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  • I don't understand why there are so many harsh reviews of this movie. I feel that the people who rated this movie so low are being overly critical and reading too much into the movie. The movie was simplistic and left you wondering what is going to happen next. Isn't that what a thriller is supposed to do? Make you wonder or guess what's happening. I do agree, I didn't understand why there wasn't much dialog but that just adds to the mystic of the atmosphere of the movie. I felt that it was good due to the fact that the actors/actresses barely spoke a word. In which dialog is what we are so use to hearing in movies and surely was expecting to hear from this movie and perhaps that's why it was rated so poorly. The location where this movie was shot was breath taking. I recommend this movie but I also recommend that when you watch it don't expect a lot from it. Just enjoy it for what it is and don't try to make it be more than what it is. Just keep in mind, you will barely hear a spoken word in this movie...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While "Autumn Blood" is a very visually astonishingly beautiful movie, it lacks anything that even resembles a storyline that is compelling and interesting.

    The story is about a recently orphaned boy and girl living in a cabin on the mountain, when their solitude is shattered as the girl is sexually assaulted by a man, who later returns with his friends for more easy pickings. The orphans flee into the mountain to escape from their tormentors.

    There is very little dialogue in the movie, which really made it difficult to sustain one's attention fully to the movie for the entire course of the feature. And not even the spectacular visuals - in form of scenery and cinematography - could manage to remedy for a lacking storyline and dialogue.

    When I sat down to watch this movie it was because I saw that Gustaf Skarsgård was in it. But still, even he didn't really manage to pull this movie out of a mediocre gutter.

    If you enjoy thrillers, then there are far better movies available then "Autumn Blood". This movie was rather predictable as well.

    I am rating "Autumn Blood" a mere 3 out of 10 stars, solely because of the impressive visuals, because the rest of the movie failed to spellbind me or properly entertain me in any way.
  • te-794-88484117 September 2013
    Magnificent and inspiring images, outstanding performances, wonderful music. A story told with few words that features excellent actors and an image heavy style of narration. This is what makes cinema poetic and inflames ones senses and imagination.

    The plot about good and evil living all next to each other in the micro cosmos of an untouched Tyrolen mountainside is extraordinary and breathtaking. Thus, although far away from a daily urban life it can be transfered into nearly any community anywhere in the world.

    The actors were chosen carefully and met the needs for such an epic movie by 100%.

    Definitely worth to see more than once!
  • This film does not have much dialogue, and it uses it powerfully.

    If you need to have a movie laid out before you then move on, otherwise this is an immensely moving and captivating experience. From the wistfully serene wilderness imagery, to the wonderfully executed roles from the cast we see the a broad spectrum of human emotions conveyed through their hands, eyes, smiles, tears, anguish and pain.

    Cinematography could not have been better, the soundtrack simple and subtle. Sophie Lowe shines so bright as "The Girl", the supporting actors balance and round off the ensemble.

    This film is not for everyone, and it's brilliance will only be seen by a few; if you believe the most powerful words are the ones not spoken this may be a film for you.
  • g-adamopoulou28 November 2014
    Beauty and crudeness, soft and hard, good and evil, innocence and corruption, determination and fear, delivered in all aspects of this film. The antithesis is there in both the scenery and the characters' growth.

    The cinematography is stunning. The acting is great by everyone, the leading actress being the one standing out.

    From a filmmaking point of view, we have such a great idea and the execution was good enough to make it run but neither strong nor poetic enough to make it fly. This failure to launch is the reason I gave it no more than 7 out of 10 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is apparently a 'thriller'. The only thrills I got were a mild titillation at Sophie Lowe's bare flesh, and a jolt of surprise at the remarkable point in the film where two characters actually have a conversation (albeit an extremely short one). The moments that seem like they are supposed to be suspenseful are depressingly predictable, and quite frankly, often stupid.

    The story is exceedingly weak. The whole situation makes little sense, and as the movie almost completely lacks dialogue, we are left in the dark as to the motivations of the characters and the background of events framing the story. The principal characters don't make a convincing rural family - they can't even chop firewood properly!

    Many of my gripes with this movie stem from the fact that the writers have apparently attempted to tell the story without any dialogue except where a character's significant thought can only be conveyed by speech. This makes for some intensely frustrating scenes where it seems even the actors are desperate to say something. In fact there was a point where I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the absurdity of two actors trying to exchange charged emotions without uttering a word, when plainly the situation demanded some verbal comment.

    For much of the first half of the movie I honestly thought that the characters were all part of some religious community where everyone had taken vows of silence. But no, it turns out the writers were either just lazy or had an inflated sense of their ability to convey a worthwhile story without using the most sophisticated means of communication available to humans.

    The one thing this film does have going for it is the gorgeous scenery and the deft camera-work - often the dramatic backdrops are the only engaging material on the screen. I would have come out happier and more fulfilled from this movie if it had just been an hour and a half of footage of the Tyrol mountains.

    I don't recommend seeing this movie, but if for some reason you do, take this advice if you wish to avoid some boredom and frustration: watch the first scene, then take a nap for about 45 minutes while it goes on - don't worry, you'll quickly catch up on the few significant things you missed while snoozing.

    I'm giving it two stars for the scenery and cinematography, and one for the actors - I wouldn't say they were amazing, but they deserve some credit for doing a decent job of performing in an unusual way and emoting without verbal communication.
  • hess00916 October 2014
    There is almost no dialogue in this movie. I love that wonderful choice. Especially nowadays when every movie seems loud and overwritten. When we are overwhelmed with too many words. often we have words for nothing. Autumn Blood it is full of very dark content and unsettling moments. Yet still the atmosphere of the film is so tremendously beautiful. The story is told through wonderful artistic cinematography.I see lots of European Films, and this is a remarkable masterpiece done by a first time director. The whole subject was treated very tasteful. Especially as a woman I appreciate the sensitivity of the director. And it gives me hope that there are still many great novice filmmakers out there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some may say that this movie lacks any kind of content except for the scenery and some may say that this movie is brilliant in a lot of ways.

    My opinion is that this movie is an excellent portrayal of different demographics and living standards some societies(like this village) can have. All this puts marks and we see that in this movie whereas the victims are more of the poor standards while the hunters has a bit more power to them.

    The performances are great and I would like to just acknowledge the amount of untapped greatness in Sophie Lowe who just blows everything out of the water. The viewer gets a sense that he/she is attached to her and can feel her pain and suffering. This is certainly the grittiest and most painful performance she has had yet and she handles it like a complete professional.I have had her on my top list of actresses to watch but this performance probably made her the best actress for me. All this is in my opinion possible only because dialogue is scarce, don't get me wrong Lowe's voice is beautiful but she did an excellent job at showing emotion and pain by body-language. Everyone better keep an eye on this girl because she has got it all!

    The boy is also a great surprise for the future and while it's to early to say of what becomes of him he sure as hell had an excellent performance.

    The usual suspects(Stormare, Skarsgård..) all did their part like they should.

    The dialogue bit was for me intriguing and I can understand the majority that doesn't feel like this because it's a movie right? But for me I think it brought out more of the personal side from the characters. The bond the girl and boy has is quite extraordinary. For example there is one scene where he will try to warn her and they do it all by their body-language and I think that is a great achievement in their acting performances. But as I said some may find this one of the best things in the movie while others will hate it because of the low amount of dialogue but that's the beauty of opinions we all different ones.

    The movie is set in a remote mountain village which has beautiful landscapes and I can only imagine how it was to film there(hoping I do get the feeling one day).

    So to sum it up I liked it based on the fact that the message the movie has is powerful and the interactions between two siblings is just beautiful to see. Its a solid hit for me which also might get a replay from me and I rarely watch one movie twice. This may have been my first review here on IMDb, but it's solely based on the fact that I just freaking loved every second of it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is pretty good.

    Very little dialogue in this film. Many reviews and remarks I found on here criticized the film for this especially since they claimed there was no back story. There is a partial one with clues thrown in throughout for you to draw your on conclusions.

    You have to pay close attention to the beginning of the film and you may need your close caption turned on otherwise an important element will be lost and a lot of what happens will leave you feeling lost. If you do this the movie will make more sense to you.

    The movie relies heavily on the visual forcing you to pay attention so if you are the type to be on your phone or computer while watching a movie this film might tick you off because it won't make sense to you.

    There is nothing that will jump out and smack you in the face to make you pay attention to it. You have to make the the choice to commit your attention to the film and not be distracted by anything else.

    **Here is where the spoiler comes in.** Someone posted on the message board for the film questioning why the man who killed the father saved the kids in the end. That detail is solely found in the very beginning of the film. I have to admit that if I did not have my CC on I would have missed it. The reason why is because the clue was "hidden" in a conversation that happened in the background not in the forefront within the opening scene.

    There are moments in town that will show that what the Hunter did to the Girl probably would have happened eventually. Even if he tried to woo her, the secret would come out. He would have still went with his urges anyway.

    **This is where the spoilers end**

    If you have Netflix it is available now. That's how I came across it. Give it a chance.
  • Autumn Blood is one of the most intriguing films I have seen this year. My wife and I attended the Hollywood Film Festival to see another film at first. After reading about the film at the info desk we decided to see Autumn Blood instead. This film has stayed with us for days. It is amazingly beautiful to watch and deeply engaging. The choice of narrating the story through the action of the characters and nature rather than through dialog was incredible brave. There was complete silence in the theater during the entire film. There was a surprise Q&A with the director and cast. Every single person seemed to be deeply touched by this compelling story. We will definitely follow this director's upcoming works.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers? Hmmm...I guess.I read most of the reviews and while I don't have much to say about the movie except it was boring, pretentious and predictable. I did however enjoy the reviews more than the movie itself. They were such well written (yawn) critiques of this film and I see this movie was made for them. My mind wandered throughout most of movie, looking at the trees, sky, rocks , farming equipment and is that cattle? The lack of dialog was frustrating and it gets old watching people stare at each other. I don't think an everyday movie goer would enjoy this flick , but if your in the mood to watch trees, rocks things of that sort ,and not knowing why what happened happens, go for it. I'm also kind of confused as to why the hunter ( the rapist really) (whose attractive and does not need to rape anyone, great casting...not)does what he does but doesn't look happy doing it, but yet comes back with his friends only to look sad about it. Yes. Thought provoking.(eye roll).I am a fan of Peter Stormare, love that guy he's a very versatile actor funny as hell and scary at the same time, but this movie was boooorrrriiingggg.
  • I appreciate the effort by the director, he was really trying to create and make a unique experience in film making, which ultimately failed due to several flaws.

    first of, the film captures some of the most beautiful scenery of nature shown in film, very wonderful and breathtaking cinematography.

    the acting was also very solid with most involved, especially the lead actress who produced a brilliant performance.

    So where did it all go wrong ?

    I say the script is at fault here, the character development and backgrounds lacked big time. we really did not have enough background about these people, who are they ? what do they do ? what is the issue with their father and the bad guy ? who are the bad guys ? why are they bad ? too many questions lacked explanations and hence leading to poor definition of characters, ultimately leading to lack of tension and intrigue. I really could not care less what happened to anyone in the film, the villains or bad guys did not scare me enough despite the early rape scene, and the lead heroine or protagonist character failed to make the connection with the viewers, at least with me, enough.

    the plot was decent, started out well but eventually turned into another human hunt film which as i mentioned lacked enough tension and intrigue.

    one minor note is the unique lack of dialog, the whole film possibly contains around 15 to 20 lines of dialog only, it was unique film making, but could it have been the reason of lack of character definition and development ? in that, is why i believe the actress was superb, as she relied on her talent of body language and face expressions in her acting, and deserves praise.

    I got really bored at the end, that i started to fast forward the film to see how it ended. i won't recommend this to anyone, but you might as well give it a try and judge for yourself.
  • My favorite movie of the year. I had the pleasure to see the film at the Stockholm Film Festival while I was visiting my cousin in Sweden. It was totally different than I expected it would be and I left the theater spiritually and emotionally challenged yet uplifted in the same time. The cinematography and amazing visuals (not using CGI) are amazing! The actors lived up to the challenge of taking us along on their journey through their actions only as there was almost no dialog. The cinema was sold out, there was absolute silence during the sreening and people kept talking about the film afterwards in the lobby for the longest time. I hope that this film will have a theatrical US release, because it is one of those rare films that is worth being seen on the big screen. Eather way Autumn Blood will surely land in my BlueRay collection.
  • I saw this movie with absolutely no expectations, and I liked it a lot.

    I really felt that it's a story that could have been set anywhere in the world, and even at any time in human history. If you take away some modern technology (which are really just props and not that important to the story) the movie could have been set in the stone age.

    If you're expecting an R-rated "rape-revenge movie" you will probably get disappointed. Because that is not what this movie is. It's a poetic and beautiful portrayal of human nature.

    But I believe it would have been even better if they had been brave enough to make it 100% free of dialog. It would have felt even more timeless.
  • Sophie Lowe is now my favorite actress in the world!! I went with my school mates to see Autumn Blood at the San Diego Film Festival because we love Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki In the Vikings. Suddenly this actress that non of us had ever seen before entered the screen and all my friends dropped their jaw! Sophie Lowe is so beautiful and intense, and the story is super suspenseful, even my buddies who love mainly big budget Michael Bay films kept completely silent throughout the entire movie. The film started out very innocent and beautiful, it reminded me of Princess Mononoke, my favorite Japanese Manga. Every image was like a painting. And before you knew it it entangled you into this scary fight of the brother and sister, trying to stick up against a gang of really bad guys. I never thought the Gustaf could be such a brutal, dark villain. The relationship between Sophie Lowe and her brother was so special, I regret every fight I ever had with my sister. My buddies and I will be graduating this year, and then we want to take a trip to Austria to climb this beautiful mountains. I hope that I will get to see this film sometimes soon again.
  • Autumn Blood isn't your average film, I have to say. Being a cineast who loves to dig into films of drama and mystery genres, upon watching this film at the Hollywood Film Festival I thought it would be a standard genre film; the blurb certainly seemed to suggest this.'s not like any other. Now when I talk about protagonists and antagonists, it's really hard to truly define who they are, for you see, Autumn Blood isn't just a film about the survival of a sister and brother. It holds a deeper, more subtle meaning to it, making the viewer question what it really means to be immoral and the true meaning of evil. Innocence is lost and life for the siblings will never be the same again. A truly brilliant movie that speaks it's own unique voice.
  • ziskozlatko2 May 2014
    Sophie Lowe BRILLIANT performance. Oscar worth. Truly different but GREAT MOVIE.

    Sophie Lowe (the girl) hardly spoke,but she is MAGNIFICENT.Sophie Lowe is now my favorite actress in the world, no doubts.

    Little boy amazing too.

    Very unusual suspenseful movie,the beauty of the natural world( Every image was like a painting), really beautiful and dark people who thinks world is made for them with guns.

    Some people are truly bad, they will destroy the good ones if we let them.

    Watch it...
  • Yesterday I saw Autumn Blood at the Stockholm Film Festival. I am not sure where to start. This film took me by surprise. It started out poetic, beautiful, engaging and lured me with almost hypnotic power into a state of childlike emotional comfort. And the suddenly the world of the children was turned upside down. I found myself fearing for them, crying from anger about the cruelty they had to endure. Skarsgard and Stormare have never been more scary on the screen. Ther was no need for dialog, and the silence was almost unbearable. It was amazing to see how strong those kids could be, and the ending was unexpected and rewarding. Swedish actors at their Best!
  • The director's last name is eponymous with what this movie should have been called: Blunder. The cinematography is decent, hence the one star. Probably the most interesting thing about this film is watching the grass grow faster than the pace of this movie. I think it's an attempt at being artistic which fails miserably. Poor script. No dialogue in the attempt to be artsy. In fact, I thought that multiple actors in this had a condition that prevented them from talking except in single words once in a blue moon. Even the addition of gratuitous violence still left the grass growing as the best part of this film. Don't stick around for the harvest!
  • Unbearable mute film.

    Watch Charlie Chaplin instead, at least you can laugh!

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two unnamed children's parents die and they try to survive in their rustic Alps farm. Unnamed teen girl gets raped and hunted. Not much dialogue. Many slow scenes such as the boy getting a splinter. Girl swims naked. People go to mass. Even the action scenes were slow. Not much to see here. Remarkably won best feature at the San Diego Film Festival 2013. Maybe I am missing something.

    Some nudity (Sophie Lowe)
    • I think the direction on this movie shows just as much creative genius, if not more, than Steven Spielberg's first movie "Jaws".

    • The tonal values and the color is off the charts.

    • Knowledge and use of light in this movie is unsurpassed - your ability to reach just past the limits of the Dynamic Range of your camera - on the high end and the low end is beautiful.

    • The ability to say soooo much with so few words in a script is just past excellent.

    • Don't know if I would want to watch it if the story line was any more intense than this was.

    • The pieces of the story fit together seamlessly at the end of the movie.

    • I think everyone was able to relate to the characters (in a good way or a bad way) in the movie. This is not an easy thing to do with such a small written script.

    • I believe that one of the most important things in a good movie is a well written (re- written) script - In this case I would say that the director wrote (very well) most of the script with the camera.
  • I watched the first 10 minutes, don't know why I bothered. Fast forwarded with the occasional stop till the last 15 minutes. Watched the last part of he movie. All I can say is it was excruciating, no dialog to speak of and no dialog worth listening too. Beautiful images of mountain scenery but no context to make you feel any emotion about it all. Tragic story but no connection made to the characters so why bother. Had no clue who anybody was or what was going on till I looked up the character/actor description in IMDb. After reading all the reviews on IMDb it's pretty obvious that people associated with the movie make most of the positive comments. No normal person in there right mind would write such positive reviews for such rubbish. Very disappointed.
  • except some images that are worth seeing...this movie has no beginning and no end. i have the impression that i have wasted 2 hour of my life..there may be some subliminal message in it but i just could not get it. there is no intrigue, no plot, and no sense to every thing that happens during 100 min of film and after the first 20 minutes i was already annoyed by the slow action, bad acting, the absence of speech communication between the few characters that there are. the only reason why i continued to watch the movie, was to see if indeed the characters will remain so undefined and without personalty by its end. all that they to is run around a mountain forest (though beautiful ) one after another until they get back to were they started in the beginning...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cinematography was spectacular and so was the score. And while I'm not a fan of movies with little to no dialogue, I would have been able to get past that had this movie left me wondering what the heck was going on?


    Why is the dad killed by the Mayor at the beginning of the film?

    Why is nothing done about this murder?

    Why are the mayor's sons a bunch of creeps and why are they targeting this family?

    The people were all adequate in their roles, but I still was confused by everything. Art movie genre aside, I have seen other movies that left me wondering but in a much better way.
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