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  • paulithink12 September 2012
    The harsh critical reception of this program is uncountable, really, because for so many people the ideas promoted are abominable or simply foreign. I think it's marvelous.

    It's hard to think of any other shows that make me say "aw" and laugh too much all in the same thirty minutes. The message of 'The New Normal' is genuine and sweet, and the characters are plenty without feeling excessive and mucky.

    The gay couple here is actually a typical couple when stripped of the homosexual title. One man is exuberant and ridiculous while being sweet underneath; the other is laid-back and realistic. The surrogate, Goldie, is someone who is relatable for a lot of people because her dreams completely got away from her but never died. The grandmother is doctrinaire and her great- granddaughter considers her a bigot, but her statements and viewpoints do have an origin.

    I must say that I have recommended this show to multiple people and will do so again. I do hope that it is given a chance for a full season and a few more.
  • jfalkor8029 October 2012
    This show started out with a lot of potential and just keeps getting better and better. It hits many of the hard issues related to same-sex relationships, but also ties in a lot of humor and heart.

    The main characters, Bryan and David, are truly in love and the on-screen chemistry between them is obvious. Sometimes the writers can be a little over the top with the "gay" outfits and one-liners (modern gay people are more likely to act exactly as everyone else), but the show does a great job of showing how normal their lives are otherwise.

    Shania and Goldie are also excellent characters with their own lovable quirks. Rocky's character is funny, but needs to become more than an African American cliché. Finally, Golie's grandmother Jane is probably the least believable character and needs the most work. It is understandable that the show wants to dichotomize her bigotry against Bryan and David's love, but it really needs to be toned down to seem realistic (actual bigotry is much more discrete).

    Overall, the New Normal is definitely worth watching!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So normally I'm not the type to really get into the more modern-day type shows that play on real life. I'd been hearing news about The New Normal for a bit, and thought it was already airing. When I saw that it was only the pilot that was up, I decided to give it a shot.

    The story focuses on David and Bryan, a gay couple living an almost perfect life. To Bryan, the only thing that could make it even more so is having a kid.

    Contrast to Goldie and her daughter and old fashioned (in the sense of being intolerant of racial differences and homosexuality) mother. After a shocking discovery by Goldie, she decides to take her daughter and leave to start her life over and start living.

    Back to the boys, they go through an amusing process of screening potential surrogate mothers (including a pretty amusing scene with one of them), and the one they decide on just happens to be Goldie!

    More dramatics ensue involving good old mother, and we're left with a cliffhanger of whether Goldie is pregnant or not.

    I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I watched. The jokes were pretty alright, but I mostly just enjoyed the overall story itself for this show. I'm really excited to see how this develops. As the previous reviewer stated, it could go a couple of ways: Goldie could be pregnant and the series (the first or first couple of seasons maybe) could revolve around her carrying their child. Goldie could not be pregnant, but because of how she was positively pressured (the words of praise and the expensive present), she could have lied to the boys and a good part of the first season could revolve around her trying to find ways to get pregnant, with the end of the first season having her successfully be so (leading to interesting moments of tension and possibly one of them finding out that she was lying to them). Or she could not be pregnant and be honest about it, leading to other types of interesting moments.

    Though at the beginning with the couple they played a bit on the contrasting stereotypes (one being a bit more feminine, the other being the more masculine), it's obvious that they're playing more at being much more closer to being in a happy middle for both of them, rather than being the extreme left and right that we're usually left to watch. Being gay myself and having the gay friends that I do, it was really refreshing to see that they're being portrayed closer to what people could actually attach to and even possibly relate to (not that there's too much wrong with the stereotype, but it normally seems like they're playing it off for the laughs only, which seeing it over and over gets insulting after a while since we're not all like that). I only do hope that they continue this instead of having them shift over to the same stereotypical characters that we see.

    Again, I was very pleasantly surprised by the pilot. Pilots are pretty known to make or break a show, and as mentioned, I think this pilot definitely shows the potential that this show can have. I look forward to watching it and hopefully seeing that potential get unleashed.
  • aadams18 September 2012
    The stereotypical gay couple is tiresome. The single mom with a heart of gold is tiresome. The bigoted grandparent is tiresome. The quirky (but lovable) odd-ball kid is tiresome. They've all been done To Death. Combining them into one sitcom and then using the word "New" in the title is misleading. The problem with this show is that it's not new at all. A newer normal might be a gay person or couple with - surprise - additional attributes that could contribute to the humor of the show. The Luke character on Modern Family is a fantastic development of a kid; his perception is dead-on kid-like. Seeing the modern world through his eyes is fascinating. They've got to give this little girl something besides a crazy hat. I can't imagine what can carry this show – the pilot burned through all the gags several times.
  • I was skeptical when when I read reviews and saw ads for "The New Normal", because I felt that in most shows gay guys are very flamboyant and "heeeeeyyyyy"- like, which is not necessarily bad, however a lot of these characters don't have any depth, no feelings and only seem to be there to have a gay person in the show, who is basically just acting funny, and doesn't seem to have any real problems.

    But "The New Normal" is very funny, has a good and very clever storyline, dealing with real and current issues in a funny way, like this year's election, gay marriage, racism, intolerance, interracial dating, same sex parents, and a lot of fringe groups and topics.

    The main characters are interacting so believably sweet and honest with each other, that at some points you forget seeing two men. You see a couple having issues, like everyone else.

    The grandmother is hilarious! Someone said, she is acting like she is from the 1860s and the worst character. I strongly disagree, I think she is representing the opinion of a very conservative woman, YES these kind of people are out there, please don't act surprised, because you know I am right. IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH DON'T WATCH IT! Is she over the top? Of course! Are the other characters over the top and sometimes stereotypical? Most definitely. That's why it is so funny.

    "The New Normal" is an honest, funny, over the top sitcom that addresses very serious issues while taking itself not too serious all the time, and I believe everyone should watch it.
  • I have had a blast watching the first three episodes. I love every single character and they all crack me up!

    I think the main couple are adorable. They're crazy and cute and I want to know more about them, which keeps me coming back for more.

    Some people will be angry because they are two men who want a kid (I think they'd make good parents - they're kind, able to support a kid, and love each other), some people will be angry because they are similar to some stereotype or another (I think they're just who they are - and who they are is a lot of fun!), and some people will be angry for god knows what.

    Bottom line: this is a fantastic, funny show about a lot of kind people and a lot of crazy people who are just trying to thrive in their own lives. The show is very sweet but tempered with reality.

    My rating: 10/10. I'm so coming back for more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I suspect frankly that negative reviews are knee jerk reactions and oppositions to featuring a gay couple so prominently. Considering they actually don't even make sense if you've seen the show, it's obvious they are opinions of society rather than on the show. The reality is there are gay couples out there and yes, there are gay couples looking for surrogates. And yes, the reality is there are some people out there just like "Nana".

    The question remains however, how many of the Bible thumpers will crusade against this show both openly and veiled (as prior commentary suggests) which will determine the success of the show. It's writing is witty, every show has a stereotype or two thrown in but it's done in a comedic style. If you are easily offended by anything, don't watch this show, it's not for you. Little Bebe Wood as Shania is absolutely adorable (and managed in the second episode to do a SPOT ON Grey Gardens Edie Bouvier is awesome) and I even identify with her (a lot blond, a little quirky, a little poor and thick glasses at that age). In two episodes, I've laughed and my husband - generally hard to please in comedies - has laughed quite a bit. Yes there are reviewers calling this "gay propaganda" but they knew that going in, there would be crazy people who want to decide what others watch.

    ~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER HERE~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now that we know she's pregnant (revealed at the end of the 2nd epi), and we've set the basis for the characters, I expect we'll move away from the handful of more stereotypical jokes and start getting into their real story. Everyone who's identified with a show knows the first few episodes are merely the basis and not the bulk.
  • garylife16 September 2012
    I really enjoyed this show. It has a great mix of the comedy and reality that goes into being a parent and dealing with a society that has issues with this situation. Like any comedy, the characters larger than life and make the most of the theme of the show. I was laughing out loud quite a lot.

    While most of the characters are Stereo types, that is normal for any funny comedy. Which is also what makes it so funny the Grand Mother is hilarious with all of the stereo typical comments from a bigot. Having heard all of these type of comments and having raised kids myself with my partner. This really hit home for me. I'm looking forward to more episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I believe they were trying for a Modern Family type show, but this is just not as funny. There are some good parts - a few funny jokes, but mostly it's just tiresome. When the show tries for heartfelt, they just come up as tedious. There is a scene where the mother has a heart-to-heart with the little girl after a disaster at her wedding (the child's, not the mother's - very weird) and that scene just goes on forever. The character of the little girl was supposed to be quirky and lovable but is instead bizarre and preachy. The little actress does a great job with what she's given but her part is lame. The gay couple isn't so bad but really, why do these shows always have to make one of the gay characters so much of a stereotype? The grandmother is positively hateful. Where Archie Bunker had his good points, this character has none. If you are looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy like Modern Family with some lovable character, this show has none and it drowns in weepy(and sometimes creepy) sentimentality.
  • I don't think critics and people hate this show because of the two gay dads, that's a cop out and an easy knee-jerk assessment. The bottom line is the show is simply a HORRIBLE clone of "Modern Family" that doesn't work because it tries to hard and is too afraid to make fun of its own premise. Modern Family has wit, heart and charm and this show has none of the above. Seriously Ellen Barkin as an over the top version of Ed O'Neill's character Jay??? She goes way too far with the content and is not believable. Also, the two gay fathers on Modern Family are indeed stereotypes but it works because they are not afraid to acknowledge that and make fun of the things they would like to change. They actually seem more real than the two gay dads on this show. Overall "The New Normal" just doesn't work, because overall the show tries TOO hard to be something it will never be, funny and real which is what makes Modern Family a gem.
  • gallowaynatasha19 September 2012
    If you want to watch a show about everyday people with comedy. This is the show to watch. I know most people don't like that there are two gay guys but in today's society, that is the new normal. I think it send a good message to everyone. Gay people have feelings and they want to live normal but people don't allow them to live that way. Im not gay and Im not against them. At the end of the day, they want to be love, just like everyone else. People might not agree with the show but it is how regular people live. Goldie came home and caught her boyfriend of 9 or 10 years having sex with another woman in their bed. Goldie come outside crying and her grandmother goes in to let the boyfriend know he is not like. It probably have not happened to you but it has happen to someone normal. The guy couple, I enjoy love they have for each other. That is what makes them normal is love. I love the show! I hope it stay around!
  • Honestly, I wasn't really looking forward to this show. But, I had to watch it considering I was trying to watch every pilot this season. I got to watch the pilot early, and I really couldn't have cared less. I'll start off with the only positive I can see. The main couple works really well together, and they make this show at least a little tolerable. However, they kind of remind me too much of Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family. But then again, this shows seems a lot like Modern Family. Almost like an unintentional copy. But there a lot of things keeping me from liking this show. First of, I don't like any of the other characters. The surrogate is bland, the daughter is just there and really does nothing, the assistant doesn't really do much either, I'll get back to that in a moment. But the main character that annoyed me the most was Ellen Barkin's character. I know that she's suppose to be this really conservative women who just hates people who disagree with her. But she's too over the top. She either seems like she belongs in the sixties or on Fox News. Also, Nene Leakes's character has no point on this show other than for a racist joke or two. The only time I saw her in more than one scene in the episode was about the gay couple to prove to Ellen Barkin that they have a diverse group of friends. Seriously? But, there's this one thing that made me mad, even though it doesn't sound like I would be mad about it. There's this one scene in an episode where the gay couple and their surrogate are in a doctor's office, and they learn about possible diseases and disorders their baby could have. The last thing that he said was that their baby could have red hair, and one of the gay guys gasps. I got offended, not because I'm a redhead, which I'm not, but the fact that they're making fun of a group of people who get a lot of crap for how they look or how they act from people who want to be treated with respect, seems kind of hypocritical to me. Also, maybe they should of thought about having a baby with red hair when they realized that their surrogate's daughter has red hair. By the way, genetics are thrown out of the window as well, considering that the daughter has red hair, while her mother has blonde hair and her father has brown hair, unless the daughter dyed her hair, which I highly doubt. Also, it seems like every single joke in this show is geared to some group of people that are easily offended. Not to mention, that the show is rarely funny. I usually judge a sitcom by how much I laugh, I think I only laughed like three times in the first couple episodes, and they weren't even big laughs, more like little chuckles. Sorry to get a little political, but it feels like this show doesn't know who their demographic wants to be exactly. Obviously liberals would watch it, but their message is more geared towards conservatives who aren't going to watch it in the first place for two reasons. 1. It's about a gay couple wanting to start a family and 2. They will get offended by Ellen Barkin's character. So this show is kind of like preaching to the choir. But if you like this show, fine, watch it if you like it. I'm just saying why I don't like this show really.
  • davidleequinn195024 September 2012
    The title of this sitcom is "The New Normal". Actually this is the old abnormal. None of the jokes are funny, the writing is terrible. The actors are wooden and the show is contrived. There is actually one normal person on this show, Jane Forrest, played by Ellen Barkin. This woman is the only person on this show that actually has a grip on reality. So naturally Jane is ridiculed, scorned, and put down. I mean, after all in the new normal world, intelligence and common sense derided. Powers that be at the networks do not seem to understand that it is older viewers that are their main consumers. If they did, they would not make fun of traditional family values. I give this mismash 10 weeks at the most. Do yourself a favor and skip this pile of garbage trying to pass itself off as normal.
  • cem-arikoler23 September 2012
    This comedy is something between Will & Grace and Modern Family. Take Jake's words and attitude from Will & Grace as well as Cameron & Mitchell from Modern Family. Here you are. Although the first episode is pushed a bit too hard in acting on third episode it is settled. Acting is OK. Lines are usual. Yet it has a nice touch and script. It has the quality LOGO TV is missing in its own series. Perhaps because this is NBC. However the question is whether this series will last or not. As there are key gay issues crafted very intelligently between the lines such as an American soldier just back from Iraq getting engaged to his fiancé, gay adoption and surrogacy, etc. I just hope NBC makes the right call to keep this series as it is just funny. In this series kissing two main characters is not an issue as oppose to Modern Family. I just hope we will see the season 7 when they have their grandkids.
  • leopordo86-114 October 2012
    I usually wait 3-4 episodes before deciding if I'm gonna keep watching a show or not. After 3 episodes of this show it's kinda safe to say that it's not gonna survive long. You look at shows like modern family, HIMYM, happy endings or The big bang theory and you know they give material for 6-7 seasons at least. But this is not the case here. Clearly, they wanted to make a show centered around a gay couple and make them look "normal" and put typical non-creative characters on the sides. The grandmother, the daughter and the little kid are all what you have already seen like bizillion times. you can even predict what they gonna do every scene. The grandmother will say something racist or sexist.. anything offensive. The daughter will give the warm innocent look and act as an angel. The little girl will go "the world doesn't understand me". The whole this is very predictable. I could tel in the end of the pilot what's gonna happen next episode and so on! We all have gay friends and we see how they live and behave, you don't have to go to the extreme and make them weird then say "normal". Most of gay people don't do what Andrew does in this show and if they do, I highly doubt this would be normal any soon.

    I don't hate the show but I watch it like "yea, keep going".. I'm not very excited to watch anyway. I think if you want the massage you better watch community (the anti-racist/sexist) show. If you want the comedy, you have tons of shows to make you laugh your ass but not this one.
  • paulsportelli7026 February 2013
    The concept is very interesting but the characters are not believable to me. Being in a long term gay relationship with an adopted son, I can relate to the story lines in each episode but the characters are still trying to find their place and often from episode to episode they contradict their personalities. David (doctor): was the guy with common sense that kept his partner level is now a bit emotional and insecure about adopting a baby.. Jane(grandmother of birth mom): Is a bigot but now appears to have found a place in the lives of the rest of the group and has eased off the sharp cutting edge she had in previous episodes. Rocky: Is just not believable...she is new to acting and it seems a bit..umm forced. Brian: Runs too quickly through his lines and as a result does not have the best timing. Goldie & her daughter: they, to me, are the only believable characters. I think the story lines move through each episode so quickly and end up being resolved or the revelations come so quickly without content.
  • suzragan17 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    I really think this is a fun show! I can see that it could be offensive to gay people -- I hope it's not, but I don't know....I'm not gay and have not discussed the show with any gay people who have seen it. It is more likely that the people who will be offended are judgmental straight people. The grandmother is excessively harsh, but that is her character and she is very funny in a shocking OMG way. Overall, I think this show strikes a very nice balance between comedy and tenderness. The characters are endearing (except "said grandmother") and the material is full of heart. I'd like to give a special shout-out to the young Bebe Wood, who was outrageous in the second episode in portraying one of the sisters from "Grey Gardens".....bravo, Bebe! You nailed it! Too funny!
  • I watched the pilot for this show because it was heavily advertised and looked like it could be funny. (I'm also very bored with the constant politics on TV and was desperate to see something else).

    The gay guys were very, very stereotyped. I didn't find most of the grandmother's crude ethnic and racial "jokes" funny but she had a few funny lines which she delivered well. Unfortunately, she was the only one who was given any funny lines.

    I didn't think the cast worked well together. Some shows the cast blends, other shows the cast walks on, says their lines, and then walks off. This show was the latter kind.

    This show is not on my must see list this fall.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watched the pilot. It's not the premise that I object to. Nor the inane set-up. Nor the insipid dialog. Nor the shallow, one-dimensional characters which reek of ugly stereotypes. It's the sanctimonious smugness, revolting misogyny, and even-more revolting attitude toward children, child-bearing, and child-rearing.

    After the shopaholic half of the gay couple exchanges coos with a baby at Barney's, he rushes home to his non-shopaholic better half with a miniature blazer he has bought, and declares: "I want us to have baby clothes. And a baby to wear them." This will come as a shock, but a child is not a fashion accessory. And it is not a cupcake out of an Easy-Bake Oven (a truly vicious put-down). It is a human being.

    By the way, people behind this travesty, what brought you into this world was not an Easy-Bake Oven. It was a woman. A human being. Deal with it!
  • thrall78 November 2012
    I had high hopes for this show when I first read about it in the new television season previews. It had a timely plot line and seemed like a bold break in the traditional sitcom format. After watching the first few episodes I have to say it's been one of the biggest disappointments of the season.

    Put bluntly, the producers don't seem to be able to make up their minds about whether it's a comedy or a drama. As of now, it's not working as either one. It definitely isn't funny and the cast isn't good enough to pull off selling it as a drama. I find Ellen Barkin's character a ridiculous and offensive stereotype and the granddaughter's quirkiness to be unbelievable. On top of everything else, the show is very preachy. By contrast, "Modern Family" has hit a great balance with Cam and Mitchell's partnership of humor, angst, and tenderness.

    I read that NBC has given a go-ahead to produce more episodes. So be it. I won't be watching any.
  • chavitat9121 September 2012
    I think it's a very good show! It's a way to get the message out that gays are "expanding," and soon the government will have to deal with that fact. It's only a matter of time. Keep this up! I love this show! Sure the gays might be a little stereotypical, but some of those do exist, and its not a bad thing! I hope one day we will be able to see more of this in reality. Gays walking freely and openly without fear of being harshly discriminated. We're in the 21st century people. We have to grow out of our prejudices about things we don't really know about. Love is love

    Oh, and eldestjay, you might want to get a refund for your PhD in psychology, because you screwed up your prediction bad. just saying
  • rainzsim12 January 2013
    I found one of the main character just so annoying. Interesting concept, some good characters. Like the partner, love the surrogate and her daughter. The mother is a bit over the top but she's meant to be. Just can't stand the main guy - so fake and rubs me the wrong way. It's like the annoying guy in the bar who talks really loudly about his so-not-interesting life that you just want to smack so he can stop. Everything is soooo... larger than life and dramatic! Karen and Jack from WIll and Grace rolled into one, but without any of the lovable character traits. Plots are also boring. For dysfunctional families and the new normals, go to the much more sensational Modern Family.
  • haleym112520 September 2012
    This show is great and the title is dead on! For those who reviewed and said the title is misleading because gay or lesbian couples adopting/ inseminating is not new and not normal, well... you are totally missing the point of this show and should delete your review. This show is about a gay couple living together as a married couple and decided it's time to have a family. It's trying to break the stigma of a "traditional" family unit. We no longer live in a world where conservative values are the norm. The show is trying to push the point that bigotry shouldn't be tolerated. So in fact it is trying to create a "New Normal". It's also a sitcom and is absolutely hilarious! My husband and I laugh out loud every episode.
  • I can sum up the "New Normal" in one sentence, Dull and sanitized for straight people.

    The two main characters are right out of central casting. Asexual, non-threatening actors playing upper class yuppie gays in LA. There is NO chemistry between the two men, no affection, no kissing, nothing. The two men almost look like brothers rather then partners. Their personalities are stereotypical gay and I was both bored and angry with the show before the first episode was over.

    I never watched the show again until this past weekend after a friend told me the show was better, well the only good thing about this show is Nene Leakes, now that girl is funny! They should just throw out the whole mess and give Nene her own show as the overworked single mom trying to do her best. Her scenes are the only ones that have any life, humor or reality too them.

    I doubt this show will be back for a second season, at least I hope it's not. Lets hope cable can come up with a real program about gay parents minus the 1970's stereotype gay men. Two big thumbs down.
  • This show is probably not as popular a show as expected, from TV-hit maker Ryan Murphy. It's usually easier to score TV series higher than movies. You get to fall in and out of love with the characters over a much wider span of time - so hopefully this will pick up, in what little time it has to prove itself. But after just three episodes of The New Normal, I'M sold!

    The show centers round a gay couple housing their high school drop-out, blonde single mom surrogate mother, her 9-year-old daughter and her grandma - hence obvious "The New Normal". It's got a Modern Family feel (some might even say a bit too much, though I personally don't mind) in both style and content. But the actors are great, the writing heartfelt and funny in a camp sort of way. And that's all I need.

    Especially Ellen Barkin as the outspoken bigot grandmother is a hoot to watch. And except for my inability to appreciate Bebe Wood, who plays the daughter, I'm finding myself caring for these characters already.

    So I'm staying tuned in - and hoping you will follow suit, so that this show gets a chance to at least finish it's first season. I dare you not to chuckle, just a little..
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