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  • I'm going to preface this review by stating the obvious (and what no doubt some may be quick to point out in defense of the sequel): look, it's "Dumb and Dumber" we're talking about here; not "Citizen Kane". But I feel like that disclaimer only goes so far, because frankly, the original "Dumb and Dumber" is one of the funniest films I've ever seen -- endlessly quotable, thoroughly likable. The key to the movie, I think, is that there's an underlying sweetness to the humor: Lloyd and Harry (Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels) are never presented as malicious. Most of the bad stuff that happens to them is inadvertent, and often at the expense of trying to do a good deed (e.g. Lloyd trying to return the briefcase).

    The new movie left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and it wasn't just the cheap, garish, ugly cinematography (the movie literally has the appearance of a Funny or Die or SNL sketch, with brightly lit, obvious set pieces; frankly, it has the aesthetics of a soap opera).

    What left me reeling was the movie's cruel streak -- it turns Harry and Lloyd into deliberately mischievous cretins, and the inherent humour is drained from any potential scenarios as a result of their self- awareness. Roger Ebert used to talk about this a lot in his reviews -- it's only funny if the character isn't aware of what he's doing. So when Lloyd and Harry accidentally poison the hit-man hired to kill them in the original Dumb an Dumber, it's funny; when they deliberately sabotage a convention in "Dumb and Dumber To," screaming at a woman to show them her naked body, or gleefully discuss being responsible for a man's death in front of his parents, it's...not funny. It's immature, it's crass, and most importantly, *it goes against the very thing that made these characters funny in the first place!*

    I find it hard to believe all these original cast and crew members could re-assemble for a film 20 years later and so completely misunderstand the appeal of their own movie.

    Beyond the inherent lack of humor in the mean-spirited hijinks these characters get themselves into this time around, many of the film's one- liners and jokes just aren't funny either. Sorry, but no matter how many times you repeat it, using the word 'butthole' isn't really that amusing.

    The film also lazily falls back on repeating some of the original film's plot points and, indeed, one-liners (e.g. Lloyd's "I like it a lawwwt" or the mannerisms he makes when mixing a drink, identical to the first film). It confuses homage for humour, recycling gags without providing them in a fresh context, which simply reminds us of how much funnier they were the first time around.

    And then there are the performances. The Farrellys said Jim Carrey hadn't seen the original movie for something like 15 years before agreeing to doing the sequel, and I'm not surprised. He doesn't seem to remember the comic energy he imbued Lloyd with in the original film; instead, he turns Lloyd into an unlikable, borderline creepy manchild with overly exaggerated stupidity and mannerisms. I think the simplest way of summarizing the mistake here is that they jumped the shark from 'dumb' to 'willfully stupid.' And, again to paraphrase the late Mr Ebert, this is the difference between funny and not funny.

    This movie is not funny. It's not even mildly amusing in the manner in which I expected a long-delayed sequel may be. If it had been lazy and fallen back on repeating gags from the original film, fair enough; if it contained the same sweet-natured spirit of the original movie, then maybe that would have been its saving grace. Instead, it's not only unfunny, it's egregiously nasty and vile, and when I left the theater I just immediately wanted to wash the taste out.

    I remember seeing "Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd" years ago in theaters, hating it, and thinking how much better it would have been if they had convinced Jim Carrey to come back for a proper sequel. Imagine my surprise 11 years later that this movie doesn't have a single scene as funny as that one's Bob Saget cameo. What a complete and utter let- down this movie was.
  • Picture this: It's 20 years ago and you are at a party with stale pizza and warm beer. You plan on leaving early, then the life of the party shows up and makes it the most memorable party you ever went to.

    20 years later, you plan a reunion and bring better pizza, a cooler filled with beer and invite everyone to the same place again. The same jokes are told and everyone leaves early.

    That is what Dumb and Dumber is. I loved the first one so much that I am still willing to be happy with the reunion for old time sake.

    It seems like all the variables were in place, and everyone just kept waiting for magic to happen. It seems like it was filmed well enough, and everyone thought they would fix it in post. Then in the edit room, everyone figured, "Well they shot it how they want it." and left it long and loose. It was very paint by numbers, and everyone followed the script. In a movie where the script was just there simply as a framework to be expanded upon. The timing is off and there is no punch.

    This may be what happens when modern studio execs watch too many dailies and start influencing the editing process too much, and take the funny away from the people they paid to be funny. Next time, light the fire cracker and walk away. Let the experts be experts.
  • I was pretty disappointed in this movie, and I'm not really sure why. There were definitely some funny parts where I laughed, but the whole thing felt pretty....forced. Harry and Lloyd felt like exaggerated versions of themselves, the storyline was just OK, and I think what threw me off the most was that so much of the movie was recycled.

    I mean, you wait this long for a sequel to an absolutely classic movie, you start wondering what brilliance they must be cooking up. However, a LOT of the jokes were literally the same as the ones from the original, like exactly the same. They also tried to recreate similar scenes, they even used a lot of the same soundtrack. While some may see this as nostalgia, I saw it as lazy film making.

    I also didn't particularly like the silliness. The first movie had some random very silly parts that in context of the rest of the genuinely funny parts didn't bother me at all. However, this movie seemed to be made up of entirely ridiculous scenes. Almost cartoon like in the way it was done. Not a fan. It reminded me a little of the three stooges movie.

    Overall, just not worth going to the movies to see. It's a shame Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels waited this long just to put out something so mediocre.
  • As a big fan of Dumb and Dumber, I went into Dumb and Dumber To trying not to let wistfulness paint the sequel too positively. Those worries quickly dissipated, as To is a forced and aggressively unfunny gross-out comedy. It's the absolute worst kind of sequel: the kind that repeats old jokes to try and get a cheap cheer of nostalgia. All the while, laziness and overt offensiveness abound, with jokes never reaching higher than the lowest of low hanging fruit. It disappoints completely, like a desperate old rock singer trying to hit the same notes he used to, but consistently falling flat. While the first was a brilliantly inspired bit of comedic stupidity, Dumb and Dumber To is just plain stupid. We find our puerile protagonists older but none-the wiser, still getting in over their heads yet unwittingly finding their way through it. Plot is not the movie's aim, and it doesn't need to be. What it does need to be, however, is funny. Unfortunately the jokes are understandably irreverent, yet also socially inept and rarely successful. Worst of all is that Daniels' Harry and Carrey's Lloyd have completely lost the chemistry that once bound them. They've become purely sad parodies of their former selves. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. I mean, the Farrelly's have proved to be nothing more than perpetual 10-year-olds, and they manage one or two moments of contrived laughter. But one or two laughs in a 100-minute movie just isn't enough. Clearly the filmmakers think the audience is as dumb as their leads. We're not.
  • temzo9113 November 2014
    Well, I was pretty excited to see this one, knowing that no matter how bad it might turn out to be, these two still would never fail at making you laugh, now it's not as good as the first, but it sure does make you laugh, it's just unbelievable how dumb these two are, time will never heal how stupid they are, and they sure won't be getting better any time soon, they're still as dumb, still funny, and still as entertaining as they were in the first, but I don't know if it's just me or the fact that the first was just too good to beat, I was honestly expecting this one to be even more fun, but it wasn't, the first was better, but this one wasn't bad at all, I would go back to watch it again with a friend if I was asked to, you wouldn't get bored watching this, as everything these two do is a complete mess, it's worth the watch, and definitely worth the ticket.
  • LIke many others I thought this movie was going to be that sequel you wish they didn't make. Because I love Dumb and Dumber. And it seemed the only reason they made this sequel is because the directors and one of the actors haven't been doing good stuff, the last couple of years.

    But surprisingly, Dumb and Dumber To is actually pretty fun. Sure some things have changed that aren't so great. The jokes are hit-and-miss, sometimes the timing is way off and the characters of Lloyd and Harry are a little more mean-spirited and maybe even a little too dumb at times. But on the other hand everyone really did their best to make this feel like a Dumb and Dumber film. Unlike the god-awful prequel this film really feels like Dumb and Dumber and it's actually fun to see some scenes re-created, but with a new little twist, or characters from the original film returning. And even though some jokes and scenes are forced, I have to admit the film actually had a great deal of scenes that made me laugh a lot.

    So as a big fan of the original film I was surprised that I enjoyed this film as much as I did. Let's all not expect a masterpiece, but a film we can enjoy, that pays a nice homage to the original and well ... really could have been a lót worse.
  • I wanted this to be a good movie so badly, because I am such a big fan of the original... But it is NOT a good movie at all. It's terrible.

    This was the worst sequel of all time... All it did was try to rehash moments from the original movie, and it failed miserably. I was so disappointed. I don't think I laughed once. I forced myself to stay in the theater praying it would "take off" but it never did.

    I also can't believe that the Farrelly brothers were involved... The special effects (what little there were) looked terrible, so I can only assume that they created this movie on a low budget to try and make money on the name.
  • stixman4619 November 2014
    I can assure you that I won't "spoil" it for anyone because my girlfriend and I left after about 45 agonizing minutes of watching this horrible spoiled all by itself! It's disappointing too because I was a HUGE fan of the original D&D but this was nothing close to that. Carrey and Daniels try too hard to recreate their roles with sub-par dialogue and a story line that is just lame, and it just doesn't work. That and the fact that they tried to "raunch it up" a notch I guess thinking it would make it didn't.

    I'm all about silly comedy such as the original D&D and Ace Ventura movies but this movie isn't silly, just stupid.

    This worst thing about it is that since seeing this movie was my idea, my GF says I'm not allowed to select the movies we go see anymore!
  • It seems that there are a lot of great movies that don't need to have a sequel, yet somehow they are given one. Dumb And Dumber To can be put on the list of bad sequels.

    Did the Farrlley Bros merely use this to cash in on the cult classic? Maybe, and I mean, who wouldn't?

    Where do I start. There is NO DIRECTION in this movie. There is hardly any substance into the plot. The acting was really bad, and I am gonna call out Jeff Daniels specifically. We all know Jim Carey is a comedic actor.... that's it. We aren't expecting any Oscar worthy performances from him. Now Jeff Daniels is a notable actor who has done almost every genre. He also just won an Emmy for Best Lead Actor In A Drama Series for "The Newsroom". This was a different Harry Dunn in this movie. It was awful.

    Lloyd says in the beginning "Comedy is all about timing", and it's ironic because the timing was miscued for 75% of the movie. The movie drags along for quite awhile. It becomes very dull, and there was a 20-25 minute period where nobody in the theater laughed. THAT IS NOT GOOD IF YOU'RE WATCHING A COMEDY.

    Were there some funny moments? Yes. Was it nice to see Harry and Lloyd? Of course! But I gotta say that this movie may kill Carey's/ Farrelly Bros career. This movie basically felt like it was made 18-15 years too late. It was very outdated.

    Those who grade this higher than a 5 must have missed out on the original... because this was garbage. Very sad and disappointed. Don't waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Trying to write and produce a sequel is always a difficult feat! I laughed a lot at the first Dumb and Dumber with it's benign humor and great situations of awkward comedy. But "Dumb and Dumber To" labored at trying to be funny, including extreme poor taste in making fun of the parents son, who died in a motorcycle accident caused by the stupidity of Lloyd. Lloyd tries to make the parents, who are visibly very uncomfortable, see how funny the circumstances were that caused their son's death. The parents were very upset and slammed the door in the face of Lloyd and Harry. At that point in the movie I walked out with my family and we all got our money back. Unfortunately, several attempts throughout the movie at humor were in very poor taste, and overacted. One scene where Harry and Lloyd are riding on the front of the bus was true to the good humor of the first "Dumb and Dumber". If the writers had pursued more of that kind of humor throughout the movie they would have had an even greater success and more viewers would have, undoubtedly, returned for another laugh. Whether the movie got any worse or better I don't know, but what I did see was enough to convince me that the writers were scraping the bottom of the barrel for their content.
  • Dumb and Dumber, a comedy that many years ago had families laughing their heads off. With its incredibly stupid antics, simplistic one-liners, and pushing the borderlines in appropriate films. I personally didn't enjoy it as much as others, and regretted seeing the prequel Dumb and Dumberer even more. So you can probably guess I wasn't too thrilled to see another attempt at continuing the simplistic story. Yet I go back in once again to give you my thoughts on the latest in comedy movie installment. So let's get started.

    When you come out of an 11-year gap, it can be rather tricky to reintroduce a series whose last good movie was two decades ago.. To my pleasant surprise, this sequel managed to recapture the spirit of the old movie, bringing back many enjoyable elements. Dumber and Dumber To returns to the comedy that made it famous in all the glorious forms you remember. Starting right from the get go, Lloyd and Harry share in idiotic banter as they find humor in the most inappropriate situations. As seen in the trailers, the story takes place 20 years from the first one, and Lloyd has played a practical joke in the form of playing a vegetable. This is only the start to the nearly two hours of insults, inappropriate fantasies about sex, and death defying slapstick humor that is to come. The diversity in comedy keeps things fun, as fans get to go back to the nostalgic 90's comedy that entertained us so long ago. I myself laughed the most at the simplistic, childish humors of crashing into things and making bad puns. Others found the duo's audacious actions towards women the highlight of the comedy buffet. Nevertheless be sure that there are plenty of funny moments to behold in this movie, so long as you can get through some of the crude moments.

    Of course one big factor is how the directors grabbed as many of the old cast as possible. This was a brilliant move, as it brings the authenticity back to the fans and bypasses the awkward transition a new cast might bring. The best move of course was getting to see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back for this film. Twenty years has not affected Carrey's ability to play Lloyd, as he drops right back into the annoyingly loud moron. Carrey is just as nasally as before, and has the act of playing the neurotic nimrod quite well. His facial expressions make you laugh, and his delivery of the inappropriate comments was so well done that it almost seemed like he was insulting the women. Daniels as well brings back the old spark of Harry, whose lisp makes most of his dialogue hilarious. Unlike Carrey, Daniel's character isn't quite as in your face, and his reactions to Lloyd's deranged ideas kept me chuckling the entire time.. I also found his lines to be better written, having a more controlled stupidity that was better timed. Of course, I felt that the both of them would be less funnier had they not been paired for most of the time. The chemistry between these two is what really brings the humor out of this movie, and integrates the new cast quite well. Rob Riggle played the third wheel again, but did a nice job intertwining his style with the crazy duo. Rachel Melvin on the other hand was designed to be a little too airheaded though. Her looks were the most entertaining of the bunch, but her character's lack of intelligence got on my nerves. Still she opened up some comedy for Lloyd and Harry.

    To sound like a broken record, I think the main thing that I enjoyed was how similar this film was to its predecessor. So many memories came flooding back on this journey, whether through the mention of a character, or a timeless stunt. What impressed me even more is that although they brought many blasts from the pasts, there was still a lot of new things to give this film it's own spin. The characters have aged twenty years, new roles have been adapted, and new people have come into their world. One can only wonder what will happen to the cast, and how Lloyd and Harry will screw up next in their endeavors. Unfortunately for me, I was able to predict most of the twists and see the jokes coming so it lost a little edge for me. In addition, some of the jokes crossed the line a little too far for me, leaving me more disgusted than entertained.

    Overall Dumb and Dumber Too was a much better sequel than I intended it to be. While I think those who liked the first one will get the most enjoyment out of it, newcomers will be able to enjoy this tale as well. Again, this comedy goes back to the art of clever writing and 90's theatrics, and avoids the humor that relies on a catch phrase to keep you laughing. While there is no theater quality to it, i.e. special effects, or masterpiece story, Dumb and Dumber To may be the last decent comedy of the season. I suggest you give it a try if you are looking for stupid fun, but be cautious about who you take to theater. My scores for this film are:

    Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.5
  • I saw the movie a few months ago as I was one of the few lucky ones that got to see the first screening of the movie. I have to let everyone know that this sequel is just as dumb and perfectly funny as the original. You find out everything as to why they waited 20 years. You will notice a lot of things from the first movie if you pay attention. Petey, the blind kid, is back in this one for a short time. And a few other surprises. Look, I won't spoil the movie like other people have, but I will tell you that it is worth the wait. Everyone in the theater was laughing the whole time. If there is a reason to finally see a good comedy sequel, this is it.
  • I love Jim Carrey and I know he polarizes people. Even his most die hard fan would have a tough time seeing merit in this one though. The original made me laugh - a lot. The characters were sympathetic and buffoons need to be, otherwise you end up hating them; which isn't good for a comedy. In this outing they were grubby. The 'dick jokes' turned my stomach and I can't believe that Carrey and Daniels could look at their work and not feel the same. What were they thinking? Enough said! I really wanted to laugh but even when I felt the urge (eg: the catheter tube scene) they prolonged it which lost the impact completely.

    The trouble with comedy sequels (and comedy series too) is that once a certain kind of laugh is achieved, they feel the need to push the envelope to get another laugh. The result is that subtlety is lost. Bottom line - I hated it and I'm just wondering whether Hollywood is forgetting how to do comedy.
  • Yes I know it's only one "o" and not two. Or two if you talk about the title (it could be a "w" missing also, depending on what way you want to go). But back to the movie. I haven't seen that unofficial movie that was made in between those two movies. But I was excited about this getting our two main characters back together (literally). Is it as good as the original though? You probably won't think so.

    And neither did I. But it's still a good movie, especially if you were a fan of the original. You just have to accept, that some jokes will be replayed (the end credits even put similar scenes side to side with video/pictures of them being shown). Not perfect, but the chemistry is there and it's as mean as it was back then ...
  • As a huge fan of the original I was ecstatic when first learned that they were making a sequel. But admittedly I was very nervous as well. After all, there is so much that can go wrong.

    I had the privilege of seeing a sneak preview of the movie tonight. 10 minutes into the movie my concerns were replaced with laughter. If you're like me you saw every trailer, poster, and clip of the movie available. Fear not, the best parts of the movie are NOT in the preview (far from it actually). 2 hours later and I'm still chuckling at some of the lines.

    I also feel it's important to note that I felt the movie was NOT offensive towards people with mental and physical disabilities. As a parent of a cognitively impaired child who is also blind and uses a wheelchair, this is something very near and dear to my heart. Far too many movies, TV shows, and comedians use people with disabilities as punchlines for a cheap laugh. This is NOT one of those movies. The film features multiple actors with disabilities, and every time one was on screen I bit my bottom lip expecting the worst, but every time the movie did not disappoint.

    The only reason I gave it 9 stars out of 10 is because it had a bit of potty humor that I didn't find funny, but I came in expecting that anyway and it didn't bother me either.

    If you liked the first movie then you will like this one as well (and I'm not talking about that garbage prequel Dumb and Dumberer!)

    Do yourself a favor and go see it.
  • what a hilarious flick!

    that's one of the best comedies in years..i have absolutely no idea why people don't like this, or at least the fans of the original .it's exactly what we should expect it would be and even, even better.

    it's the best comedy of the year!

    i mean, a really funny movie! i didn't think i would find it that funny, on a rewatch, but hell, i liked it even more than the first time. Daniels and Carrey are tour de force..especially Carrey, he was playing..or no, he was the exact Lloyd we've seen from the first one. same facial expressions, same humor, same everything, i mean the exact same. but he was an older version, and that's not a bad thing at all. i mean, if you love Jim in the Ace Venturas, Dumb and Dumber and The Mask, how could you possible not like him in this sequel?? really, he brought back childhood movie memories..the guy was just brilliant. Daniels, on the other hand, was very good and handled his Harry's tone great. my complaint on Daniels is that he hadn't have many times to shine, unlike Carrey..i mean no, he had very hilarious moments but not that many as Carrey's. he also, had that scene where **SPOILER** he is in that speech room with a lot of people and we see his 'thoughts', and he thinks about an old memory when he salve his dick with peanut butter and makes his dog suck him **END SPOILER**.. i mean, that's the old raunchy style taken right from the original. and the one we want to.

    now, let me describe you with an example about the movie's quality.

    Dumb and Dumber To to Dumb and Dumber is what The Hangover 2 was for The Hangover. think this.->why people didn't like The Hangover 2? because it was pretty much the the same comedy as the original, but(in my opinion) still funny. well, Dumber and Dumber To is the same type of comedy as the original..but still f-cking hilarious! the thing here is, unlike The Hangover 2, DDTo didn't came out 2 years after the first, but f-ckng 20! we as fans, should be very pleased if the creators were capable of making a comedy close to the first one, a comedy cult classic which when the sequel was coming close to release, every fan was wondering and complaining that it will not come close to the original's quality. but the movie wasn't only that, but it may even surpassed it. i mean it! and about the 'same comedy' thing, what should we expect after 20 years? the same jokes and gags from our beloved idiots, but this also came with a great story line and an unbelievable twist bringing back all the feels from the original. just incredible. i think in the next ten years, it will be regarded in the same level as the first one. i mean,i was not even half in the movie and i had already laughed more than i could possibly laugh in a week. and about the last scene, it was as good as in the first one. nobody would expect they'd do such a thing.

    the Farrely's, Daniels and Carrey did the impossible and delivered an awesome success worthy followup to a classic. i feel sad about this, tho..after all these efforts all these years, and coming with hysterical results, they are not worthy of the response of the movie. just sad. anyways, from me to the crew, Congrats and thank you very much! if only the people would understand it and stop complaining about everything..learn to appreciate things!

    ps: it's also sad, what the people who cut and edit film scenes from a comedy to make a trailer, are being through..i admit, after rewatching many times the movie's trailer my hopes were lowering and's just difficult to make a trailer from a comedy sequel like that..few scenes that didn't work for me in the trailer, were apparently hilarious in the movie..Dumb and Dumber fans, don't believe the trailer and don't listen to the negative word..go watch the f-ckng movie!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    -- Contains spoilers --

    When I go to any sequel, I want the same world, same characters, and it is fun when it subtly alludes to the first movie. But Dumb and Dumber To doesn't just do a subtle allusion to the original - it just redid all the original gags in a less funny way:

    • Same basic premise of finding the girl to deliver package

    • Bad guys who want to eventually kill them, with bad guy riding in their car

    • Guy who rides with them dies

    • End up riding in ridiculous car (Zamboni), not to mention finding the shaggin' wagon.

    • Dream sequence of Lloyd fantasizing about being with girl, and fighting a group of people

    • Sequence with blind kid

    • Blind kid's bird(s) die

    • Messing up words

    • The undercover cops who are trailing the bad guys

    • Ending where they supposedly have the opportunity with the beautiful girls but then blow it.

    And that is just what I could think of off the top of my head. It wasn't a new adventure for our heroes, it was the same story with a few new things added in.

    There were a few funny new bits, but it didn't make up for the fact that this movie is not a sequel - it is just a recycled version of the first.
  • I'm a lifelong fan of the original movie. I've seen it too many times to count and it still makes me laugh. I was incredibly excited when I first heard about this movie, but the trailers were very underwhelming. Despite the bad reviews, I decided to give this movie a chance and went to see it earlier today, with low expectations. Unfortunately, it was just as bad as I was afraid it would be. All of the originality and cleverness of the first movie have been replaced with cheap fart and sex jokes. The script is bad, the plot is bad, the jokes are bad, and the acting is shitty, particularly from Jeff Daniels. I wound up walking out of the theater before the movie was half over. Don't waste your time with this garbage.
  • It had been a long time since I had laughed to the point of weeping, thank you so much for going back out to the battle again! a hero has been sorely missed in an era of self aware lack of humor. This one might be the best of the whole series it really knocked me for a loop, maybe because it's been a while since I actually laugh out loud at a comedy to the point of having to rewind because I missed what they said next on account of actually laughing my a** off!

    And to the haters who watch a movie called dumb and dumber and god knows what you expect.. whatever.. I have no time for you.. go.. do whatever you do on your computer..
  • I have been waiting twenty years to see a sequel to my favourite comedy ever. I have seen Dumb and Dumber so many times I practically know the script by heart and it never gets old. The stupidity is always funny and the story and subplots are always intriguing. Now there's the sequel, stylized as "Dumb & Dumber To" instead of "Dumb and Dumb Two" to show stupidity. As much as I loved this one, it is not at the level of 1994's. 1994's was fresh and majorly innovative. It's not that Carrey and Daniels are too old, there just hasn't been one down in so long, the result was one repetition and reuse from the first after another with little new things. Plus, Harry and Lloyd are more immature in this than the first. In the first, they just simply have no clue what anything is and they act like kids in this one. The immaturity was a minor flaw, but the lack of anything new or being innovative was what I saw critics poke at the most. After twenty years without a sequel, doing a big rehash was the best thing to do. I knew this would be a big rehash movie when I first found out about the pre-production. This would not be a rehash movie if they did the sequel in 2003 instead of the lame prequel. Either way, this movie is still non-stop funny from beginning to end. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels just needed to dress up in their old outfits and I was all aboard. The movie maybe a rehash, but what they do again is just as a funny the second time around. It is also a great nostalgia movie. Harry and Lloyd's old outfits and hair- dues, the old apartment, Billy in 4C (the blind kid?!) and loads of others make this a very great flick any old Dumb and Dumber fanatic would love.

    Can't wait for Dumb & Dumber Threeee in 2034!
  • AverageStalker20 November 2014
    The worst movie I've seen this year, hands down. There was not one scene in the movie that pulled a laugh out of me. I'll be honest and say it caught a few smiles, but nothing more.

    I don't review movies often, but this one really struck inspiration into me to do so. My friend brought a bottle of booze into the theater, and still wasn't funny even after we were drunk. I don't know how this got a 7.1 . It was literally painful to watch these jokes that anyone could come up with. Just think of an absurd situation and put two idiots in it and you've done 90% of the screen writing.

    PLEASE save your money!
  • Almost exactly twenty years after the release of the original Dumb and Dumber, The Farrelly Brothers, Jim Carrey, and Jeff Daniel return to the classic characters that we have loved so much over the years. While you shouldn't expect something as classic as the original film, this film delivers tons of laughs from start to finish. The thing I loved so much about the original film was that it flowed by so quickly. Now, I've only seen this movie once so far, but on my first viewing it went by fast and I really never felt bored. The following is my review of Dumb and Dumber To.

    The film this time around was not only written by The Farrelly Brothers and Bennett Yellin, but also newcomers Sean Anders, Mike Cerrone, John Morris. Anders and Morris have recently worked on comedies such as Hot Tub Time Machine and We're the Millers, while Cerrone worked on another Farrelly Brothers film from 2000 called Me, Myself & Irene. The story once again follows Harry and Lloyd as they have to go across country on a road trip to find Harry's daughter. Much like the first film there are some twists and turns, but the underlying story is not much different than the original film. Some reviews I had read really trashed the film over this, I certainly did not because there are many good film series out that that rely on rinse and repeat. Some of the jokes are a rehash from the original, but this is what the fans wanted. They wanted to see these characters on the big screen again saying their famous lines. There are also so many funny points of the film, and will probably be more on second and third viewings. The original film in comparison flows more smoothly than this film. There were a couple scenes I didn't really care for. While the story is nothing original, the jokes are hilarious and the overall film is great as a great comedy to go out and watch. These writers all laid out a good story that sticks together with some fabulous jokes.

    Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly are back to direct this film after directing the original film nearly twenty years ago. Everyone is two decades older, but the laughs and good times are still there. After the disaster that was the prequel film, and Jim Carrey repeatedly saying no to a real sequel, we finally got another real Dumb and Dumber movie. Jim Carrey is top notch in this film and he really hasn't aged that much since the original film. While on the other hand Jeff Daniels has aged considerably in the last twenty years, but Daniels is still as funny as ever, and is still proving he has a wide acting range. The jokes this time around don't feel as natural as the first film, probably not much ad libbing going on this time, but there are more than enough funny moments to call this a great comedy. Most of us hardcore Dumb and Dumber fans have been waiting for many years for this sequel with the original gang, and the wait has been worth it. I really did enjoy their effort from top to bottom.

    The music this time is not as memorable as the first film. We get some moments when some of those great songs pop up, but many of the newer stuff is just filler in my mind. This was a letdown because they did reuse some material from the previous film, and having more of that music in there would have been a joy. Not a total washout, but nothing we will remember for many years down the line.

    Overall, Dumb and Dumber To is a comedy us die-hard fans have been waiting for for many years, and the event has finally come and gone. While we probably won't see these characters again on the big screen, this last ride was hilarious and filled with great times. Not only should fans of the original film rush out to see this film, but basic comedy fans should rush out to see this film as well. It was such a great effort, and it was more than I thought it was going to be after the longer than normal wait.


    Stay until after the credits!
  • jonmcgrath167015 November 2014
    First I should say that I loved the original Dumb and Dumber and even liked Dumb and Dumberer. Hands down Dumb and Dumber To however has to be the worst movie I've seen in 20 year and I've seen some seriously bad movies. How is it possible that it received a 7.3/10.. It really boggles my mind. Kinda makes me wonder about IMDb's spam filter on reviews. If IMDb had a 0 rating I would have jumped on it in a heart beat. The plot was predictably lame and the jokes were obvious and poorly written. I think it might be time for Mr. Carey to hang up that chipped tooth and retire. I just hope he got paid up front for this dung heap of a movie because if I could I'd ask for a refund.
  • eriksedwick16 November 2014
    This is a scenario that happens time and time again of late in the entertainment industry; a poor script with amazing talent cannot make a great film. No amount of "working a scene" and "perfect production execution" will not save a tanking story. Those that tackle the endeavor fail.

    Regrettably, "Dumb and Dumber To" falls into this category.

    The movie starts out with a fairly decent base explaining where our characters have been, their history, and goals. But, in the middle of this "framework" the dialogue, jokes, and slapstick humor are lost in a fading mirage of the original film.

    There are a few moments that take us back to the magic that was before but it quickly dissipates as one cannot help but feel a little resentment towards the "New" Harry and Lloyd. These are not the characters that we remember as being innocently hilarious but now have malicious intent.

    The lead up to jokes, building of comedic tension, timing are all executed well by the talent but fall short for a laugh. And it doesn't just fall short, ITS COMPLETELY DULL. I am a huge Jim Carrey fan and will forever be, but geez, his genius talent couldn't even save this "film" from oblivion. Stay far away from this film, it seems to have been catered to the punk rocking meth head behind your local gas station.
  • My top two favorite movies of all time are Goonies and Dumb and Dumber. Rumors of sequels for each have surfaced throughout the years. Every time it happened, I would cringe at the thought of my favorite, oh so perfect movies being ruined by the lack of continuity, creativity, and disregard to the spirit of the original. I also dreaded the inevitable poor rehashing of priceless moments that worked so marvelously the first time around causing those moments to lose their sentimental, humorous, and/or memorable value. Sequels just seem to disappoint over and over again.

    When I saw the trailer for Dumb and Dumber To, I was very skeptical and decided I wouldn't watch it. I then got past my knee-jerk reaction and took a moment to consider who was going to be portraying my beloved characters (super important) and that the same people would be handling "my baby" (Farrelly Brothers) and quickly realized that this was going to be a great sequel. Because when thinking about the first Dumb and Dumber and having seen Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels' sound comedic technique in action and how nicely they complimented each other - it was truly magical and based on these facts this, of course, would also have to be a pretty darn magical movie.

    Fast forward to last night. I went and saw the movie (totally sober, might I add) and was delighted by how f*n fantastic it was! I laughed out loud so many times and was thrilled with what this talented bunch was able to pull off. I was relieved and have nothing but good things to say about it. I will share these words with you, but will do so in a slightly different manner by combining what I felt about it and by using this forum to thank all of those wonderful people that made this beautiful thing and did not disappoint.

    Thank you, Wonderful People, for maintaining Dumb and Dumber's comedic, jovial, and obscenely immature integrity. You were able to so perfectly depict where Lloyd and Harry would be 20 years later. I totally believed that Lloyd would pull such an overly long and ridiculously inappropriate prank on his best friend. I totally believed that he was capable of staying in character for such an extended period of time and only occasionally slip by cracking a smile or a slight giggle here and there because that's who Lloyd is. He is committed. When he sets out to do something, there is no stopping him.

    I totally believed Harry would, without fail, visit his best friend week after week (over one thousand weeks, actually!) at the institution to provide his catatonic friend some companionship, updates on his life and the world, candy, and some care better left for the professionals. Of course he would do this. He is Harry and Harry is loyal. We learned this about him the first time around. It warms my heart and tickles the heck out of my funny bone when I think about the scenes that are sprinkled throughout the movie showing exactly what I just described.

    Thank you for staying true to the spirit of these characters and their absurd lives. You delivered a hell of a sequel because you so obviously were thoughtful and careful when crafting this film and the love you put into it is evident. I believe others in your line of work who are tasked with such a feat should take a few pages from your play book.

    I say Bravo!!! to you and again, THANK YOU!!!

    BTW, I have never seen the prequel and pretend it never really existed...Is that wrong of me?
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