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  • I have been wanting to get into the Soulcalibur series for quite some time however I decided not to do it because I didn't know which story to start on and I don't own a Dreamcast (and that's a pity because it looks like there are a few exclusives on that that look like they're worth playing) so I decided to go to the last one that people liked (I say that because of the latest entry) and it has problems, mainly in the story.

    The backstory (that I had to connect the dots in) is that throughout time there are 2 swords, one of good and one of evil. Soulcalibur has whoever it chooses to wield it to wipe out Soul Edge, the evil sword that corrupts anyone who wields it and infects other people into something called Malfested.

    So leaing into the game without knowing any of this we open with Patrokolos, he is an idiot. He decides to kill any and every Malfested because some guy told him to (Maybe building that up would have been nice) then it's revealed he is looking for his sister, who manages to be a Malfested... And Pyrhha is a complete wimp as well. So they find each other and due to one of the characters in the roster (The one with the hula hoop blade) she is basically led down to Soul Edge and Patrokolos meets the people to lead him to Soul Calibur... They then meet and aside from fighting soap opera drama ensues.

    The biggest complaint almost every single reviewer had with this game is the story and while the story itself is okay, the way they tell it is terrible. If they had longer cut scenes like Mortal Kombat (or for that matter more then 5 actual CG cut scenes with the rest being these series of drawings like an old game from the early 90's) they could have built up how Patrokolos was taught to hate Malfested, maybe learn about the other characters on the roster (because aside from Patrokolos and Pyrhha we know next to NOTHING about the other 20+) and maybe convey that the one shot either of them have to have a family together get in the way of them being forced to kill each other. Does any of that even slightly work in this game? Nope! Not at all.

    So aside from probably the biggest let down in a video game story there are some things to enjoy about this game, most notably the style is very good in both graphics and gameplay, consisting of this medieval multicultural fantasy type graphics and the weapons based fighting combat. But the part that really shines is the customization. On the PS3 thare's around about 50 characters you can create, whether you want to do something like recreate your favourite characters out of something else or just want to make something up on your own character. I have only created 10 so far but the more you play the standard arcade mode or the story mode you unlock new characters and ways to customize your characters, but when I started out the customization was fine, it wasn't like there was a lack of options.

    So I'd suggest if you can put up with 20 fights over a sub-par story mode then you might like this game. I haven't played any of the other Soul Calibur games but I just hope the story in those games aren't as terrible as this one.