The message I liked the most was "Follow your heart" Well movie can't be good until the actors do their job. Ranbir, Priyanka and Illena were spot on. Though a lot of credit to be given to anurag basu. Most of the gags were new.

    Seriously I didn't expected the story to be so twisted in the middle but again credit to Mr Basu, the way he streamlined at the end.


    People this is definitely one of the bestest movie released in bollywood. Lot of intelligent directors are doing great job, kashyap, basu etc.

    Must watch 10/10
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  • This is a fable, a beautifully shot, light, airy, bubbly fable. It will make you laugh. A lot. And cry, or mist up, a little. If you're still not a fan of Ranbir, you will walk away as one. And the background songs just don't stop playing in your head.

    There are some deeper layers, as well. Why is it in India that we cannot take care of our disabled children ? Why do we get threatened by them, so scared of social approbation that we are willing to abandon our own flesh and blood, despite having the means to look after them ? Why is it that playing safe seems to be ingrained in our blood ? In love, 9 times out of 10, we will choose the guy who is rich and doesn't make us cry to the guy who is poor but makes us laugh ?

    Ranbir, a deaf, mute, has never let this inhibit him. He is always happy and always upto something, not all if it legal, much to the chagrin of the local cop, Saurabh Shukla, who blames him singlehandedly for reducing his waist size from a respectable 52 to a mundane 42. He falls in love with the elite, gorgeous girl, visiting Darjeeling, Ileana. She is engaged to be married to Jishu, a prize catch, the dream of every girl in college. But she has never encountered anyone as free spirited as Ranbir.

    Ranbir, though, is the son of a lowly driver. Who works for another elite, powerful family. Who have an autistic daughter, Priyanka. Who has been left in an old age home, Muskaan, run by the gentle, ageing, Haradhan Bandhopadhyay. When Priyanka's nana, the man who runs the house with an iron fist, but has a soft corner for his grand daughter, decides to bring her back due to his ill health, the lives of all the characters get affected and change…

    The photography and the music is so good that I'm out of superlatives here. Am sure tourist traffic to Darjeeling is going to increase and the music of this film will be played many years from now, a rarity in todays world, where songs struggle for a shelf life beyond three months. Am not so sure about the editing. The flashbacks, the talking heads. Not sure they were needed in a story which was reasonably fast paced and as entertaining as this. Its almost become a fad now, to not tell a story linearly…

    Ranbir is amazing. Gets every expression just right. Whether his happy face, the ridiculous expressions he uses to make others laugh, his angry 'speech', or his bewildered look when things go wrong, as they have a tendency to do with him. Ileana is stunning in western dresses, early on in the film. She is nice as the adarsh Bengali nari later on, but didn't think much of her older avatar. Undeniably a great actress. Priyanka proves her acting chops once again, conveying her battles with her inner demons appropriately

    Special praise for Saurabh Shukla. The film would've been flat without his Hardy to Ranbir's Laurel. Or Bhola Raja Sapkota, Ranbir's comrade in arms and translator in chief. Or Rupa Ganguly, Ilena's mother, who understands her daughter's predicament and does what she thinks is best for her.

    Amongst the moments of the film are the opening credits (set to the song 'Film shuru), the comic chase sequences between Saurabh and Ranbir. The Darjeeling scenes between Ranbir and Ileana – on the train, or cycle or even the horse. And the scene when Haradhan bawls his eyes out, when the apple of his eye, Priyanka leaves the ashram, is just touching beyond belief.

    After a long time, a film which doesn't just show perfect, rich, urban people. But people who, despite their imperfections, seem determined to be happy. There is a lesson in there for all of us. More at
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  • Wow- what an incredible movie! There are so many layers to this film. one could almost see it 4 times and get something new out of it every time.

    There is a love story… A deep love story. Ranvir handles his role with such ease that it's hard to judge whether his acting or directing of Anurag is the greater accomplishment… He stands as a challenge to his conscience when he finds the correct answer in his heart… Ranvir seems a natural for this role. Like he didn't even have to act, he just let his own emotions take charge. He stole every scene when He was on. Anurag Basu(Director) was given his best in direction and screenplay. I'm requesting you all just go and watch this movie. It would be one of your best movie. Watch it.. Watch it.. Watch it..
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  • namashi_114 September 2012
    'Barfi!' Written & Directed by Anurag Basu, is a Masterful Film, that ranks amongst the best films of 2012. A simple, heartwarming, emotional & feel-good film, that also offers outstanding performances, brilliant music & fabulous cinematography. Its A Big Winner!

    'Barfi!' Synopsis: Three young people learn that love can neither be defined nor contained by society's norms of normal and abnormal.

    The Adventures of 'Barfi!' are extremely enjoyable & heartfelt. Basu's Screenplay is a terrific mix of romance, slap-stick comedy & suspense. Basu's Screenplay never falters & appeals all through. Basu's Direction, on the other-hand, is proficient. Cinematography is outstanding. Editing is sharp. Music by Pritam is brilliant. Amongst the musician's best soundtracks to date. Art Design is proper.

    Performance-Wise: Ranbir Kapoor is a fearless actor & he presents Barfi superbly. The versatile actor lives the utterly lovable protagonist to the fullest. Amongst Ranbir's Best Performances! Priyanka Chopra is another topper. She plays the easy to love autistic character matchlessly. Ileana D'Cruz does a decent job. Saurabh Shukla is mesmerizing in a strong supporting role. Shukla hasn't been this good in a long, long time! Ashish Vidyarthi does well. Others lend perfect support.

    On the whole, 'Barfi!' is a Must See.
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  • Barfi , well its a movie which I had been waiting for long. I perceive Barfi as an academy award winner as it brings out the cinematic excellence and emanates the highest attributes of human creativity. It speaks though its silent. Barfi is effortless , it flows smoothly from overture to crescendo. The comedy is so subtle and full of sweet subterfuges. Its an epitome of innocence. I will not reveal anything about the plot but the plot is superb with very miniature flaws that I would not like to notice in the purview of such momentous acting, editing, background scores and mellifluous songs. The narration in the movie is intriguing and funny as well in a sense that keeps the viewer hooked. Songs are well in place, situational comedy is more than appropriate , nothing seems imposed , every scene seems to have taken its own natural course. The movie is set in Darjeeling way back 1970. Ranbir has exuded his panache with excellent acting. Priyanka actually has evolved with this movie and she is all set to move to next level. The screenplay of the movie is amazing, the events are well woven , the movie flip-flops between past and present and the narration makes it very clear, there is no place where events confuse the viewer. Well as a final verdict I would say that I felt cathartic after watching the movie , I expunged all maturity and I found solace in craziness, the movie exposed me to simplicity of life and helped me to appreciate who I am. Must Watch.
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  • Barfi is that gem which has the capacity of making blood in your heart rush just like children rush through the school gates at the ring of bell. All you have to do is to open yourself and let it do the magic.

    It offers everything that is there to take from a pure cinematic experience: real characters, genuine relationships, a simple yet poignant story and a soulful score. It offers much more th an this if you can indulge yourself into it a little more. It has acting that connects you straight with the characters and makes you feel for/with them; each frame is a lyrical composition not only by the presence of colors but through their absence as well, the screenplay is such that it either allows the emotions to be overwhelming or would take you out of the scene (completely depends on the viewer).

    I can only wish to visit the Darjeeling of 70's as portrayed in the movie and I am sure Basu would not have had any problems filming the Kolkata part of the movie as it is the only city which has majority of its elements from that period still intact (No pun intended). Basu has always been good at using earthly elements in his scenes and he reinforces that here too. The manner in which rain, texture of clouds, stones, bright sun have been used to complement various moods in scenes is just exemplary.

    What makes this movie a winner is the unending list of scenes which will make you laugh, cry and sometimes do both at the same time. Dialogue through expression and enactment has been integrated so beautifully in the movie that you sometimes forget that you are watching a movie where two of the protagonists are incapable of communicating conventionally. It's a movie which celebrates one of the most prized feelings of each human being: the joy of being loved, through a story of people who could have easily decided not to embrace it. Priyanka is at her uninhibited best and Ileana plays her bit to the tee. Needless to say that no other present day actor could have done justice to the role of Barf!

    Visit for more filmy experiences!
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    Barfi is a movie that everyone can enjoy from beginning to end. It is entertaining, genuine, bringing a fresh and worthwhile love story to life in a very Unique way that many others have tried and failed. You will laugh till u cry n cry , till u laugh again.

    Barfi simplicity is delightfully misleading- the script is a masterpiece of most sensible comedy writing, and however good the rest of the cast is, the central trio is magical. Ranvir kapor comic timing will have you in stitches, but it is his honesty, sensitivity and vulnerability that make you fall in love with his character.

    This is one of the most unique, and beautiful film which will make you laugh, It will make you cry... a delightful celebration of everything in life that makes it worthwhile. Never seen any film so so sensitive yet so comic.

    I rated Barfi 10 out of 10 because I feel that it has really accomplished what movies like this should accomplish.
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  • i had a lot of expectations from this movie..and it hardly disappointed.... Don't be shocked if you see Ranbir Kapoor becoming one of the best actors of bollywood history in 10-15 years..he can do any kind of roles and do without breaking a drop of sweat.. This was RK's best performance till date..Priyanka Chopra portrayed her part brilliantly but it was pleasantly shocking to see a south girl doing so good..Ileana was the soothing factor amidst the madness of Barfi n Jhilmil!Good to see Saurabh Shukla back.. Pritam comes back with a bang..all his songs are good to the ears n suit the movie as well.. last but not the least we talk about Anurag Basu..after Kites's disaster i thought he might be lost..he just nails this one..

    Special mention:Cinematographer Ravi Varman..
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  • Want to make a good movie and send it for academy awards? have a little bit of script for it?...wait, you actually have a lot have the best scenes in the world frames and best directing brains...And to attain all these you need 3 keys in your 500 rs. keyboard..yes I am telling about control+c and v of course...formally known as copy and paste...

    Barfi followed the same formula..copying from everywhere..The notebook,charlie chaplin,jackie chan and what not...If you think any one of the barfi scenes to be original..believe then,just have not explored it's original source then..and when you find one original frame,yes you are right it is the most unfit,melodramatic and bellow par scene ...Good tunes you say..I say search internet...they also have their original ones..uncredited by the barfi makers...

    Acting is average..obviously if you have seen chaplin himself..ranbir kapoor is just a low quality mimic artist to you trying to copy everything..and remaining nothing of his are not mention worthy..

    don't go with the academy nomination..only if you have enough spare time..and if you are a blind bollywood or ranbir the movie's definitely not boring...enjoying but annoying if you are a Hollywood fan and hate copy-paste..
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  • Thanks to multiple rave reviews in this space, elsewhere I finally caught up with "Barfi" today.

    Straight off, the film is an hour too long (yes that's right 60 minutes extra in the era of Attention deficiencies), way too convoluted and seems like a by product of a scatter brain Director/Story writer. And lo and behold in this case the Director and the Writer is one and the same - Anurag Basu.

    This Basu chap has a none too impressive track record consisting of eminently forgettable stuff like "Kites", "Gangster", "Tumsa nahin dekha", "Saaya", "Kucch to hai" etc. In "Barfi" he lives up to his disastrous track record. Also Anurag Basu is no Chris Nolan to narrate a non linear story spanning multiple time frames with flash backs and flash forwards. He just ends up creating a non elegant maze.

    Many reviewers have already pointed out the shameless copying Basu has done from movies such as "The Note Book", "Singing in the rain", "Cops", "Kikujiro" and of course many Charlie Chaplin movies (most notably "The Adventurer" and "City Lights"). With so much of mish mash the end result is that an hour and half into the film you feel like you are sitting in a boring and meaningless lecture in your college and clock hands on your watch are refusing to move forward. So when the movie ends you shoot out of the movie theater like a bat out of hell all the while making a mental note to never ever watch any more of Basu's offerings.

    A word about the acting performances. Ranbir Kapoor puts in a competent performance for sure. Going by the current dismal acting standards of Bollywood, his performance seems award winning (atleast the Filmfare variety). Kapoor's character is set in 70's in small town Darjeeling but his mannerisms and body language are all reminiscent of 90's Bollywood films. Ranbir Kapoor should have borrowed a leaf or two from his grand uncle Shashi Kapoor's 1965 film "Jab Jab Phool Khile" where Shashi played the role of a poor boat man in Kashmir who falls for a rich tourist girl, Nanda. Ranbir does not get even 50% of his grand uncle's charisma, innocence and authenticity.

    Ileana D' Cruz has a stock of 3-4 expressions which she puts on depending upon the severity of the situation.

    Priyanka Chopra in the role of an autist thinks that performances are all about make up, costume and hair pieces. There is no depth and little subtlety in her performance (spare us the repeated slow blink of eyes please). Chopra is no Sean Penn ("I am Sam") or Dustin Hoffman ("Rainman").

    Neither is Ranbir Kapoor, Tom Hanks ("Forrest Gump") or even Sanjeev Kumar (Koshish).

    Anurag Basu has cast some acclaimed actors such as Akash Khurana, Ashish Vidyarthi and Roopa Ganguly in supporting roles but their roles are so minuscule and uni- dimensional that they fail to add any heft to the finished product.

    I am going with 1.5 stars out of 5 for Barfi.

    And these 1.5 stars are for: not having shot the movie in any exotic overseas location, not featuring any rich NRI characters, not having any item number, no offensive toilet humor, no 6 pack abs flaunting hero, no noise masquerading as music. In fact, to be sure there are a couple of songs which stay with you for an hour or two after you are done and dusted with "Barfi".

    All in all, this "Barfi" is a stale, rotten sweet from a dubious Halwai which has gone horribly rancid. Take a bite only if you are craving food poisoning.
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  • The only reason that I could think of when I saw the character of Ranbir Kapoor created by Anurag Basu was that, Anurag Basu (AB) would have been in-eligible to apply the legendary formula of cut-copy-paste, if his lead character in the move was a normal person. The art of plagiarism is so deeply embedded in the movie that it over- shadows the director's effort to tell a sensible, feel-good and meaningful love story.

    To a certain extent it can be accepted that AB's story had some new to offer for typical Indian audience. But for movie-lovers, who have seen the famous Tramp's movies, it is hardly surprising to notice that AB had put very little effort and time to create something new.

    And it is not only limited to humour, it is the story plot, camera angles, music (almost all key elements) has just been sucked out from 'n' number of movies and pasted together.

    My point of writing on IMDb is to express my feeling of dissatisfaction and to a certain extent a feeling of humiliation for the matter of fact that Barfi has been India's best film nomination to Oscars.

    Now imagine those guys on panel laughing their heart out when they review this film. If AB had gone for Oxford style reference system and applied that for every clip/frame/soundtrack/camera angle that he had used to make this film, I bet he would've needed two A4 size pages to list the references, and that is not a good report.
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Four reasons why Barfee will not win the Oscar

    1. The scene where Illeana Dcruz's mother shows her a poor man she used to be in love with, is copied from a Hollywood film The Notebook. If you have the Hollywood film with you go to 1 hour and 31 minute and you will see the scene.

    2. The scene where Ranbir Kapoor and Illeana Dcruz are on a train and are throwing food towards poor kids is copied from a Hollywood film "Fried green tomatoes."

    3. The scene where Ranbir Kapoor puts a fire fly inside a bubble is copied from a French film "Delicatessen."

    4. The scene where the waiter pulls Ranbir's chair and Ranbir is upset about it is copied from Mr. Bean TV series.

    Mr. Anurag Basu I think you forgot that the "O" in Oscars stands for "ORIGINAL" Try something original next time and may be the Oscar jury will be impressed.
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  • svaidyaji28 September 2012
    Its director Anurag Basu is a notorious plagiarizer. True to his reputation he has made Barfi with scenes copied from multiple non-Indian movies like Singing in the Rain, Cops, The Notebook, The Adventurer and City Lights.

    Even film's background score is a copy of Amelie.

    The actors have copied the original acting pretty well. Although the director has acknowledged Chaplin, Keaton and Mr Bean as inspirations but the screen credits do not reference any other movies.

    Being a plagiarized movie (and its music), it is very embarrassing that it is the official Indian entry for Oscars!
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  • sredsha24 September 2012
    That's a few hours of my life I'll never get back. What the hell was all the hype about. I can't believe that this movie has managed to garner a 9.1 rating.

    The amount of coping from other movies is unbelievable. The story is incredibly long and takes or ever to the get the point. All three actor can't act to save their lives. For the majority of the movie Ranbir Kapoor acts like some Charlie Chaplin wannabe. He dosen't even come close to the original. Charlie Cahplin was a genius. Ranbir Kapoor is not. I don't understand why he can't find his own acting style and technique instead of constantly copying Chaplin. I think the audience will have more respect for him as an actor if he does. Priyanka Chpra should quit acting all together and stick to her day job as a beauty queen.

    The music is annoying and adds nothing to the narrative what so ever. In fact it prolongs the narrative to a point whereby the stroy become like some form of slow torture.

    My definition of a good movie is something that is able t elicit some type of response from you. Wherether it be joy,sadness or anger. This movie elicited no reponse form the me. I felt indifferent and numb. I didn't feel anything for the characters and their plight.

    This Anurag Basu worst directorial venture. Disappointed.
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  • Kamal23 September 2012
    I watched this movie today and I am surprised seeing so many positive reviews on IMDb. Two things are there in this movie - depiction of physically challenged to make you sad and some stuff 'inspired' from the Charlie Chaplin movies to make you happy. The director was unable to handle rest. The movie in unnecessarily lengthy. The background music is absolutely horrible. In absence of a vital plot the director just keeps dragging the story. This is certainly better than Sanjay Leela Bhansali's cheap creation 'Black', but this is also more or less on the same lines. I went to see the movie after reading misleading reviews. Now a days it has become a trend where huge amounts are spent on promotions, that are used to fool people. This is no good cinema.
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Barfi" is nothing but a copy-paste from some Hollywood movies. You better watch out a rob Schneider movie. This in an over-rated movie I believe. I have never seen such a low rated acting by an actor. The writer and director must make some creative moves after its release. Bollywood should not copy all Hollywood stuffs every time they make a movie. Creativity must be reserved. That's not for cheating.We are looking for some good movies from Bollywood. But it's still a dream. Although Aamir Khan is different from those bullshit movie makers. Ranbir Kapoor should be polite.This movie is mixed of a lot of flavors from comedy movies that must be mentioned by the director after the ending of the movie. Thank you.
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  • Saurav Dominic Ganguly18 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly the expectations were too very high, mainly after the hyped & stupendous reviews and secondly they were all shoddily devastated at the end of full-time. Mr. Anurag Basu (gave him second chance after KITES) always had common Indian people in his mind, who engage themselves watching 'saas-bahu soaps', neatly wasting their time and thought was gifting them a MASTERPIECE by making Barfi, almost forgetting that there are still few people who have seen 'City Lights' and 'Notebook'. The worst part was, it did resemble (badly) to both of those but not at all as good as seeing any part as they did. A ditto Hindi copy of either would have been better. The acting of none of the characters was up to par. Even veteran in the business, Haradhan Bannerjee failed to make a mark and so did Saurabh Shukla. A lot very was expected from these two, when they could have been used very adequately by director. The acting throughout was so very going against nature and abnormal. Although autism and spastics was a good excuse, but (for dear critics, giving the film 4.5/5) do really spastics really behave so, as Priyanka and Ranbir did. Do we ever see a mute and deaf holding window pane of a bus and riding a cycle, heroin sitting inside the bus and singing and dancing all of a sudden in public, we don't, and here was made to sit and tolerate these vistas. Too bad to again realize that it was again a mainstream, commercial movie. Ileana d'cruz, isn't the one to be blamed since the direction itself was poor.

    Storyline was again same, a greedy dad, few kind maids, a cruel mom and a love triangle and the time to time narration was surely an added perk and thus came into existence another typical 'Hindi Film', which we have been seeing since our childhood. Mr. Basu even tried to forcibly pierce a bit of thrill, which didn't worked and was again a glitch. Equally the climax was tackily made again was unnatural while few were exact photo-copy of 'Notebook's' climax (when will Bollywood stop making lame duplicates). Also did seemed like Mr. Basu thought that just graying the hairs and making them trembling their fingers would make someone look old, a big gaffe again. Kolkata was portrayed good, still much better could have been done and same was for Darjeeling. Editing sometimes was nice. Few scenes were very nicely crafted. Music was the best part. In short, again a Bollywood movie, with a twist and a scene from here and there, not at all a thriller, indeed just another comedy. Moderately Recommendable. No loss if it goes unwatched.
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  • For me, this movie was too long and too boring.

    Actually there are two parts in the movie, the first is excruciating as the main character tries to get a girl who reminds me of Penelope Cruz. Many times I was frustrated by the main character. I could not make any sense of his gestures. Sorry but he is not such a good communicator. Actually I started hating that actor and would not watch another movie with him on it.

    The second part was more entertaining. He then settles for a more accessible girl.

    I guess the movie would be better if it lasted 30 minutes. No more time would be needed for an able director and guionist.
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  • Despite the IMDb rating of 9.1, I found "Barfi" a pretty average movie. There are several reasons for that. Some of them are:

    1. Positioning of the movie in the director's mind is not very clear. Whether he wanted it to be a good blend of comedy and drama , he has failed to do that.

    2. As a viewer, "Barfi" failed to grab my consistent attention during the whole 2.5 hours. There were several missed opportunities during the movie by the director. This could've been a good blend of comedy and emotions but the emotion part was missed out on several occasions. For example, the character of Jhilmil had lots of potential and so has Priyanka however director failed to provide opportunities to both.

    3. The background music is monotone throughout the movie irrespective of the demand of the scene. As a result there is quite a cheerful music even on sad occasions.

    4. The character of Barfi was partially inspired by the great Charlie Chaplin. some of the "creative" scenes in the movie are 100% copy from Charlie Chaplin movies.

    few good points of the movie are the character of "Shruti" played beautifully by Ileana in 3 different life stages and some creativity including the way Barfi used to throw his shoes for Jhilmil and shadow play on the wall by Jhilmil and Barfi.

    If you are planning to watch "Barfi" and expecting an extraordinary excellent direction, story, comedy and drama like "Munna Bhai MBBS" you will be disappointed. However, I must say, its a good time-pass movie. NOTHING MORE!
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  • I was looking for a rating below 1 but option was not given but assigning 1 vote for BARFI is insulting the digit 1. NO.1 FLOP COPIED MOVIE OF THE YEAR. It was total wastage of time and money.I curse the day i see this film why does Indian directors copy a Hollywood film . are our directors ulable to create new scripts I CAN WRITE THIS WITH MY BLOOD THAT BARFI WILL B SENT BACK TO India IN A GIFT WRAPPER. IT WILL GET ELIMINATED IN THE VERY FIRST BIGNING OF THE Oscar


    you should learn from a forth coming film flight of denzel washington that how to make a film

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  • kodalishanthu12 November 2012
    Neither entertainment nor message, or anything else.

    For some time, of about 20 minutes of the film you can not understand anything except a guy trying to make some comedy(but you can not sense or feel the comedy because there is no subject) like Charlie Chaplin, with a music in the back ground like Charlie Chaplin movies. What the director wants to tell the viewers nobody knows. After 20 or 30 minutes only it is got to understand about the speaking and hearing impairedness of the male lead.

    All actions of the male and female leads are nowhere related to any story, rather some story is framed to show the acting talent of the male and female leads.

    If the director or producer really believes that both the male and female leads are very talented actors(I am not saying that they are not talented actors, but in this movie there is no story which requires talent) it may be proved with a good story. But an attempt to show that they are very talented actors doesn't make a good story.

    I don't believe that this movie has any thing to be nominated for Oscar, and if it is sent, it is gunshot sure it will remain in the last of all entries.

    The reason for nominatin such movie could be a regional partiality for the director or others.
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