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  • atlasmb4 December 2013
    I enjoyed this film. Not just because I am a fan of Kristen Bell, though that is part of it. I often like quirky films, and this film has plenty of quirk, thanks to writer and co-director Dax Shepard, who was Kristen's boyfriend during filming, now her husband.

    Hit & Run is an action comedy. Look at the poster for the movie, with the small photos of the actors and the huge image of a car. That is a clue. Expect lots of cars and car chases, mixed with humor. Think Smoky & The Bandit.

    One reviewer panned the film because, he said, it's "PC". On the contrary, some viewers may not enjoy the film because Shephard's sense of humor is very non-PC, riffing on some subjects that may make some uncomfortable. Me, I found it funny.

    A great cast contributes to the chicanery, including Bradley Cooper and Kristen Chenoweth. Tom Arnold plays a U.S. Marshall who is an accident waiting to happen--and the wait is very short. I found his performance to be distracting.

    Eventually, most of the cast participates in a multi-car chase that--you can tell-was choreographed by a real car lover. Motorheads will appreciate that aspect of the film.

    I will score this film a modest "6" and hope that Shephard writes another script that is just as big on quirk, but maybe a little more focused.
  • skitsophonics30 December 2012
    I don't often write reviews so I'll keep this short. I watched this expecting nothing more than something to waste a couple of hours.It ended up being a real fun couple of hours though. Clever script work..great character chemistry & fantastic musical score.I watched this with my wife who is very hard to please and she was also pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying this should win any awards but I am saying for those of you who don't take every film you watch too seriously .. it's a pretty cool little movie . Dax Shepard should give himself a pat on the back for this.For a movie with a small budget it manages to assemble a great cast and give more bang for your buck than many big studios deliver.
  • If I really paid attention to some stuffy movie critics I'd probably never see another movie in my life. Reviews riddled with technical jargon like screenplay this, and protagonist that bore me immensely when I just want to know, "will I regret paying $6-12 for the movie?".

    With that being said let me tell you where I am coming from, the perspective of a good ole regular 30 year old black lady who watches more television then they should, and enjoys going to the movies at noon because at that time I don't have to worry about some jack ass propping their feet on the back of my chair. (and I can lay down across 3 seats).

    Now to the task at hand, what did I think about Hit & Run? I thought is was a good movie, I was entertained and did not regret purchasing the movie ticket.

    OK, Whats the Movie About?

    Charlie is a self-named member of the witness protection program, hiding out in a small rural town where he enjoys a simple life of love, and days spent worrying over his buffoonish handler, Randy (Tom Arnold). Charlie's happy world begins to crack when Annie is offered a job developing her own curriculum at a university in Los Angeles – the home of Charlie's criminal past, and a lot of bad people who want to get even with him.

    Trying to prove his love, Charlie dusts off his bad boy muscle car and scoops Annie for a high-speed run to her LA job interview. But when Annie's jealous ex-boyfriend Gil (Michael Rosenbaum) tries to undermine the happy exodus, he unwittingly brings down all the wrong kind of heat on the situation. Before long, Charlie and Annie's road trip is a high-speed chase, complete with shootouts, buried treasure, and…a dune buggy.

    Dax Shepard is funny to me, and so is Kristen Bell. The fact that Dax and Kristen are a couple made their characters Charlie and Annie in the movie have a charming chemistry that you can only get by smashing (having sex) in real life.

    Being a lover of classic cars just seeing that classic Lincoln rev around spoke to my soul.

    Dax wore rugged, outlaw, bad-ass with a gentle side, pretty well. So well that he transcended from this lanky quirky white guy, to "hey, how you doin". Also, This movie just made it official that it's impossible for Bradley Cooper to be unattractive, even with a dredlock wig, and some played out Oakley's, we was still looking' good.

    Yada yada yada yada...blah blah blah blah.... I like the movie.
  • ijskoman14 August 2012
    Not that many ratings yet, but how can this movie have a 6.1?? Serious? I saw it in the sneak preview yesterday and had some great laughs, certain parts are hilarious. Best of all, didn't knew anything about this movie, so wasn't expecting anything... Turned out to be one of my better movies this year so far! Some titles are hyped, like Batman The Dark Knight Rises, and although I enjoyed it, this movie messed up my emotions way more!The acting of the whole cast suits the flow and spirit of this movie perfectly. Furthermore, I think Dax Shepard did an outstanding job being both the director, writer and main character. Must see!
  • Dax Shepard is former getaway driver Charlie Bronson in Witness Protection. However, he leaves it all to help his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) get to Los Angeles. This leaves the feds and Charlie's former gang in hot pursuit.

    The plot is almost unimportant. It's just an excuse for Dax to have some fun with his car. Dax and Kristen seem to have a lot of fun. That chemistry saves this mess. Tom Arnold is incredibly annoying. There's also Michael Rosenbaum and Bradley Cooper plus many many other characters.

    There was one funny scene of hilarious talk of prison rape worthy of a Tarantino script. Other than that, you'd have to really love cars or Dax driving the cars.
  • I've never reviewed a movie before but had to for Hit & Run. My wife and I feel like we just got home from a perfect first date. This is just a feel good movie that leaves you feeling great hours after watching it. Armed with only $2 million and some friends, Dax created the perfect movie experience: non stop laughing, edge of your seat fun, hot car chase scenes, great music, perfect casting, style and swagger, all wrapped up in a watchable story.

    Dax, please write/direct/star in another movie soon...Hollywood needs to learn that talent trumps big budget any day of the week. And please email me your ipod playlist!!!
  • ssto23 July 2013
    this movie is a lot of fun! the very best merit certainly is the dialog. there are so many good lines, so many hilarious moments - the often awkward dialog though is simply the winner. just to watch and listen to a flood of meaningless and out-of-context lines in the most inappropriate moments of the action is making this movie a candidate for constant rewind-replay scenario (to put it in the streamline of the movie's chatline).

    of course the lines are not meaningless - the dialog seems very carefully written so that every word and expression - bites! awesome, and source of good fun.

    the driving sequences are pretty good and intense as well. the characters and their interactions make for surprising turns, which simply enriches the 'viewing pleasure' :D 8 out of 10 very good, professional production - quality 'comedy' - enjoy
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Prior to watching Hit and Run, the trailers actually looked pretty darn good. I enjoy Dax Shepard since watching him on Parenthood and it looked fun. Then I had someone tell me how completely awful it was so my expectations were lowered. The final opinion once I saw it know, that wasn't too bad at all. The pacing of the film was excellent even with the excessive and seemingly silly constant car chases, the romance was fun, the action was good and the story was typical and yet worked really well. I have no doubt that Dax Shepard wrote this out of a love for cars and car chases and watching Fast and The Furious. A lot of this felt like Fast and The Furious: The Comedy. The bad language was excessively forced at you, the fancy high end cars were everywhere, and the way they found various ways to switch cars actually sort of worked but it was obvious it was to flash more cars at you. The cast was good, the chemistry between our leads was very good. I think their real life romance helped their on screen characters a lot because they are so off beat together and yet they fit together so well. The dialogue in the film (aside from the constant barrage of cursing) is actually very well done and the movie is fun. It won't blow you away but its a fun and entertaining ride.

    Dax Shepard played a lot of duties on this film. He wrote, co-directed and starred in the movie and it was pretty good. His acting performance is what you might expect from him but he holds his own as the anti-hero and he's fun to watch. His real life girlfriend/fiancé Kristen Bell is fun and they play off of each other really well. She's beautiful of course but she does manage to have a down to earth quality about her that really worked for this movie. Their banter and dialogue is really good and I think their chemistry is what makes this even more watchable. Tom Arnold is back as the loud, obnoxious and downright stupid sidekick that he does so well. He is also responsible for so much of the cursing in the movie. Cursing doesn't bother me per se but when its so gratuitous that you lose aspects of the film then its too much. Arnold does his role well enough that he is born to play. Michael Rosenbaum is terrific as Bell's ex-boyfriend Gil. He is certainly there for the slapstick comedy but he does it well and it was a pleasure watching him do it. For all the hype I heard about Bradley Cooper's role (even the front of the box proclaims "Bradley Cooper is hilarious.") I'm not sure I saw the hilarity aspect. He was okay as the villain, a little overplayed at times but he was decent. He definitely didn't steal the show or anything. Supporting cast members include a memorable cameo from Kristin Chenoweth and the incomparable Beau Bridges.

    I actually think if Dax Shepard had turned his script over to someone with a little more experience to fine tune it and a more seasoned director that this film would have been really actually top notch. Instead at times it feels like an amateur entry. That doesn't make it bad by any means but less than what could have been. I still think people looking for a decent action comedy with a dash of "buddy cop" feel to it will enjoy this one. Don't let your expectations become unrealistic but if you go in knowing what you're in for then you'll at least be entertained for an hour and a half and that is what is important. Average? Yes. But decent all around. 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a creative, original, funny, and action packed story, a wonderful example of independent filmmaking. Dax Shepard was able to get away with a $2 million budget by recruiting friends like Bradley Cooper and (real life GF) Kristen Bell to act. The other main characters, the cars, were largely his own.

    The film has a True Romance feel, only infused into a chase movie. The action set-pieces are fantastic. Simple, beautiful, effective. Slow motion burnouts, lovingly filmed, fish tails, even one or two stunt jumps. And I'm 99% sure there was no CGI at any point. Just good old fashioned fast cars going fast. Seriously. Think of the last 10 minutes of Death Proof extended to half a movie.

    I didn't know Shepard before this, but he's a funny guy. In his writing, in his content, in his delivery. At one point a redneck onlooker struts up to his prized Lincoln Continental and asks if it has nitrous. Dax's character Charlie matter of factly tells him, "Nitrous is for fags. This has cubic inches," then drives away. But it's more than just dialogue. Like when a wannabe tough guy bottoms out his Pontiac Solstice leaving the driveway. Sometimes it's the subtle things.

    The movie got no marketing, and hardly anyone knows it's even in theaters. Too bad. This is a hidden gem, required viewing for fans of chase movies.

  • This film is about a woman who has to go to Los Angeles for an interview. She runs into all sorts of trouble along the drive by her boyfriend.

    "Hit and Run" is a comedy that combines comedy, some action and lots of cars. The prevailing mood of the film is very lighthearted, and the on screen couple is convincing. I can see how Charlie really cares for Annie with his dedication to taking Annie to her job interview. The incompetent cop is funny, and Bradley Cooper's thug character is funny as well. I am impressed by how, in the middle of all the mess, the directors still manage to throw in subplots about anti-homophobia and political correctness. I am also impressed by how many gay subplots get mingled in a movie with cool car swerves. "Hit and Run" is a comedy that is relatively different compared with the rest.
  • While shopping at my local Best Buy, I saw a copy of Hit and Run sitting on the shelf and I just decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose and nothing to really fear. I figured it would be a light comedy with a lot of action to hold my attention for a good 90 minutes. I came home, pressed play, and watched it.

    I don't really know how I feel about it.

    Its not a bad movie, per se. I certainly didn't have a bad time. I was just puzzled at what I had just watched. Its a gooey rom-com with a few intense car chase sequences, peppered with raunchy dialog. Just... so weird! I'll give credit to Dax Shepard for making a totally original slant on an otherwise overdone plot line.

    But then, once you get past the plot, it gets weirder. The acting, for the most part, is decent. But sometimes, it gets downright terrible. Take for instance, Tom Arnold. He literally shouts his entire dialog and spends most of the movie running wildly around screen with a gun in his hand. Why? I have no idea. Were they going for absurdist humor with that character? or was Tom Arnold just coked up? Whatever the reason, I grew to hate his character... a lot.

    Then, literally, for no reason whatsoever, we get two scenes involving the main characters stumbling into an elderly orgy. What on god's green earth was that all about? Its as if the movie was spliced together with outtakes from a Sacha Baron Cohen movie, and they figured it would be so shocking, that it just had to be in the movie for a good laugh. It just sat there, dead on screen, in its wrinkly birthday suit. I didn't laugh.

    Alright, enough with the questions. Lets get down to business. I thought the movie potentially worked and I did laugh more times than I ever thought I would. There is some really funny stuff in here, and its worth checking out to catch them all. I liked Dax Shepard, considering that he was channeling an Owen Wilson type performance. Kristen Bell is always a pleasure to watch watch on screen. We also get a delightfully bizarre performance from Bradley Cooper that entertained me a whole lot. Especially the scene at the supermarket... what an absolutely fantastic scene that was.

    All in all, Hit and Run is hit and miss, and definitely surreal at times. But not a bad outing at the movies.
  • bushtony25 December 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Loutish, unfunny and relatively tedious comedy thriller that is devoid of both comedy and thrills. You won't laugh, you won't smile and you probably will not ever be on the edge of your seat. It is relentlessly thick-eared, flat and monotone. The cast are tedious and plastic, lacking anything approaching personality and depth. The chases are bland, uninvolving and unspectacular and the plot is little more than a clichéd drone of cobbled together circumstances.

    A dumb ex wheel-man in witness protection is supported by his dumb federal marshal and his dumb (though supposed to be intelligent) girlfriend. When dumb girlfriend gets a job as some sort of high-flying professor (yeah, I know, beggars belief) in LA dumb ex wheel-man decides to quit witness protection and drive her there in his tricked-out getaway car. Girlfriend's dumb ex-boyfriend rats dumb ex wheel-man out to his dumb ex partners in crime and they are on his tail to get revenge. Throw in a dumb gay traffic cop and his dumb female partner and have them all drive and cavort around on a dumb road trip to a dumb conclusion that includes a guest appearance by Beau Bridges as dumb ex wheel-man's dumb father and what you have ultimately is a movie that epitomises the concept of dumb.

    Is there anything redeeming about it? Uh, no, not really. It's've guessed it...dumb. Not a hit, so run.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having seen this movie, I found myself confused as to how it even got made. It would have been apparent from the script that this movie was simply a mess. Perhaps they thought the "humor" would carry things through, but the humor fails almost without exception.

    I do think the movie was intended to primarily be a comedy, and that the weak story was introduced because it provided a venue for a lot of jokes. But take my word for it, the jokes fail. For example, they tried at length to dredge humor out of the topic of forcible sodomy. But it wasn't funny, and all that came out of it was three or four very awkward on-screen moments. It honestly looked like the cast even felt awkward trying to act this out.

    There is a lot of "Dukes of Hazard" style action in the movie, and that is exactly what it better than what you could have seen in a low budget TV show from the 1970s.

    Tom Arnold is in the film as an inept U.S. Marshall...but there is nothing funny in his portrayal....he comes across only as pathetic. The Kristen Bell character is obnoxious, but not humorously so. She is simply pressing and demanding and likely to remind the viewer of the worst part of past failed relationships. Not the funny part, not the learning part, not the dramatic part, simply the maddening and unpleasant part. Who would want to pay to see that? This movie fails, and as I sit here writing about it I think perhaps I was overly generous giving it a "3".

    Once the standard IMDb user over-rating of new movies subsides, I honestly think this one would be lucky to remain above 5.0. Do yourself a favor and skip it....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dax Shepard and his fiancée Kristen Bell co-star in the witless romantic comedy "Hit and Run" that Shepard wrote and co-directed with his pal George Palmer. Palmer and Shepard helmed the video short "Reunited" (2010) as well as the spoof documentary "Brother's Justice." The style of comedy that they espouse mingles dry humor with slapstick. The garrulous characters never cease making asses of themselves. This half-baked buffoonery about a goofy getaway driver in the Witness Relocation Program who shacks up with a brainiac, drop-dead gorgeous, community college professor delivers more run than hit. Nothing about this low-brow, tread-burning, crime melodrama will make you either smile or flinch. The grossest scene resembles something that Sasha Baron Cohen might have removed from one of his offensive comedies. Our hero and heroine are on the run when they check into a motel. They find a sex orgy in their room with participants who are old, fat, and ugly. This tasteless scene qualifies as so gratuitous that the MPAA probably had no choice but to slap "Hit and Run" with an R-rating for nudity. Shepard and Palmer aren't content to show this unsightly scene once but twice for maximum impact. Meantime, you'll lose count of the number of times that the F-word is uttered. The violence remains relatively mild by today's standards. A felon takes a slug in the back with a splash of blood for realism. A man is shown mercilessly slugging another. An assailant smashes our hero's nose with a golf club. Nevertheless, despite their lame-brained humor and lackluster car chases, Shepard and Palmer have assembled a first-class, straight-faced cast that contributes a modicum of hilarity to the antics. Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold, Kristin Chenoweth, Michael Rosenbaum, and David Koechner run circles around our leads. "Hit and Run" amounts to one long, drawn-out, vehicular chase with no memorable stunts. The biggest stunt involves a dune buggy hurtling "Dukes of Hazard" style over several parked cars. Nothing about the driving will turn your knuckles white and make you gasp, but the automobiles look ultra-cool.

    "Hit and Run" opens in a backwater California town named Milton with a community college. Basically, our heroine Annie Bean (Kristen Bell of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall") learns that she is about to be fired from her job as a community college professor. Happily, Annie's potty-mouthed boss, Debby (Kristin Chenoweth of "You, Again"), alerts her about an opening at UCLA where she can land her dream job as the head of a conflict-resolution department. The major drawback for our ambitious heroine is when her tattooed boyfriend, Charlie Bronson (Dax Sheppard of "When In Rome"), divulges his membership in Witness Relocation. Charlie is pretty much condemned to live an eternity in the sleepy little town of Milton because his former partners-in-crime want to track him down and terminate him with extreme prejudice. Eventually, Charlie changes his mind about Witness Protection and pulls the tarp off his jacked-up 1967 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors to usher Annie in style to Los Angeles. Annie's green-eyed, ex-boyfriend, Gil (Michael Rosenbaum of TV's "Smallville"), gets wind of Charlie's real identity and sends a message via Facebook to Charlie's number one nemesis. As it turns out, and Annie discovers later, Charlie is really Yul Perrkins. Charlie's father Clint Perrkins (Beau Bridges of "Max Payne") named him after legendary actor Yul Brynner of "The Magnificent Seven." Charlie hated the name Yul so much that he changed it to Charles Bronson. Mind you, Yul wasn't thinking about movie superstar Charles Bronson of "Death Wish" fame, but the notorious British inmate Charles Bronson who is known as the most violent man in British prisons. Naturally, Annie is appalled by these revelations. What she really isn't prepared for the gun-toting trio that come calling on them as they are about to leave for L.A. Alex Dmitri (Bradley Cooper of "The A-Team" in dreadlocks) hates Charlie because Charlie's testimony put him behind bars long enough for a Phillipino prison to rape him. Now, Alex yearns to kill Charlie as much his accomplices Neve Tatum (Joy Bryant of "Spider-Man 2") and Allen (Ryan Hansen of "Friday the 13th"). Predictably, our hero has a savior, bungling U.S. Marshal Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold of "Exit Wounds") who doesn't know where the brakes are on his car. Worse, he has to dodge the bullet that his own gun spits out at him.

    "Hit and Run" contains elements of both "True Romance" and "Smokey and the Bandit." The romance between Annie and Charlie and their flight from the desperate villains recalls the predicament that the hero and heroine in "True Romance" confronted. Bradley Cooper's arch villain resembles the bad guy that Christian Slater opposed in "True Romance." The use of a series of careening car chases is the "Smokey and the Bandit" touch. Unfortunately, this low octane, pursuit potboiler conjures up little tension and delivers few thrills. Meantime, the conversations struggle to capture the spontaneous, off-the-cuff Tarantino dialogue. Instead, they wind up sounding nothing less than loquacious. You should sit and shun "Hit and Run."
  • bix1716 January 2014
    Clearly a labor of love for Dax Shepard (he stars, writes, co-directs and co-edits; and it's filmed in the more expensive 2:40 aspect ratio), Hit And Run is better than it has to be. This isn't to say it's a great entertainment (it has plenty of filler and Shepard's ambitious attempts at character development, a la Tarentino, don't quite pan out) but it is often fun to watch and the cars--and the chases--are cool. While too much time is spent on drawn-out arguments between Shepard and his significant other (in the film and, apparently, in real life, played by Kristen Bell) and there's some negative dialogue regarding homosexuality and race (note to Shepard: acknowledging homophobia and racism in the dialogue doesn't simply make it permissible) it's not a bad way to kill a couple of hours. Shepard must be a really popular guy in Hollywood because a lot of the performers (high among them Bradley Cooper) would not normally appear in a movie this B-grade.
  • The trailer was cut in a way that made this film look much better than it was, with action combined with offensive humour that relied on stereotypes for laughs. If you're old and if you're Filipino, I'm not sure what inspired writer Dax Shepard to craft such episodes, but they certainly were in quite bad taste, considering he's not Sacha Baron Cohen in one of his deliberate provocative roles, having to co-direct this film with David Palmer and star in it as its lead protagonist Charlie Bronson.

    Or Yul Perrkins, since his identity had to be changed once he entered a witness protection programmed, ready to testify against one time his former group of bank robbers, consisting of Alex (Bradley Cooper in dreadlocks), ex-fiancée Neve (Joy Bryant) and Alan (Ryan Hansen). Maintaining a low profile in a small town under the watchful eye of Calamity James US Marshal Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold), the film opens as we see him already in a relationship with Annie Bean (Kristen Bell, Dax's real life girlfriend, also serving as producer), who is being offered a teaching position in LOs Angeles. Breaking his cover to send her there and to lead a new life, Hit and Run becomes a road trip movie, where the couple has a jealous ex-boyfriend Gil Rathbinn (Michael Rosenbaum), two cops (Jess Rowland and Carly Hatter) and Alex and gang all going after them to further pursue their respective selfish interests.

    But this film is something of a mixed bag, with pacing quite all over the place, and episodes that made it look like a 101 guide to a happy relationship. Underneath all the usual noise that pepper the romantic-action-comedy, Hit and Run had moments where it played out like a long session with a relationship therapist, where the couple had to pour out their inner most demons and fears, and look for the best of advice that's being dished out in order to rescue their relations. As Charles had kept his real identity and reason under witness protection a secret, each revelation proved to be a natural surprise for Annie, and become a crossroads of sorts whether it's time to continue sticking together, or bail.

    Perhaps one of the best advice dished out is the notion of minding one's past and having one's relationship paralyzed because of it, or to continue with the present knowing that all walls and masks have been pulled down, and look forward into the future, making the best out of situations. This becomes the running theme in the movie as the couple try to escape from elements of the past, and through this ordeal determine whether they are better off at the end of it, or otherwise. And there are occasions where the dialogue is a little bit stiff, and the two going through the motions and their lines, even as the characters banter their insecurities and stereotyping. This despite having to share a real life, current relationship, but we see no chemistry coming through.

    It's the supporting characters that steal the show from the leads, so thank goodness for that to keep us distracted from the rather uninteresting plotting. Michael Rosenbaum was sure as creepy as can be playing the ex who cannot let go, and being the catalyst that sparked off the entire chase, while Jess Rowland who plays his sheriff brother was quite the hoot in a pursuit of his own for reasons best kept under wraps. Tom Arnold though was a little bit too trying in his role as a calamity james type of officer with constant firearms problems, and Bradley Cooper probably had a field day with his chief villain role that didn't seem all too threatening.

    For those into cars (most of which here are owned by Dax Shepard), then Hit and Run would be your kind of movie with a number of chase sequences that didn't offer much other than for the vehicles on display, from BMWs to souped up Lincolns, to burn serious rubber along roads and dirt tracks. The trailer made this movie seem a little fascinating, and I guess kudos to whoever dangled the carrot, but it failed to make it count when relied upon to deliver on its promise. It's certainly hit and run indeed.
  • thetonystabile27 September 2012
    Originally reviewed at

    While I was sitting in the theater, I kept thinking I was on the first season of Punk'd, Because I kept hoping this film was just an elaborate prank. I was wrong.

    Hit and Run is an "action" romantic "comedy" starring Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Kristin Chenoweth, Tom "Mr Rosanne Barr" Arnold and Bradley Cooper. It was written, partially directed and produced by Shepard, who in turn hired all his friends for cheap wages. And believe you me, the wages weren't the only on cheap things about Hit and Run.

    Hit and Miss (hahaha I did it.) follows Yul Perrkins (Shepard) and his girlfriend (Bell) of one year as they face the usual trials and tribulations any young couple faces: murderous revenge from Yul's secret past, and a gang of inbred-southerners as friends. This film has slow reveals that are evident from the beginning and some useless B and C plots to flesh out the 100 minutes stolen from everyone who see this flick.


    • Bradley Cooper. He took a really dumb role, with little character motivation and a crappy wigger style, and made it the funniest part of the film. And he isn't there much.

    • The trailer. Watch that if you want all the funny. I'm serious.


    • The music and score. By the beard of Zeus, when you have a romantic scene or a serious or even a sad scene, DON'T use springy "boing boing" music. It confuses the audience. Already no one can take Dax Shepard seriously with his "Keanu Reeves Homeless Man" Beard, you don't need to add the 2012 equivalent to the Seinfeld "pop."

    • Tom Arnold and Kristin Chenoweth's plot lines. You could have trimmed these scenes out completely and it wouldn't have changed much in the other character's motivations AND I would have been home in time for a Gilmore Girls rerun.

    • The relationship between Shepard and Bell. I'm not complaining about their on camera chemistry as it was alright. But what I am complaining about is their history. At one point in the car Dax's character says things about other people that greatly upsets Bell's character. After a full year of dating, how does she not already know he's vulgar like that? Especially if she sees him hanging around the simpleton of Tom Arnold. And why does he ALWAYS call her Buddy!?


    It's 100 minutes long. Take that whichever way you want. This film is full of filler scenes that do nothing for plot, pacing or laughs. A sub-par performance for Bell and Shepard. It's unfortunate that Cooper was stuck in his position. But then again in 6 months no one will care for or remember this flick.

    Hit and Run gets The Toilet.

    Originally reviewed at
  • Great movie! My boyfriend and I watch it once every couple of months. Something for the guys, something for the gals - all done in a perfect mix. It's actually a really original idea and it all blends together perfect. Watch it you'll love it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Charles (Dax Shepard), not his real name, is in the Witness Protection Program (WPP) in the sleepy little town of Milton. Randy (Tom Arnold) who is a fallen from grace, inept federal marshal is assigned to watch over him. Annie (Kristen Bell) is Charles' girlfriend. She knows he is in the Program, but not the details. Gil (Michael Rosenbaum) is Annie's ex-bf who is still in love with her.

    When Annie gets offered a job in LA, Charles insists she go take it, and he opts to drive her himself in his 700 HP "suicide doors" Lincoln. They are chased by Gil, Randy, Gil's brother Terry (Jess Rowland) who is a gay policeman, and bad guy Alex (Bradley Cooper), the reason why Charles is in the WPP to begin with.

    The film turns into "Smokey and the Bandit" with gun fire. The unorthodox relationship of the two stars is the heart of the film. Annie is an expert in solving non-violent conflict solutions and Charles is...well let's say he is trying.

    The second half of the film digresses. I won't say it falls off a cliff, but it could have been done better in this romantic action/comedy.

    Parental Guide: F-bombs, some really ugly nudity, male nudity.
  • No this isn't as mediocre as you're thinking. It isn't. No it's not just another cheesy Hollywood comedy with dense jokes that's all about car-oriented action scenes and a pretty girl. I for example know nothing about cars and don't appreciate by the number American comedies and I really enjoyed this. If anything the title does the film no favors.

    Dax Shepard, the male lead, actually does surprisingly well as a writer and director. Better than you'd think. In one word, this comedy has great 'balance'. The humor is centered a lot around contemporary social issues like political correctness and its abuse, and Shepard gives in a really good shift of managing to expose the silliness of the whole debate while not really piking any side outright and juggles well with both positions in a way that's properly comedic and fun. The character played by Bradley Cooper is characteristically hilarious in that same sense, he's this tree-hugging eco-friendly extremist psycho who acts as a spoof and as proper plot material at the same time.

    Some scenes are genuinely funny, a couple proper hilarious, and all in all it's very well paced, very well constructed, dialog as explained is witty and balanced (not too cute, not too thick), the characters are funny and believable despite being like comic book characters, and there's good attention to detail, everything is spelled out or made totally obvious.

    Very pleasantly surprised: 7.5/10.
  • There's always the movie and the "movie" behind making the movie. I liked them both. I watched the film twice. Dax Sheppard is hilarious! Bravo to him for putting it together. He conceived a baby and made it grow. "Hit and Run" is a fun ride. Knowing what went into making the film made it all the more fun to watch. He used his own girl, his own cars, his own friends, and his own script. This is not always recommended. In fact, most of the time it's highly discouraged because it is often laced with conceit. But when the effort is laced with love, there is a much better chance of making it work. That's the case with "Hit and Run". I love this movie because I felt the love that went into making it. And it's funny too. Hearing Bradly Cooper tell about taking one for the team and Dax's character's reaction is priceless!
  • Fast cars and comedy have never really gone hand in hand. Movies such as the "Fast and Furious" franchise have always been about the cars, with the jokes mostly sticking to characters digging at each other and one-liners. "Hit and Run," on the other hand, is all about the humor — with a side of car porn.

    "Hit and Run" serves predominantly as a showcase for the comedic style of its creator, actor Dax Shepard. Shepard's filmmaking debut, "Brother's Justice," which he also co-directed with partner David Palmer in 2010, went silently, but here he's convinced his fiancée, Kristen Bell, to co-star and snagged another A-lister in Bradley Cooper to elevate the film's profile.

    The humor in "Hit and Run" can best be described as awkward. It's a lot like "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in the way it constantly steps back to let the characters verbally break down the event, action or tension that just happened or is happening on screen, only Shepard is less concerned with social taboos and all the characters of "Hit and Run" are a little mentally off in one way or another outside of the central couple.

    Shepard plays Charlie Bronson, only that's not his real name. He lives somewhere in hard-to- find California because he's in Witness Protection after testifying against some bank robbers a few years back. Since then he's started a new life and a serious romance with Annie (Bell), who doesn't know much about his past. When Annie gets an incredible and nearly shoo-in dream job opportunity in Los Angeles — the city Charlie must specifically stay away from — he decides to risk taking her there.

    Setting it all in motion is a small contrivance: Annie needs to bring her teaching certificate, which she left in a photo album at her ex-boyfriend, Gil's (Michael Rosenbaum), house. Gil is still obsessed with Annie and convinced Charlie's a rapist of some kind because of his shrouded past. Ultimately, he discovers Charlie's real identity and in hopes of getting Annie back, contacts the very people Charlie must hide from, including Alexander Dmitri, a dreadlocked Cooper with an attitude problem.

    It takes some time for all this to build, during which we're treated to a lot of weirdness. Tom Arnold plays Randy, the incompetent U.S. marshal assigned to protect Charlie who must then take off after him when he leaves town, and to call him a klutz would be a gross understatement. He's a running punch line in the film, which is fitting because Arnold is sort of a running punch line, but as you're waiting for the tension to ratchet up in the movie, he's frustratingly flattening it.

    The slow first half of the film will immediately disappoint anyone looking for something high octane with lots of speeding cars and action. There's plenty of spinning out, chasing and wrecks, plus peeks under the hood for bona fide car nerds, but this isn't an action movie.

    Eventually, Shepard's style finds its groove in the chaos of Randy, Gil and Charlie's old gang chasing after him. The characters arguing over trivialities, namely calling each other out on the dumb (and typically violent) stuff they do, works better in contrast with tension and suspense because it becomes less predictable. Before the story really gets going, the humor feels forced and anecdotal because we're just waiting for Alexander to find out about Charlie and go after him. The script in this sense could've used a veteran writer's assistance to help the plot hit the ground running.

    Admirably, the core of the story is way these events test the romance between Charlie and Annie. Shepard and Bell's real-life chemistry is apparent on screen and the slow beginning includes plenty of legwork to make them people you want to root for. When Annie finally learns exactly who Charlie was and freaks out over it, the two have a very legitimate and believable argument and we yearn for that problem to be resolved, even if the other characters and elements of the film are too borderline psychotic for things to end up any way but happy or in complete ruin.

    With the number of oddball supporting characters, random violence, car porn and plenty of meta-talk about relationships, the overall tone of "Hit and Run" is ironic. The soundtrack is probably the best example, as it includes Lou Rawls' recording of "Pure Imagination" from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" during a car chase sequence, and the film ends with "Let My Love Open the Door," which has no place in a film unless you're trying to be cheesy on purpose.

    "Hit and Run" could be a stepping stone to something bigger and better from Shepard, who might find more success if he took his brand to television or simply found a way to keep the energy up in future films so that the jokes will hit harder. In the meantime, "Hit and Run" avoids being total late-August junk, even if most will discover it down the road as a surprisingly decent rental.

    ~Steven C

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  • I don't know... the other reviewers seem to be expecting War and Peace instead of a formulaic salute to the genre, with a little iffy choreography but still interesting stunts. Don't expect pathos and I guarantee you will be laughing out loud every time the hapless Tom Arnold is on screen. The cars are beautiful, a '67 Lincoln with 700hp, A Cadi estate to die for, a Solstice and a custom built off-roader that I wouldn't even know how to begin to name. Unlike many other reviewers I enjoyed the banter between all the parties, and in itself it is an interesting take on contemporary Californian relationships: the Pouncer app, the political incorrectness of fag, the voting for civil unions... Bradley Cooper's thug was creepy and intense and yet loves dogs. Shepard and Bell have tangible chemistry, Ms Bryant manages to look lethal and desirable all in one sweep of an eyelash, and one ends up wishing they had added more meat to Carly Hatter's role of the inept cop's sidekick with all the answers. What made this movie work for me was primarily the intelligence and yes, restraint with which each every actor executed their role. The plot had some holes, okay craters, like why would someone in a limousine think they could lose a coupe on a dirt road... follow the dust dude, and if someone is trying to hide, why would he choose to drive a trademark? But it gets an eight because it made me laugh out loud at least a few times.
  • After sitting through the 100 minutes of torture in "Hit and Run", I left the theater with hopes that someone will pop out and slap me in the face. You know, it takes a lot of talented people to make a terrible movie, and that's definitely the case for this tasteless, uninspired, and really unfunny mess. Co-writer, co-director, and star Dax Shepard plays Charlie Bronson, he's in the Witness Protection Program, living a happy and normal lifestyle with his light-hearted girlfriend, Annie, played by Kristen Bell, who knows nothing about Charlie's past as a getaway driver. But, when she gets a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity in Los Angeles, Charlie will do whatever it takes to get her there, even if it means leaving Witness Protection, and facing the wrath of his ex-partners in crime. Tom Arnold plays the bumbling Federal Marshall assigned to protect Charlie, and Bradley Cooper, in dreadlocks, plays Charlie's ex-partner whom is out of jail, and is going out to sent revenge. Who thought this would be a good idea for a movie? "Hit and Run" is one of the worst comedies of the whole year. At a very slow and boring pace, you can tell that everybody tries their best to make the audience laugh more than once. Now, the only moments in this movie that made me laugh, were the moments from the trailer. Looks like they picked the best jokes from the movie to put in the trailer, and saved all the other unfunny jokes in the movie. Instead this movie wants to make us laugh at old and naked swingers, homosexual jokes, and overall complete insanity. Even the car chase scenes in this movie are either unexciting, not special, or both. I've seen more exciting car chase scenes in the "Fast and the Furious" movies. Even the camera movements are worse, all shaky, repetitive, and indulgent. Most of the scenes range from unfunny to mean-spirited, the characters are unlikeable, the pacing is a complete drag, and of course, the plot is ridiculous! Do I even need to say more, this movie is just a reminder on how some celebrities join together to make terrible movies, just for an easy paycheck. Slowly paced, badly photographed, and totally unfunny in every sense imaginable, "Hit and Run" is complete garbage. From the opening shot to the closing credits, this is one of the worst movies of this or any other year. "Hit and Run", in my review, "a painfully unfunny and disappointing train-wreck".
  • ajaymenon04 September 2012
    I tried hard to like this movie, cause I voluntarily took part in the arduous process of paying my money in hopes of this waste of celluloid to be a surprise good flick. But unfortunately, the movie drags and drags with sparse car chases. What fails here ?

    1. Conversations to bore you to death:

    Tarantino had the knack of putting in random conversations to build up to the scene which concludes a chapter in tightly packed script. Kevin Smith did that with his movies by riding along the movies with an engrossing topic of a conversation. This movie tries that. Fails miserably. Tries again...goes to over the top levels of face palm. Why? At some point it seemed like the actors were just asked to talk without a script. It was really painful.

    2. Car Chase? Well thats it! :

    There were probably two car chases in the movie which lacked every thing which a car chase should be. Plus the shaky cam thing is going way too far. Personally the whole car chases standards have been pushed way up by 'The French Connection' and 'Ronin'. Even 'Gone in 60 seconds' had some moments. This one fails to generate any sort of impact. There are no awe filled moments at all. It was worse than watching someone play a game of need for speed.

    3. Whats with Tom Arnold?

    Why was he even there in the movie? He was trying to be this fumbling idiot character. But he just grows more annoying by the minute. Some parts didn't even add up to anything. What the hell was with the bowling ball. Whats with him being gay on the app. What the hell was the point ?

    4. Gay jokes:

    The app to get hand jobs...the whole awkward discussion about being butt f**ked. Nothing...let me repeat...none of that was even the least bit funny.

    Speaking of gay jokes though...the movie did kinda mentally sodomize me.
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