Natsu Dragneel: [English dub] Hey! Is everyone okay?

Gray Fullbuster: What was that about?

Lucy Heartfilia: I don't know! Someone's after her!

Lucy Heartfilia: [Her towel drops without noticing, while Natsu and Gray blush] What?

Happy: You feel a breeze out here?

Lucy Heartfilia: Uh?

Happy: O-la-la!

[Happy laughs]

Lucy Heartfilia: [She looks down and notices that her towel's dropped] Ahhhhhhhhhh!

[covers herself]

Natsu Dragneel: Your friggin' stripping habits never been contagious before, has it?

Gray Fullbuster: Uhh, if it is, I could think of worst things.

Lucy Heartfilia: Close your eyes, perverts!

[Throws small rocks at Natsu and Gray]

Natsu Dragneel: [English dub] Don't worry, we're all in this together.

Lucy Heartfilia: [English dub, last lines] What beautiful magic!