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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Hysteria" marks Stormy Daniels' well-deserved return to Wicked Pictures, where she made over a hundred quality story-driven features as writer and/or director. The label's new regime under Axel Braun is very tight on budgets, but even with this limitation Stormy has made an entertaining thriller.

    The budget means the balance between XXX footage and story/acting scenes is now very heavily weighted toward sex, the movie's chief drawback. Set-up of the characters and story elements is rushed, but the gist of the tale has Aiden Ashley emoting as a widow, whose lesbian spouse Anna Claire Clouds was killed under mysterious circumstances.

    Key other characters include Ryan Driller as Clouds' brother; Seth Gamble as a friendly neighbor, and Casey Calvert as Aiden's literary agent. Ashley is way behind in delivering new novel for which she's received a hefty advance, and is suffering from recurring nightmares.

    With a number of simple but effective shock effects, Stormy moves this thriller into the supernatural realm by the presence of Clouds' ghost, repeatedly frightening Aiden. And there is also a central issue of whodunit?, as Clouds' death might have been murder.

    Via flashbacks, Clouds has the most sexual time on camera here, alongside Aiden, Casey and busty starlet Charly Summer. Acting is quite good, except for Chris Cock, cast as Aiden's shrink who happens to be Casey's lover. His line readings are awful, strictly amateur-night, and beyond his voice sounding a lot like his near-namesake (in porn tradition) Chris Rock his presence here is traceable, also in porn tradition, to his wielding a big black cock (BBC in porn shorthand, apologies to the UK broadcaster).