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  • None of these actresses went to Library school, that's for sure, in a throwaway video from Sin City made by the hack whose moniker DCypher is not worth deciphering. His disinterest in his profession, other than to make a few bucks dishing out porn, is obvious.

    Three blonde and buxom librarians shoot the breeze as an excuse to "knit together" the various sex scenes presented to an undiscriminating Adult audience. Issue at hand is several hypocritical guys trying to shut down the Naughty Books section of their institution, so the dye-job gals seek to dissuade them via sex.

    Such a progressive, liberating theme is about the only hook DCypher can muster for this exercise, in which lovely Brandy Aniston, billed as "Tatum Pierce", adds some jail-bait content as a student thrown into the mix. Finale has the three principals, top-heavy talent headed by the sort-of-star Holly Sampson, celebrating their ultimate First Amendment victory by forming a Lesbian daisy-chain.

    Worst segment has to be that featuring Barrett Blade, fast approaching the Top of my all-time leader board of least-appealing Porn Fellas (he'll have to work overtime to overtake Marc Wallice in that particular competition). He's cast as a doctor, but not only doesn't look the part at all (Blade is an "actor" who never changes his "biker" persona no matter what the casting) but becomes belligerent in his improvisational dialog with poor Brooke Haven, willfully sabotaging the scene knowing full well that DCypher will hand it in no matter how lousy. It's footage like Blade's that has helped to accelerate the demise of story-line porn, as even the most ardent admirer (count me in) of Adult Cinema narrative could not defend this sludge, making an argument for the now- dominant all-sex approach.