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  • NDbportmanfan27 December 2016
    An Oversimplified Story Leads to an Uninteresting Experience
    Assassin's Creed is about a corporation who wants to unlock history's dark secrets. They plan on achieving it by using a device called the animus that uses the blood of the target's descendant to create a virtual environment of the ancestor's memory. The corporation is run by the Templars and their counterpart are called the Assassins.

    Having played most of the games in the video game series, I felt this was a pretty lack luster attempt at capturing the story. Nothing is really explained in great detail like in the games, which was unfortunate but I can give it a pass since I shouldn't expect a movie that is only two hours long to explain too many of the secrets. What I can't forgive is the fact they continually addressed the apple over and over again but never explained its full significance. The scenes that took place in the past almost felt unnecessary as it never really furthered the plot.

    All of the characters seemed pretty uninteresting... well at least compared to their video game counterparts. I honestly can't go into detail about them as most of their dialogue was just short sentences. They never became good three dimensional characters but instead cardboard cut outs of Desmond, Lucy, and Warren. The movie was just one long trailer for the games which granted was Ubisoft's intention and they didn't hide that fact. They pretty much even said before the movie was released that Assassin's Creed will not be a great film. The main goal is to get more people into the game series. That is my take away from this movie, Assassin's Creed is so vague in the story and characters that casual movie goers will be thinking "you know what, I didn't learn anything from this movie but I want to. Maybe I should try the game."

    If you are a fan of the series, especially if you enjoyed the events that took place in the present. I expect you will be disappointed in the movie. If I were to put the movie on the video game scale, I would say it was better than Unity (by far) and would be even with Syndicate.

    Assassin's Creed is definitely not a movie that you need to see in the theaters. It is more of a movie that should be rented but even that I am unsure about as I type this.
  • KMB_bajra_Nepal10 September 2017
    Tremendously and astonishingly boring
    Warning: Spoilers
    (Some spoiler free views about the movie)

    Yet another addition to the long list of whacky video game adaptations. In short, almost 20 minutes of English + shabby script + dust sequences (I don't know what you call that) + ripped off action sequences of Prince of Persia + confusing direction + boring performances = this movie. It was literally vague and shallow. Total waste of time. On my personal scale, I'd give it a "3.1/10" score. On the usual A+ to F scale, it gets a sort of "E+".

    (Discussion about how I felt about the film .... minor spoilers)

    Good : Somewhere around the middle of the movie, Fassbender says "what the f**k is going on?" which summarizes the entire film.

    Mixed : Michael Fassbender in a movie is an interesting thing. He was the only reason I watched this boredom. Even though it was probably his worst performance, he kept me glued throughout the movie, and at least gave a false hope that everything will get better.

    Bad : Michael Fassbender is taken in a quest of revisiting the memories of his great (raised to power 18) grandfather using the weirdest and the most absurd things, which are too absurd even for the needlessly absurd movies like this. Plus, after all that dance offs or action sequences or whatever there is a least interesting build up to the least interesting twist. Probably, the makers thought the best way to utilize the CGI was to create dust sequences and that annoying bird. The action sequences were too boring. It tried to be a "historical epic" of some kind and failed every bit. And, those spirits crossing over were something that the movie didn't try to explain. And whatever happens towards the end is plain vague. The most nonsensical part. It feels like as if Michael Fassbender did this movie because he (as Magneto) couldn't travel back in time in X-Men: Days of Future Past. This is the one of the worst "quest for something", epic and sort of time travel film ever made.
  • Mikel Johnson28 December 2016
    Annoyingly Confusing
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film was like walking down the street and someone walks up to you and starts having a conversation but, they start the conversation in the middle and you don't know what the hell they are talking about because they never stop to explain what they are saying.

    This movie has no character or story development. Newcomers to the story are left confused because the movie relies too much on assuming the audience knows the video game lore that they take no time to explain any of the concepts like the machine, Why going back in time and killing people for an apple will stop violence?, or why did the three team up at the end despite knowing nothing about each other? There was no development between these characters and all of the sudden they are a team now? The creed is barely explained as well.

    The action scenes are terrible. Due to the shaky cam, its hard to tell what the hell is going on.
  • Jason Reid (JasonR77)1 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Parts of this movie are fun, but the immersion level is lost as Cal moves in and out of the Animus. Though this is a thing in the games, it functions there are a brief respite from the intensity of the assassin sequences by letting you nudge along the present-day plot with Desmond.

    The notion of the clandestine capture of multiple people to find the Apple of Eden is inconsistent with the game, and the film doesn't do enough to help the viewer to understand the Apple's purpose beyond broad strokes.

    The character development is also weak; why is Cal a death row inmate, of all things? There were numerous other ways of tackling the entry of Cal into the clandestine organization as opposed to what actually happened. Sophia and her father are also not utilized as well as possible, and this is truly unfortunate because these three actors are known for great performances; Michael Fassbender made Magneto, a genocidal maniac, sympathetic for crying out loud, so you must know that your writing has failed if his gravitas doesn't land. Cal is not interesting, and has positively nothing going for him. His game counterpart, Desmond, isn't much better, but Cal had the chance, in the dimension of film, to be something more, but he was not in the end.

    There are some fun stunts, and a few moments of solid action, but the film doesn't commit itself well enough to be an effective piece of cinema. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition to fall quite so flat. Monty Python is not pleased.
  • erkucz0023 December 2016
    Assassins Creed Falls Short of its Potential.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Assassins creed is a pretty straightforward franchise. Its about historical conflicts, and cool dudes that run around taking out major targets whilst doing awesome parkour. I'm not a huge fan of the games (I've only ever played IV) but as someone who is into history, I was pretty stoked for this movie. On top of that, Assassins Creed is also a reunion For Justin Kurzel, Michael Fassbender, and Marion Cotillard; who all worked on the most recent version of Macbeth, which I absolutely loved. My expectations for this movie were high. So high, in fact, that I disregarded the overwhelming onslaught of hate that came in the wake of the movie's early screenings. Boy, was I wrong.

    Justin Kurzel is a great director. He has a gift in his manipulation of fog, dust, and light. He did great things in Macbeth, especially with the final confrontation, and he does similarly great things least when the screenplay permits it. The setting that I had most looked forward to; fifteenth century Spain, at the height of the inquisition, barely gets 30 minutes of screen time, if that. The ferocious beauty that Kurzel's visual style brings to the table is never given time to become the prepossessing masterpiece I know it could have become. The epic acrobatics, tense sequences of martial arts combat, and exotic weaponry scarcely sink in before the viewers, just like Callum Lynch, are jerked back to a monotone and boring laboratory, that serves as the setting for most of the movie.

    At one point in the film, when the villainous Templar priest finally lays his oppressive hands on the apple of Eden, the movie's sought after artifact, Aguilar, and his Assassin partner leap down into a cloud of grey smoke, emerging from the shadows here, and there, laying absolute waste to the Templar. This is a moment of cinematic triumph, and Kurzel ought to be pleased. Next however, as Aguilar seizes the priest, he looks across the room, and sees his partner just as she is murdered by a Templar enforcer. An epic duel ensues. Climactic combat is Fassbender's forte. The man shows his emotions so well with his facial expressions. This woman is his wife, presumably, or his lover perhaps. However, I have no idea who she is; heck, i don't even know what her name is. The movies plot prevents you from being emotionally invested in the most adrenaline pumping part of the story, because the script focuses on what has to be the most positively tedious plot device in Assassins Creed.

    This movie was Ubisoft's chance to disconnect the Assassins Creed franchise from the half-baked convoluted sci-fi plot devices that are part and parcel of the games. Instead, the film chooses to be a movie that is almost solely, a half baked-convoluted plot device, with a dash of fantastic stunt work on the side.

    I am usually pretty optimistic after a movie. It takes very little to please me. My rating scale tends to peak at "perfect", and reach its low at "just good". I'm sad to say that I wanted Assassin's Creed to end. Once I realized that there were no more animus sequences coming my way, I had no reason to care anymore. This was not, sitting on the edge of my seat, or wishing the film would hurry up and get to the climax. I legitimately wanted the movie to be over, so the credits would roll, and I could get up and leave.

    Assassin's Creed is a tragedy. So much talent was involved, and clearly, plenty of hard work went into it. A few times, Kurzel's pictorial virtuosity is allowed to shine through the weary and trite plot, but for the most part, it is suppressed by how vapid and incomplete everything else is. It is a pity. Assassins Creed was chock full of potential, but it couldn't have fallen more short.
  • grantss1 October 2017
    Impressive cast deserves a movie with more substance
    As a young boy Callum Lynch witnessed his father murder his mother. Now, 30 years later, he is being executed for murder. However, the execution is faked and, instead of dying, he is transported to a special facility. It turns out that he is descended from a 15th century master-assassin, Aguilar, a member of the Assassin's Brotherhood. The plan is to train him in the ways of his forefather. This will enable him to fight the arch-enemy of his forefather, the Templars.

    Great cast, very weak script. Plot is very basic and much of the movie consists of predictable, well-choreographed fight scenes. The writers try to throw in some intrigue and purpose by introducing the Apple of Eden but it is a fairly weak plot device.

    Great cast - Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Charlotte Rampling - but these talents are all wasted due to the action-driven, no-substance script. Michael Fassbender can only blame himself for appearing in such a piece of crap - he co-produced the movie.
  • Jordanandreou6 January 2017
    Poor outcome with dreadful script
    As many others I played the Assassins Creed games and was looking forward to this film however it is safe to say that I was extremely disappointed. No matter if you have played the games or not this film was awful. First things first the script is poor. If I hadn't played the games I would have struggled to understand many of the references. The script is vague and confusing in parts which led to a man who sat in front of me leaving half way through (I wish I did the same). Although I am a fan of Michael Fassbender the quality of the writing meant he was wasted in this film. When it comes to the special effects the use of CGI was average. The fighting sequences weren't as good as I expected as it wasn't clear what was happening. The overall story was disappointing and the fact that there will be a sequel made it even more disappointing. I hate to compare but the games were good and the film was rubbish. I would not advise wasting time watching this. Please. For your sake.
  • RomeoKnight31 December 2016
    Oh dear what a mess
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't even know where to start but if I would have to choose a single word to describe this movie, "mess" would do just fine. Shortly, for lovers of mindless kung-fu action, this movie is watchable but gives viewer very little satisfaction. Don't let the good cast and well known game franchise fool you. This is not a good movie. Sitting for the whole two hours was a painful experience and at around 1:30 mark, I prayed that the movie would just finish.

    Overall the plot seemed complicated but actually, it's paper-thin chase of an mythical "apple" and "good" vs "evil" in a very stupid context. The complicated stuff comes from the fact that nothing gets explained to audience, things just happen while camera is shaking. Perhaps the gamers know a bit better what is happening, but I'm sure most of them are not content with this crappy movie anyways. Essentially, we have some fancy "virtual reality" gizmo that allows the user to jump in and "live the past" of a guy who died 500 years ago in Spain. I don't see how that could be technically possible even after a 1000 years but fine, at least its not super used concept. Actually that apparatus was the only even remotely original idea in the whole film. Fassbender gets lured to that device quite easily considering things, goes back in time and starts killing people to "stop the violence", as the bug eyed female doctor explains so seriously. Now that is ludicrous. Actually, the line between good and evil in this movie is non-existent and I didn't root the "good guys" at all.

    When Fassbender is in the machine, he kills a lot of people in action sequences we have seen 100 times. We have some parkour stuff and saber swinging in ancient Spain in scenes stolen straight from Prince of Persia (video game too with movie adaptation that is 10 times better) and plenty of other films. Our hero is a super human killing machine that can take more bad guys out than Spiderman without breaking a sweat. Of course this is a game movie but still, I'm getting numb of this bs. And again, since its the year 2010+, we need to have EQUALLY strong female side kick that can easily take men double of her size down like flies, can jump as high as the male counterpart and can do all the same tricks. Sorry, but women just don't match men in any type of physical action no matter what year we are living. But surely, Hollywood needs to carter the feminist audience too.

    This movie has no character development, no deep moral story, has mostly crappy dialogue, its unimaginative, incoherent and bloated. What the movie has is over-the-top action and "dramatic" orchestral music booming all the time, while still managing to be boring. Fassbender does what he can with the material, Jeremy Irons is there for nothing (just to getting mocked by some inferior actress), never before heard or cared Marion Cotillard who has too much screen time and is completely wooden and emotionless, Brendan Gleeson has about 5 minutes of screen time, wow, and still listed fourth in the credits. I don't know why these great actors went to this crap-fest of a game movie. Are they short on cash? At least the visuals for the movie look good but don't they always in modern movies. Really hard to find positive points here.

    This is honestly the worst movie I've seen in theaters. Yesterday this movie had a 6.8 rating here. Today, 6,6 and I'm expecting it goes down even further since generally people (even gamer kids) are not that stupid.
  • Oneirosophos12 January 2017
    Assassin's Greed For A Good Movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    OK, I love AC games and the whole AC universe. The first game was a bit boring but thanks to Ezio's trilogy I learnt this wonderful world and have been experiencing till today, in AC comics.

    And I found this movie such a generic borefest.

    This movie just took some tropes of AC universe, served 'em as a mediocre fan service, through generic action scenes full of crappy CGI, in a Madrid like AC 1's desert for some reason, and that's it. There was no mystery, no interesting characters -except the black guy who I do not even remember his name!- and the ost WAS TERRIBLE. This movie even had three top actors and still, could not use'em well! Probably that's why Fassbender went all out "crazy" in the only scene I memorize from this crapfest. The script was so bad that came back & forth to past & future without leaving room for characterization.

    I honestly have no reason to suggest this movie to anyone. Not even to AC fans... The worst AC game or comic has more interesting story than this... Let's just forget this snoozefest and hope that, if a sequel will occur, will be with different characters, script and such.


    Equally disappointing to WoW movie...
  • guilty_fury11 September 2017
    A leap of faith that left me disappointed
    Warning: Spoilers
    Assassins Creed is a movie based on the computer game of the same name, although it is a unique story set in that universe. It focuses on the search for the Apple of Eden, the key to mankind's free will and the source of a struggle between the assassins and the Templars.

    I found the story presented in this movie to be extremely erratic and bizarre, the characters one dimensional and forgettable. There was no depth or reason to care about any of the characters, and there was so much unexplained that I was frequently left wondering if I had missed something (I hadn't). And the end of the movie... well I can say i was left wanting more, but that's only because the final scene was so underwhelming I couldn't believe it was the end

    Not even worth it if you are a fan of the games..
  • kyltinlo21 December 2016
    I enjoyed this movie and I don't play video games
    I watched this movie with apprehension because of the bad reviews by critics. But I did enjoy the movie and I don't even play video games. And the reasons why I liked this movie is because: 1. Action scenes and chase scenes are very good and fast paced. 2. Acting by the cast was superb - Fassbender, Cotillard and co. 3. Visual effects are good.

    Now, for the critic's beef - 1. The story line was bad? No, it is not. It is comprehensible and with intelligent ideas and uses characters from history. 2. It is boring? This coming from people who think "Manchester by the Sea" is exciting.

    Assassins Creed is not comparable to and way better than Warcraft. But it looks like the critics have just lumped all video game adaptations as bad, perhaps because they don't like this genre.
  • Niko Haikola21 December 2016
    All in all pretty good
    Assassins Creed is by no means perfect, but I did enjoy it. The film has the classic setting from Assassins Creed games, a modern day protagonist enters the Animus to relive the memories of his ancestor. The film does a pretty good job explaining the series mythos to those unfamiliar with the games. Sadly, we don't spend as much time with the ancestor Aquilar as we do with the present day Cal, and Aquilar feels under developed as a character. The movie also felt a bit short. It really could have benefited from a longer run time, to give more character development to the ancestors, and explain some of the characters motivations better. The action in this movie is great, the story is solid, and the characters (that are properly developed) are interesting. Both Fassbender and Irons play their roles well. Overall a decent movie any Assassins Creed fan would enjoy. The critics like to bash it because it's a video game movie, and it's cool to hate video game movies, but it's not bad at all. 8/10
  • Danielle21 December 2016
    Thoroughly enjoyed it!
    There is a reason I don't pay attention to reviewers before seeing a movie; seems most of them have lost the ability to view a movie without preconceived notions. Too much over-analyzing. Very little of what is put out these days is in any way realistic. I'm not looking for realistic when I go see a movie; I'm looking for an escape from the daily grind. I'm not a gamer and decided to see the movie since I'm familiar with Michael Fassbender and I like his work. I chose to see the 3D version, which I rarely do, and am glad I did. It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie! Kudos to Damien Walters for the stunt work--great to watch.
  • ianstleon7 January 2017
    So the new year has kicked off and many were hyped to see the video game turned movie.

    Let me just say save your money this flat movie is designed to get the gamers' to the movies and then be bored for the entire time.

    Save your money for something else that won't have you checking for the exits within 30 minutes and kicking yourself at 50 minutes for not running to the nearest exit.

    The actors and director have done well with a script that should have been better and is more about trying to set up a franchise rather than providing the movie goers with a action packed movie.
  • abelgg222 December 2016
    Critics vs Gamer
    I'm going to come out and say it, the critics are right, but there is a big but here. If you have played this game, you are going to truly enjoy it. The big problem that I think is not going to brake the video game curse is the fact that it isn't possible to cover the whole story in such a short amount of time and appeal to critics and people who haven't played the game and never will while satisfying gamers in a way that won't scare them away from the video game itself. So if I'm talking right now to a gamer, I would say that this movie has it all, but if I'm not, you will probably dislike the movie or simply just enjoy it as a C grade movie that got you entertained for two hours and you'll forget about it in a few more.

    Now that's out of the way here is my fan review. The parkour, the animus, the outfits, the scenes and the story was all an amazing representation of Assassin's Creed. It made justice to the game completely. If you are a fan of the games, you'll truly enjoy this film to its fullest potential. Lastly, Fassbender's performance was amazing and the assassin girl was crazy good. "Nothing it's true, everything is permitted." Cons: one eagle flying scene could have been enough and the last shot was cheesy, but other than that I loved this film for the same reason I love the videogames.
  • merelyaninnuendo1 January 2017
    you are about to enter the Animus..
    Assassin's Creed

    No man, no, come on Fassbender, not from you. I didn't see this coming at all. And I am disappointed with Marion too. Why would she do such a movie? Bad script with bad direction, i mean the audience is much smarter than some silly fights or stunts and even the visual effects weren't good too. There is not a single moment or a thread of the story that you might wanna hold onto so, basically a four-year kid wrote the script. A disaster, a nightmare, a tragedy; basically a glimpse of 2017.

  • Mitch Sierra22 December 2016
    Don't listen to the haters/critics!
    Following a somewhat parallel story to the original game, I do wish they would've stuck with original characters. Despite that, the film remains a fun and intriguing watch. The change of the Animus from a bed-like system to the VR style arm was something I originally disliked, but that change ends up playing well into the film visually and aids in parts of the story. The action scenes are well choreographed and exciting, countered with what may be a few too many close up facial expressions and dialogue that might easily confuse someone less familiar with the base plot of the franchise. As far as movie adaptations of video games, this is a far better rendition than many other attempts. As a standalone film it needs some work. But I know they intended to produce a trilogy so I'd like to believe the opportunity to release sequels will give the audience more of what they're looking for, while this movie may have been a bit too much set up rather than development. Personally I generously offer it 7/10, and would recommend seeing it. I hope it is successful enough for them to finish the intended trilogy.
  • Thomas Drufke21 December 2016
    We Work in the Dark to Serve the Light
    Warning: Spoilers
    Besides a few yearly sports titles, I don't find myself enamored with any single video game series. That is, besides the Assassin's Creed games. The film definitely captured the game's tone, even if it sometimes makes frustrating plot choices.

    I'm not willing to say Assassin's Creed breaks the video game-movie "curse" if you will, but it may be the best adaptation in years. Of course, that's not saying a whole lot, and there's still so much room for improvement. Where many films these days have way too many exposition-heavy scenes, Assassin's Creed needed a few more. If you haven't played any of the games or are not familiar with the lore, there will be more than one time you'll be saying (in the words of Callum Lynch) "what the f*ck is going on."

    And frustrating or not, this story isn't necessarily structured like the games. The games are roughly 75% past and 25% present day balanced. But the film flips that into 60% present and 40% past. I'm not sure if it was budgetary reasons or the filmmakers just didn't think 15th Century Spain would be interesting to viewers, but this isn't a film about that particular time-frame. For better or worse, this is Callum Lynch's story. If that's the reason you'll dislike the movie than that's fine, but I'm not sure what the film chose not to set focus on would be the reason I would tear it apart for. Instead, the film is at its weakest when the present-day plot takes itself too seriously or you just don't fully understand certain character's motivations (i.e. Marion Cotillard).

    To me, however, because of how much this film encapsulated the feeling of the video game, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the movies. Although used sparingly, Aguilar (Lynch's ancestor in 15th Century Spain), is awesome. I would have liked some more development between him and Maria, a fellow assassin, but the action they took part in is some of the most thrilling this year. If this film makes money, I sure hope the filmmakers decide to cut down on the shadowy and smoke filled action, because when you can see fighting clearly, is when the film succeeds the most.

    I can't deny that this film can be pretty confusing, especially to a casual film-goer, but if you're a fan of the game I can't see you walking away disappointed overall. There are certainly some things that need fixing, but if Fox takes a leap of faith (ha, see what I did there), this could be quite the franchise.

    +When the film focuses on the past


    +Action replicates the game's aesthetic

    -Needed some more exposition

    -Some characters are underwritten

  • Louie Charnock17 December 2016
    Saw an early screening and was not disappointed.
    Warning: Spoilers
    So we all know the trend of video game movies being terrible. Well, I'm happy to say Assassin's Creed BROKE that trend! Really quick one thing to point out is that people complained that the movie was giving a PG-13 rating. This is probably one of the most brutal PG-13 movies I've seen in terms of violence. It was like they were going for an R rating then at the last minute the studio was like, "You know what. Just cut out the blood." Which honestly if that's how it went I wouldn't be surprised. The choreography is fantastic and some blood is even shown. Michael Fassbender as Aguilar was a great casting choice. His character was well written and I felt a sadness for him (You'll know when you watch the movie) All in all a great performance! Now is the movie perfect... No. Of course not. Every movie has it's flaws. Some may say the CGI is over used (Which I thought it wasn't) some may hate the physics (But it worked for the movie) Again, little nit picks people are going to say just because they can't have fun watching a movie! Let me leave you with this. I had a blast watching this film and I highly recommend it to even people who haven't played the game. 10/10 fantastic movie to end 2016 on!
  • amykyon7117 January 2017
    Very poor
    I haven't Play the video game, I only saw the movie, but honestly, I think It was a very poor movie. The story was inconsistent, it had very boring scenes, the acting wasn't good enough and the plot... It just doesn't work out. Nothing is explained. And what to say about the characters? They didn't developed any characters, so the viewer can't empathize with any of them... At the end of the movie, it leaves you a sour taste in your mouth... because it looks like there's going to be another movie. In conclusion, don't waste your money. This is my personal opinion, from a person that saw the film without having play the game.
  • ahmed_mensh6 January 2017
    Don't waste your time with this
    This movie isn't as good as it is supposed to be. First of all, if you didn't play The video game you won't understand the story. or you will get only a few head lines , but the story is much more deeper than this. in my opinion, if the creators didn't make a new part with full details. and there is another important thing, there is no actor in Hollywood can do this character, I just that you get a professional parkour player. - 2- where is the team work in the movie, where are the counter attack moves, where is the sword work? 3- this movie is a huge disgrace to the assassin's story. there must be new parts that must be stronger.
  • ncoddo21 December 2016
    Assassin's Creed: A Movie Worth Watching
    Despite critic reviews and reports expressing their concern on yet another video game spin-off attempt, I decided to still go view the movie on its first showing. I can honestly say that not seeing this movie in theater would be a mistake. The action sequences combined with excellent cinematography and special effects allowed for a thrilling ride from both the present-day Cal Lynch to the Inquisition-Animus Aguilar segments present in the film. Being that I have previously played many of the Assassin's Creed video games, the plot proved easy to follow, flowing from one concept to the next easily.

    For those who have no background on the franchise, any confusion that might result from the movie's plot can be cleared up by a quick brush-up on the story-line of the Assassin's Creed games. This possible confusion that might result due to a viewer's inexperience with the story-line is the only reason this movie does not merit a 10/10 review. A word of advice that might help to clear up confusion centers of the Animus. The purpose is not to alter the past, but rather observe it through the eyes of an ancestor in order to pick up on clues and hints which could aid in present-day tasks. The task that Sofia (Marion Cotillard)is attempting to complete is the discovery of the Apple of Eden--basically a very important artifact desired by both the Templars and Assassins. Thus, the Animus sequences that appear to lack much background or a concrete plot are intentional due to the fact that only the sequences hinting or involving the Apple are viewed. If the entire life of Aguilar (Michael Fassbender) was necessary to finding the Apple, the movie might as well have just been about him.

    Nevertheless, anyone who is already familiar or is willing to take 30 seconds to familiarize themselves with the Assassin's Creed story will watch an excellent film--surpassing most of the recent releases this year.
  • melissa juthridge4 January 2017
    Why are the critics so unfairly harsh?
    This is, by far, the best video game adaptation I have ever seen. I do not understand why the critics have been putting down this movie with such violence... Is it because they want to make the filmmakers pay for the fact that they chose high-caliber talent instead of goofy actors and an 'obvious' choice of director? Is it because the producers decided to go with a indie film director whose vision they believed in? I think the music is amazing (bravo to Justin Kurzel's brother) and the visuals are extraordinary. All the actors did a fantastic job in this movie. This is unlike any video game movie I have ever seen, and will go down in my book as the best adaptation out there today.
  • megazeroxuxz21 December 2016
    If you're an AC fan you will love this movie.
    This movie is more of an homage to the game. The writing is similar, the plot is similar, and all the action are great and well done. The movie did a great job at recalling all the great moments in the AC series, and retrofitting them into this new plot. If you have played all the games, then this movie is perfect, it doesn't go into detail about the creed or the templars, you will have to fill in the blanks on your own. Some scenes are very powerful if you understand the back story and things that happened in the game and connect the reference. Basically this movie is a huge ester egg from the games. A bunch of references,and all in all it was fun watching it with a friend and pointing out which scenes were inspired by which game in the series. For example the ending is like a big ass homage to the original game trailer, the thing that started it all. Also if you are a veteran of the games, you wouldn't want to sit through the whole Templar vs assassin's and their creed explained for the fifth time anyways, this movie cut to the meat of the games, and I was glad that they did like this, not a lot of video games adaptation are bold enough to skip very key plot points. This movie is catered heavily on the true AC fans, I am for once am extremely happy I bought a movie ticket full price to go and support this production. It did not let me down and I am extremely proud of the cast and crew for their work on this movie.
  • Morten Dybdal19 February 2017
    oh my .... this was just... boring as f..
    extremely hard for me to say anything nice about this movie ... this one was just boring from the beginning to the end ... so 100% boring ... " great job " .. after a hour i was watching my clock and hoping it was over soon ... then i ask't the one by my side if she wanted to leave ... she sayd " lets see if this picks up for a few more mins ... but it didn't ... i wanted to kill my self ...afyer 1hour and 50 mins give or take thiscrapy movie was over .... god danm this was .. the most boring movie i ever seen " almost " even the main actor ... was just .. " i like him in the xman movies but ... " well let me say it this way ... i will never see a other movie with him again !!!
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