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  • I will not pretend to be a fan of anime but to a point I do enjoy the aesthetics and content of the more accessible titles and generally get into it until it becomes lots of tentacle monsters and nudity. I say this because Drumb is clearly a fan and as a result has made an independent anime short film that really captures the look and style and content really well. The plot links to the suggestion of a bigger story but more or less still works as a single short film (which is what it is). A hacker and a power naked spirit woman of some sort are attempting to break into a secure experimental facility where a test subject with extremely power physic powers is being held and tested.

    The animation looks great and moves really well; it is an indie short, not a big studio production but yet the standards are really high. The violence is excessive but stylish and of course, being anime, we have a female lead with a lot of power but who also has to be naked and have large breasts – it stands out as unnecessary but I guess it comes with the genre territory. It is very short but it has plenty of cool content so if you are looking for an espresso sized hit of anime then this short film will give you your fix as it does a good job to create story and relationships through the dialogue and then hitting the viewer with some violent and cool scenes. A bit more action and a bit more time would have been good, but for what it is it works pretty well.
  • DragonLaser14 November 2018
    Posthuman is a small taste of what should be huge. It's equal parts Akira and Snowcrash and needs to be a series or a feature length film. The heroes(?) of Posthuman could maybe add a couple of more members to their team and have them cross the vile government/company that created the psychic program, maybe even going so far as to "fix" the world in the process. My point is that this short makes you think, makes you crave more of this universe and makes you hungry for more posthuman. Great stuff. One of the best animated features created thus far in my opinion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "PostHuman" is a 4.5-minute (without credits) short film from 3 years ago written, directed and produced by Cole Drumb and Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk. It is the story about a hacker, his dog and a young woman who try to free a test subject from his prison. It's an animated short movie and the style is very comic-like. Unfortunately, I never really felt for any of the characters in here and that's as bad as it gets. There certainly could have been a couple more minutes added to this one during which they could have elaborated a bit on the characters' relationships, why they want to free him, how the hacker met the young woman etc. This way, it could have been a much better watch. Maybe they did not have the financial means for that. Anyway, not recommended.