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  • Not to nit pick, but Adolf Hitler's name is misspelled as Adolph Hitler at the end of the movie. I do think that this film has a lot of potential and could be worse for a first outing for the film makers. I think I heard that the film is still a work in progress and some things may be changed before the final edit. Actors don't have to be names to tell a good story and ever actor needs a start and does the best work with the material involved. I do as I said have high hopes for this film when and if all of the corrections are made but it's not up to me to decide on that. And remember one thing, and that is at some point in their careers, every actor was an unknown! I'd like to send all my best to all involved and continuing success in future endeavors to you all.
  • The people who made this have their hearts in the right place, and I for one certainly agree that Dick Cheney should have been indicted and tried for war crimes, along with Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Gonzales, and anyone else responsible for lying America into the Iraq War and then supporting the use of torture.

    But this is such a low-budget production, it's really pathetic. At one point, they even use a CGI limousine instead of a real car.

    It's unfortunate they couldn't have sold the script to a producer or studio who could have made this film on a proper budget with some name players.

    As it is, the amateur nature of the production undermines the importance of the message.