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  • Back when Ryan Gosling was all over the place with multiple films being released and among them "Drive" was the sensation of that year with a silent action hero, Funny or Die jumped on the Gosling wagon and decided to mock him a little bit at the same time making a compliment on his acting. "Quiet Ryan" is a fake film trailer showcasing Ryan Gosling's skills in not saying a word but conveying plenty of emotions in several films ("Blue Valentine", "The Notebook", "The Ides of March" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" are the ones along with "Drive" that also has the soundtrack included).

    It feels like one of those Oscar campaigns, "for your consideration" where you can see a huge lobby for someone to get a nomination, images and moments pounding in your brain. But despite the mockery on him, Funny or Die actually makes the actor truly look special, dreamy and very interesting - trust me, he's all that. The fun is seeing the titles talking about the man ("doesn't say a lot but speaks volumes" or "he's just nice to look at"), and the whole exasperation in the viewers were waiting for a moment when they'll hear his voice and then...just a look and some breath. Minimalist humor but it's an existing one. Just fine. 7/10