In a Howard Stern interview, James Franco described some of the movie's filming locations as "real locations where there were real gangsters around and real bad stuff going on." Franco specified that Vanessa Hudgens was very scared while shooting the scene at the pool hall, contrary to the behavior of her character, Candy.

Emma Roberts was originally cast but the film required her character to indulge in a three-way sex scene, causing her to drop out of the film due to unspecified "creative differences." She was replaced by Ashley Benson.

Director Quentin Tarantino stated that this was his favorite film of 2013.

Spring Breakers was the first feature from A24, the studio behind Lady Bird, Moonlight, The Florida Project, The Disaster Artist, The Lobster, The Witch, and Ex Machina.

Selena Gomez didn't know how to smoke and had never done it before. So they had to teach her for the movie.

The gun barrel blow job scene arose from improvisation on set. Harmony Korine suggested the girls emasculate Alien by sticking the gun barrels in his mouth. It was then James Franco's idea that Alien would get turned on, leading him to perform oral sex on the guns.

Demi Lovato, Elle Fanning and Sarah Hyland were considered for the role of Brit after Emma Roberts dropped out of the part.

Selena Gomez was encouraged by her mother Mandy Teefey to go personally to Harmony Korine's house to audition for the movie.

Harmony Korine stated that he wanted to make the film appear as a mixture of a Britney Spears music video and a Gaspar Noé film.

The highest-grossing limited release film of 2013.

James Franco claimed that Alien is based on underground rap artist Russell Stuart alias Dangeruss. There was much speculation that his character was based around another rap artist by the name of Riff Raff. Franco dismissed those claims when speaking to GQ in 2012, yet he posted a picture of himself online with pictures of Riff Raff on his wall and referring to himself as "film game riffraff". Also, Riff Raff released e-mails between himself and Harmony Korine in which Korine offered Riff Raff the part of Alien. Riff Raff is filing a $10 million lawsuit against Korine and spoofed Franco in One Life To Live.

A sequel, Spring Breakers: The Second Coming, has been announced, with Irvine Welsh and Jonas Åkerlund taking over directing credits from Harmony Korine, writer/director of the original. Both Harmony Korine and James Franco have been vocal about their disapproval and non-involvement in the project, with Franco posting online saying, "This is not being done with Harmony Korine or my consent. The original was wholly Harmony's creation and these producers are capitalizing on that whoever is involved in the sequel is jumping on board a poison ship...Can you imagine someone making the sequel to Taxi Driver (1976) without Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro's consents? Insanity! I'm speaking up for Harmony and his original vision and for any creative person who cares about preserving artistic integrity."

An Oscar nomination campaign was launched for James Franco under the title 'Consider This Sh*t'.

Director Harmony Korine cited Miami Vice (2006) as a primary influence on Spring Breakers: "The movie I watched most, believe it or not, was Michael Mann's "Miami Vice". The reason I love his movies, and that movie in particular, is I could feel the place. When I watch that film, I don't even pay attention to what they're saying or the storyline. I love the colors, I love the texture." [2012]

Vanessa Hudgens wore a wig during the movie.

Harmony Korine refers to his film as "beach noir".

Harmony Korine admits that this film is a personal atonement to him because he never enjoyed spring break himself. He was too busy skateboarding.

The frat party was intended to be a single long shot, which followed Cotty through the party. It was cut in the editing room because it ran too long.

The ATL Twins' backstory, regarding them sharing women, etc., is all true. In fact, according to an interview with Vice, the pair have not had separate girlfriends since the 6th grade and were, at the time of the interview, in a serious relationship with one woman.

First R-rated film for Selena Gomez

Rachel Korine is married to the director Harmony Korine.

Val Kilmer was originally earmarked for the part of the inspirational Christian pastor at the start of the film but he got sick and was replaced by Jeff Jarrett.

The film was bedeviled by paparazzi hiding out on location, trying to get snaps of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez in bikinis.

The parts of the movie that take place at the girls' school were filmed at New College of Florida in Sarasota, FL.

Rachel Korine did all her own stunt driving.

A gangster can be seen wearing a pair of glasses, with 'Gucci Mane' written on the frames. Gucci Mane plays the role of Archie.

This features 2 Disney starlets - Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez - in early adult roles.

Considered by the BBC as the 74th best film within a list of The 21st Century's Greatest Films.

Screen debut of Benjamin Weaver.

Harmony Korine wrote the screenplay in Florida, all the better to soak up the hedonistic lifestyle.

Released in Mexico with a warning label stating "Not a movie for children under 15. Contains drug use".

Spring Breakers is to be rebooted as a digital series, fulfilling the prophecy of "spring break forever". The series will premiere on the upcoming Blackpills platform. Chris Hanley and Fernando Sulichin are still to produce while Harmony Korine isn't involved with the project.

James Franco has the name "Alien", Riff Raff the rapper who was portrayed in the film without permission released an album, "The Golden Alien" in July 2012. "Spring Breakers" was released in March 2013.

Russell Stuart: James Franco's inspiration for Alien, Florida rapper Dangeruss, appears on the stage during Franco's first scene in the film. He is the performer to the left of Franco with dreadlocks.

Body Count: 14.

Despite getting second billing, Selena Gomez has the smallest screen time out of the four girls as Faith. She leaves at the 51 minute mark shortly after Alien bails them out.