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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Amazon (US) description and IMDB description both contain information that comes at over an hour into the film. I will be kinder.

    Sophiane (David D'Ingeo) and his pregnant wife Jazira (Nancy de Lucia) move into "the tower house" in a small fishing village. The house is old with damaged frescoes. The villagers are superstitious because bad or weird things happen whenever someone moves in. Jazira hears Sirens and dreams she is one of them. Sophiane is told a story of Bahamut who inhabits their water. We discover the town was founded by pirates and wanted people. (Bad hombres for you Trumps).

    Sophine buys a boat and casts a net. He catches items that gives him flashbacks to that item in a different era. Jazira discovers items in the house left by a previous owner.

    The film is artsy. Jazira believes in myths and has faith. I got no idea where they get their money and they seem to be on the run from something. The film has symbolism, a white horse symbolizes death and resurrection (?) and a moth symbolizes faith (?). The ant on the candle may symbolize them in the tower or may just be an ant on a candle.

    The events that happened late in the film is supposed to tie things together, but to be honest, for me it asked more than answered. Might be 5 stars to someone with a classical liberal education or 1 star for the causal viewer.

    Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Nancy de Lucia, David D'Ingeo) English subtitles