Koba: Caesar weak!

Caesar: Koba weaker.

Koba: Apes not kill apes.

Caesar: You are no ape.

Malcolm: Who was that in the video?

Caesar: A good man... like you.

Koba: Koba fight for apes!

Caesar: Koba fight for Koba.

Koba: [pointing to his scars] Human... work Human... work

[screams as he points to his damaged eye]


Caesar: [in sign language] If we go to war, we could lose all we've built.

Caesar: [spoken aloud] Home. Family. Future.

Koba: Apes together strong!

Caesar: I always think... ape better than human. I see now... how much like them we are.

[Last Lines]

Caesar: War has... already begun. Ape started war. And human... Human will not forgive. You must go... before fighting begins. I am sorry... my friend.

Malcolm: I thought we had a chance.

Caesar: I did too.

Dreyfus: [addressing the crowd] We've been through hell together! We spent four years, FOUR YEARS fighting that virus, and then another four fighting each other! It was chaos... But you all know what we're up against. And I want you to know, it's not just about power. It's about giving us the hope to rebuild, to reclaim the world we lost!

Caesar: [On Koba's contempt] From Humans... Koba Learned Hatred

Koba: Caesar loves humans more than apes!

Blue Eyes: [in sign language] Fear makes others turn. When they see you alive, they will turn against Koba.

Blue Eyes: [spoken aloud] Father, let me help you.

Caesar: Ape always seeks strongest branch.

Caesar: War has begun.

Ellie: It was a virus created by scientists in a lab. You can't honestly blame the apes?

Carver: Who the hell else am I going to blame? It was a simian flu. They already killed off half the planet.

Malcolm: Apes do not want war.

Dreyfus: [to Malcolm as they see the apes] That's a hell of lot more than eighty!

Rocket: Koba say, Apes should hate humans.

Caesar: Enough! From humans Koba learned hate. But nothing else.

Caesar: I need to speak to Caesar!

Carver: [Aiming his shotgun at Blue Eyes] I don't take orders from monkeys!

[Caesar tackles him down and takes his gun]

Dreyfus: [Last lines as he clutches a detonator] I'm saving the human race

[triggers an explosion]

Foster: I'll see you tomorrow, asshole.

Koba: Caesar love humans more than apes!

Caesar: Trusted Koba like brother!

Koba: Caesar brother to human!

Maurice: Run.

[first lines]

Physician: If you have a fever and cough or a sore throat, stay home.

Man on TV: I'd say 95% chance of this is manufactured. Came out of a laboratory.

Female Reporter: The source of the virus was traced back to drug test done at Gen-Sys Laboratories in San Francisco.

Male Reporter 1: The lab technician, now known as Patient Zero, was accidentally exposed to retrovirus ALZ-113, an Alzheimer's trial drug that was being testing on chimpanzees.

Male Reporter 2: The infected chimps showed signs of erratic and aggressive behavior that led to their escape from the facility.

Maurice: You still think about them?

Caesar: Humans?

Caesar: Sometimes.

Caesar: Koba still in a cage.

[Koba is about to attack Alex and Malcolm, only to be stopped by Maurice. Maurice growls protectively]

Koba: [in a raspy voice; angry] Where's Caesar? Where's Caesar?



[Caesar enters. Caesar looks at Koba in a stoic way.Blue Eyes and the other apes watch as Koba confronts Caesar]

Koba: *HUMANS* attacked your sons. YOU... LET... THEM... STAY? Put Apes... In Danger!


Koba: Caesar... love... humans... more than apes! *MORE* than your *SONS*!

[Seeing his son, Blue Eyes looks emotionally hurt by Koba's accusation, Caesar's stoic demeanor breaks. His face twitches and contorts with rage]

Caesar: [enraged scream] AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!

[Caesar tackles Koba as a fight breaks out between the two. While the apes hoot in unison, Malcolm and his group watch in shock. Caesar has beaten Koba to pulp and is now pinning him to the ground]

Caesar: [in an incoherent roar of a voice] VICTIM...

[Caesar realizes what he is doing and begins taking deep breaths as he slowly loosens his grip on Koba's neck]

Caesar: [slowly; composing himself] Ape... Not... Kill... Ape...

[Blue Eyes has just discovered that his father, Caesar has a gunshot wound in his chest. He thinks it was the work of the humans and growls threateningly at Malcolm, Alex and Ellie]

Caesar: No... Not human.

[Blue Eyes looks at him, confused]

Caesar: [in a soft voice] Koba.

[Blue Eye looks shocked and ashamed over the fact that the ape he was taking orders from, had shot his father]

Cornelia: You worry about the humans.