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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie has a powerful & emotionally intense script and story because it is based on a short story named 'Jhumke' ( jewelry- ear rings for women).This short story was written by Pakistan's well-known writer of the 1940's and 1950's era,Saadat Hassan Manto.Main theme of the movie shows how a young married woman lives a poverty stricken life with her husband.The husband is a hard working man of the labor class with meager income and resources.His young housewife has a desire to wear nice gold ear rings like many other women of her age but the husband can not afford to buy them for her.So she decides to become a part-time evening courtesan-dancer at a club.Then she is able to fulfill her desire for gold ear rings with the money she earns at the club.The husband goes into a rage,when he discovers,one day,that the wife is wearing gold ear rings.Of course,his suspicions were right.Some hankie-panky was going on behind his back.I had to mention all this background to set the stage for a Mujra film song that the wife is shown later singing in the movie at the club.This movie is mostly remembered due to this painfully emotional Mujra film song.Lyrics of this song, music arrangement and the vocals of playback singer Soraya Multanikar were superb.As a result,it became a mega hit among the Pakistani public and still,in 2015, is widely popular.