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  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK so this show is based off the popular web series "The Annoying Orange" and I find it very unenjoyable. I've seen a few episodes, and they were all basically the same thing. All the fruits named after their respected fruit, just talk in a grocery store and then do something weird. Like in one episode I saw Orange travels to a tennis court and becomes the ruler of "yellow oranges". Yep, Orange is so stupid he doesn't know what a tennis ball is. Then he gets surrounded by them in a ball launcher and almost gets killed. If only they succeeded. Other episodes I've seen have basically the same stupid plot, like fighting broccoli or something. I'm prepared to say this is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. I hate the web series so I knew I wasn't going to like this.

    Another thing to note is its TV-PG rating. While I don't think there's anything "bad" in this show to warrant a PG rating, I can think of one. THE ANIMATION LOOKS FREAKEN SCARY. I think this would honestly scare little kids, so I recommend not letting kids under 10 watch it. The animation is so awful, its just pictures of fruit with scary faces on them over a real photo background. So really its Photoshop, not true "Animation".

    The characters are unlikable, the plots suck, the animation sucks and the show is just pitiful. This has got to be the biggest mistake made by Cartoon Network since they green-lighted "The Looney Tunes Show". And in general I think Cartoon Network has really gone downhill. Most of their cartoons are PG and not really for kids. I honestly don't like any of their new shows, but Regular Show is OK. Anyway, don't watch this show its AWFUL. I would give it -10, its that bad
  • I would like to start off with up till now i have completely avoided the web-series as i usually like to let the show speak for itself and give an insightful opinion about it.

    with that being said i watched 3 non-specific episodes of this series and well i have to agree with my fellow reviewers on this its just not good the animation is rather ....creepy, most of the jokes are rather meh however i guess i can chalk this up to never watching the web- series. Now to the people who are using "oh it for kids so 20 somethings will not like this" We live in the day and age where the same 20 somethings maybe enjoy my little pony a show for little girls. I (age 18) personally still enjoy batman the animated series, mighty morphin' power rangers, and and other shows geared towards kids like adventure time a show thats in the same programming block as this show

    what i guess is a pro, and i use that term loosely is the very large amount of starpower this show constantly gets. Heck the only human that appears as a main character in the show is the famous Tobuscus as neville.

    Overall this show is victim of executives thinking the equation of (big on youtube)=(big on TV) which in most cases it usually doesn't.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, Cartoon Network has sunk to a new low. Nickelodeon did it with Fred and now there's Annoying Orange. Jiminy Crickets! What the hell is happening to Cartoon Network?! It's bad enough that Fred Figglehorn got his own TV show on Nickelodeon, but having the Annoying Orange on TV is like getting gang-raped by a group of gorillas! All the characters are despicable. The fruit characters and the marshmallow have human eyes and mouths which is so creepy that you need holy water to wash your eyes after watching this show. Then there's Nerville, the human cardboard box who should locked up in an asylum. The episode plots make no sense. But, the worst main character I have ever seen is the Annoying Orange. He's stupid, he's moronic, and his laughter sounds like the dying squeal of a goat after getting raped by a wolf! He even laughs at his unfunny jokes. When Cooler from the Pound Puppies laughs after making jokes, I found that corny but hilarious. Annoying Orange, on the other hand, makes me want to commit Seppuku. If I were to see this piece of s---, I would grab a knife, carve him up, put him in the blender, watch him getting pureed while he's screaming, and then drink him all up! I know that sounds frightening, but now you know how I feel about this TV Series. If you like this TV series, then you need to go see a psychiatrist because there's something definitely wrong with you. Bottom Line: There are no likable characters, the plots are full of holes, Cartoon Network is dying, and the Annoying Orange is Superdupercrappyterribulls___alatrocious(A new word I invented to sum up how bad this TV Show is)!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I used to be an Annoying Orange fan. I was SO excited that they were making the TV show! But after watching 4 episodes, it just sucked. I thought that it would be funny like the original series on YouTube! I am really disappointed with in the script. Not everything in the episodes are funny. It just needs to be changed!! Daneboe should write the episodes, not that other person! That's why I'm rating this series 1/10. You disappointed me Cartoon Network, you disappointed me. I so agree with the other people. It deserves to have a VERY low waiting. I'll just stick with Regular Show, Adventure Time, and any other good shows on TV. Don't'T WATCH THIS SERIES!!
  • Only a maximum of 1,000 i think i need more for reviewing this unfunny garbage. Why would Cartoon-network home of the greatest cartoons of all time give this show a time-slot this is a waste of airtime.Take note that cartoon-network was getting better with mad,adventure time,regular show and they kinda started walking away with the live action bit but now with this show they seem to be sliding away of good quality shows. Annoying orange is a show based off the ever so popular and horrible youtube series of the same name. Him and his friends take on different adventures and the orange does what he does best, annoy and yes if your wondering it's annoying. Really annoying, now this show isn't as bad as Secret Mountain fort awesome its worse. For starters this isn't a cartoon and its on a cartoon channel the script isn't good and its not funny at all. The setting looks fake i know its green screened but seriously the youtube series looks way better it looks better on a smaller screen . The way the characters mouth moves is terrible to the point of it being creepy.There's not much else to say about the show except not to watch it there no re-watch value. The only thing thats partially decent is the kids may find this show watchable while we don't main point is too not watch this show.
  • I don't really even know what to say about this show. It is one of the worst shows I have ever seen, joining an elite club that also includes Nickelodeon's "Marvin, Marvin".

    Usually, when there's a show like this that many people consider bad, I watch it just to see for myself and then I go from there. Not only could I not make it through the episode, not only could I not make it through ten minutes, not only could I not make it through five minutes, I couldn't even get through THREE minutes. THREE MINUTES. That's how long it took for me before I finally got the urge to shoot myself.

    It just isn't funny! I get it's supposed to be for kids and all of that s***, but I'm sure that five-year-old kids wouldn't find it funny, either.

    Let's see... I would rather get a colonoscopy from Wolverine than watch this show. I would rather be Billy Gardell's towel (Mike & Molly) after he got done working out for three hours than watch this. I would rather eat a tub of one-year expired mayonnaise than watch "Annoying Orange". I would rather light my crotch on fire than watch that show. I would rather listen to "Gangnam Style" for a full day straight than watch this show. I would rather be robbed at gun point than watch this show. I would rather drink horse semen than watch this show. I would rather break every bone in my body than watch this crappy show. I would rather have a threesome with Rosie O'Donnell and Kirstie Alley than watch this show. I would rather watch a movie with Bobcat Goldthwait, Pauly Shore, Jennifer Tilly, French Stewart, Ray Romano, Gilbert Gottfried, Fran Drescher, Chris Tucker and Dick Vitale than watch this steaming pile. I would rather get a tramp stamp that says "Insert Here" with an arrow pointing down (and I'm a straight man) than watch this show. I would rather get a paper-cut on my sun-burnt nipple than watch this show. I would rather get a prostate exam from The Hulk and The Thing than watch this show. I would rather give a 700-pound woman a bikini wax than watch this show. I would rather eat pig's testicles than watch the "Annoying Orange".

    Do you get the picture? There are many, many, many embarrassing and disgusting things that I would rather do on this Earth than watch this f****** show. It was AWFUL.

    I don't know how a show like Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated went away, but this horrendous Annoying Orange series stayed on. The Scooby Doo show was much weirder than all of the others over the years, but it was still myriads better than this dribble. Cartoon Network executives must be letting their five-year-old kids run the network instead of doing everything themselves. (BTW, SD!MI has a 7.6 rating on IMDb, while Annoying Orange has a 3.0, if that says anything; I also like Johnny Test, which gets tons of negative reviews, so for me to say this about Annoying Orange, the latter must be bad).

    I can't believe this show is on the air. It's absolutely mind-boggling. I really have no idea what these people are thinking. It's not funny. It's stupid and the people that watch this on a daily basis are stupid. I really have nothing else to say, except for never watch this show. EVER. Do yourself a favor and watch something else, ANYTHING ELSE. Chances are, it's better than this poor excuse of a show. The creators of this must have been on a ten-day cocaine binge when they came up with this. That's the only reason I can think of, but just do anything else than watch this. It would be the best decision in your life, no doubt about it.
  • This show is gross. Putting human faces on oranges? That's incredibly disgusting. When I'm sick and I watch Cartoon Network, I get a little nauseous- no joke. The YouTube series sucks just as bad as the show. The jokes are very corny and stupid. They SUCK. This show needs to be canceled off Cartoon Network. What happened to the Cartoon Network that was home to all of the good shows like Ed Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter's Laboratory, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Garfield Show, S.W.A.T Cats, and Pokemon (1997-2005)? WHAT... THE... HECK... HAPPENED?!?!?!? Instead, we cartoon watchers are being exposed to this crap. It's not even humor, it's just a bunch of disgusting crap mixed together formed into one. This NEEDS to be canceled, considering the nice 2.7 rating on IMDb. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!
  • Horrible isn't enough to describe how bad this piece of crap is. It's atrocious. Don't believe me? I actually saw it when the sneak peek came on Cartoon Network, and have watched the original YouTube series, but that show is like a two minute, tolerable short film compared to this! The characters are so one-dimensional, that they're painful to watch. Orange is a character that will make a person want to rip his or her ears out and scream. His puns are terrible and his laugh makes you want to bash your head into a ten story wall. The animation and CGI absolutely suck. It is the worst animation I have ever seen on a television program, next to "Chowder" and "Flapjack." Also, might I point out that the human in this show, called, "Nerville" or whatever the heck his name is, is worthless as a bunch of rocks?! Cartoon Network, do the world a favor and cancel this pathetic excuse of a show. You have lost the magic of what your channel truly used to be, and it hurts. Really, physically hurts.

  • Don't take the summary title too literally. I don't mean as a whole it's just like Johnny Test. What I'm saying is its methods are practically JUST like Johnny Test, which is also a failing series. Their only way of making episodes is to make them into parodies of other things. There's no creativity behind this at all. Another thing I don't understand is how this series is having another season despite its bad ratings. The run on jokes they use over and over are tiring, old, and just aren't funny anymore and never were from the start. The fact they have Toby in it saves it by a little, but definitely not enough to keep it alive from the looks of it. The series didn't deserve a TV show. It should have just stayed on Youtube.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I call it a Johnny test equivalent because they are equally horrific. Also they have the same main issue. Which is that the main character is an infuriating and bratty main character, that is near impossible to like. When are these people going to learn, if you want to make a show the main character HAS to be likable. If not, no one is going to like the show. Why do I want to watch a show about a character I can't stand? The worst part is no one in this show is likable. It's like they purposely choose a voice cast of the most obnoxious and irritating voice actors possible. Especially the marshmallow. It got to a point that whenever he or she (I honestly couldn't tell) spoke I had to mute the volume. I watched two episodes and I wish I could tell you what the point to them were. The plots are TERRIBLE if you can even call them plots. They were fighting vegetables at a grocery store with tanks and other weapons, but this show is so random I couldn't follow what was happening. It's supposed to be funny but it is exactly what the title says, annoying. The jokes are either corny and not funny or they don't even make any sense. This whole idea is OK for 2 minute long youtube videos but for full length episodes? Hell no. Sitting through those two episodes was absolutely agonizing. Even the animation is appalling. The animation consists of choppy movements, a lot of terrible looking photo shopped settings, and characters designed so hideous they almost make "The Problem Solverz's" characters look appealing. The thing that bothers me the most is that this show gets aired over the multitude of good ideas for shows that get handed to Cartoon network and they pass them over. If you're reading this go Youtube Top 10 failed animated pilots. You will be amazed and confused on how trash like Uncle Grandpa, Johnny Test, and this garbage get aired over much more deserving shows. That being said I think you get the idea. The show is terrible and doesn't have a single redeeming quality. Not one, it's terrible down to the horrible intro theme song.

    The Verdict: Terrible characters. Terrible writing. Terrible idea. Terrible plots. Terrible settings. Terrible voice acting. Terrible show.
  • As of 2/2/15, this might of been Cartoon networks last live action show because after this trash was cancelled, there was none for the rest of 2014.

    Anyway, who the heck put this on air?! This show is disgusting because of putting human faces on fruit, it has weak jokes that I don't laugh at, and it has poor writing. Very poor writing. Its so good that this horrible excuse of a show got cancelled. The main character (The Orange) is not funny at all and aggravating. The special effects are pretty cheesy too. I do not like any of the characters. I may like oranges, apples, and marshmallows, but this is just an abombination.

    I am so glad Carton Network threw out their live action shows. But Cartoon Network still isn't 100% good yet because they created new Cartoon trash like Clarence, Gumball, and especially Uncle Grandpa. I hope they cancel those soon. The jokes for this tripe are not funny. After thinking about it, I can safely say that this is, without a doubt, the worst CN show that ever aired. It is just so abysmal that I'd rather watch a lame Nickelodeon sitcom.

  • If I had the option of rating this less than a 1, you bet your fur I would in a heartbeat. Good God, what in the name of Christ is this? The entirety of this "cartoon" is idiotic fruit and a YouTuber being terrible role models and giving kids bad ideas. And we wonder why children these days are so dumb! This show is an outrage. It's spitting in the eye of educated viewing. This is one of the many offenders participating in the genocide of young minds. I feel so sorry for the children that are exposed to this crap... Where did the good shows go? Where did the Beetlejuice cartoon, with excellent morals and witty comedy, run off to? Oh, that's right... It was cancelled! Mature kids shows have been killed off and replaced with this mindless poppycock that is tainting the mental capacity of modern children, leaving them as bumbling husks of idiocy. Children's shows can be educational and fun, you know.... Not even educational! If they are simply NOT the dumbest thing ever to curse the Earth, then they're in good shape! In addition to its stunning stupidity and painfully bad animation, this show has as much originality as an infinity symbol tattoo. Veggie Tales + Spongebob + crack = The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. I am sickened. Simply knowing that this is considered acceptable entertainment makes me fear for the future of today's children, and their children, and their children's children. This show made me hate things. Congratulations, everyone. Originality is officially dead.
  • BobbeCole19 March 2013
    I can't believe that Cartoon Network would lower the bar below brain dead. I wish that Cartoon Network would go back to the good old days where they had good shows like Totally Spies, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Codename: KND, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (etc.). Now they have the lamest shows like Adventure Time, The Regular Show, Flapjack, Johnny Test, and Chowder. This show is worse than all of them combined! I don't even know how they could let themselves sink to a new low! I would have more fun doing homework than watching this garbage! Cartoon Network hasn't aged well. It's been buzzing out and leaving us with the worst shows, and believe me, if I could vote the show at 0 I would.
  • Cartoon Network...I want to ask you something. What on Earth did you think was going to happen when you gave the Annoying Orange his own show?

    Did you really think it was a good idea, and would be a cult classic? You gave us amazing creations like Powerpuff Girls, Courage and Adventure Time, and you allowed this to be made?

    There's nothing creative about it, you could've chosen a more suitable choice that everyone loves off of YouTube, but you chose Annoying Orange?

    What, was "How It Should've Ended" too clever for the kids? Was Homestar Runner not funny enough?

    I'm so glad they cancelled it, because Cartoon Network was so embarrassed of this. And I am glad that they kept their image in- tact.
  • This is with out a doubt the worst show ever to air on Cartoon Network. I can't believe they did this. Cartoon Network, the channel that gave us shows like Johnny bravo, courage the cowardly dog, power puff girls, Adventure time, Steven universe, and we bare bears. But then some executive though "hey there's a popular channel on YouTube called the annoying orange; it's really funny, hay lets get them a show on are Network. I guarantee it will boost are ratings." This show is on par with breadwinners another show ported from YouTube. Thank god this show got cancelled.
  • I think what the people who are reviewing this show need to remember is who this is aimed at. Not the 20-40 year olds who are reviewing it no, its the 10year old's who actually enjoy it. The show is not that bad at all but in no way is fantastic. The thing is as long as the target audience is happy doesn't that make a good show? My 10 year old cousin watches the show and enjoys every moment of it. Its simple harmless fun that people really need to get over. My one major complaint is that although its good, annoying orange was not made for a TV show. The quality is nowhere near as good as the quick 3 minute episodes on the shows YouTube channel. To finish I will say this, The High Fructose Adventures Of Annoying Orange is simple quick humor to keep your 7-10 year old entertained for a few minutes but in no way is aimed at anyone above who will just find it ridiculous.

    Joseph Baird
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm really surprised with how bad the reviews are so far. First of all, I think viewers have to realize that this show is based mainly for kids, but can also be watched as an adult as well. The title of this show is Annoying Orange, so obviously this show can be quite annoying. But with that said, I find it pretty entertaining and cute. I don't love all the characters, and the orange is actually my least favorite. Another reviewer had thought the show was unoriginal, but I don't agree with at all. I think the creator took bits and pieces of something that an adult would recognize from elsewhere, and then interpreted into a new adventure that a child would understand. All in all, I think it's a cute concept for a show and all the kids love it. Its not my favorite show in the world, but it's definitely not so terrible as others have said. I mean, really, the show is only 11 minutes long or something like that, so for a kids show, it's great. It's quick, painless(sometimes), and over before your child can ask for more (until the next week anyway.)
  • First of all what the hell is this vulgar and disgusting show. It is questionable that 421 people have given it 10/10.

    I just watched two episodes and what the hell were they thinking. Here I thought it was bad enough that this show had a YouTube channel but now it has a show. Thank God cartoon network pulled the plug on this.

    However it isn't as bad as Chowder, The Problem Solverz or Teen Titans Go! which are the worst show I hate on Cartoon Network but it is still ugly, disgusting and dumb down.

    It's not even about who it is aimed at as one person thinks it about if it is safe and appropriate for kids. If you are motivating your kids to eat their fruit and vegetables keep them away from this show and it channel.
  • Out of all the internet Cessations, why are executives always choosing the bad ones, the trend all started with Making Fiends, a good TV show that caught the hearts of the big screen and online by adding one of the top ten cutest female characters, Charlotte, she is next to Layla from Hey Arnold,Ruby Gloom,Louise Belcher, and Amy Anderson from Supernoobs, but Annoying Orange traps the Under 10 demographic by adding edgy humor, Unironic bean can jokes, Radically bad attitude,Ear*Beep* Characters, and Twice as Maniacally frightening animation as Angela Anaconda that can give people nightmares about food giving you the flipped birds and eating you,no seriously, where to start,how i started to find it bad is that i found out that the TV series anchored the Franchise to the deepest and darkest and dankest trenches ever, the truckloads, than it stopped trying to grab attention of you tubers afterwords, and i'm glad it did, because the show is just your childhood nightmares trying to devour your brain one by one, it does this by showing you the most brain dead jokes and stories ever, seriously, this gave cartoon network a phobia of making something based off of something, but that's why we got Bunnicula to do the trick. Do you have the feeling that you wanna go ape*beep but some snot butted person prevents you from doing it, well that's this *beep* show, it manages to combine the baaing of a goat with the squealing of a cow after he gets grinded in a slaughter house when it comes to being annoying, and it literally states it in the title. Its annoying and loud that i sometimes have a feeling that i wanna eat more vegetables more because of show like this, this is why people hate Mr Meaty, shows like this that cause them to side with vegetables and eat them,and that's bad, i like meat and fruits, but i eat up my fruit fast before it chants and forces me to subscribe to his awful videos,and the worse character of all isn't grapefruit, its orange and apple, whenever apple gets mad, i just wanna rumble my face into a wall in order to forget, and orange,ugh, they put lots of money on making him the most tedious character ever that should've been in a juicer, he has that squealing little voice most brunette Swedish you tubers use when they squeal in their webcams, so it reminds me of the lost remains of cartoon characters every time they do anything in this TV show, and it frustrates me when Danboer Manages to embarrass Tom Kenny,Patrick Warburton,Bill Farggerbakke,Grey DeLeslie,Thommas Lennon,Jhon DiMaggio, and Harland Williams, the guy who was in Freddy got Fingered and Ned's Newt,yes, seriously, did Cartoon Network seriously tell Danaboe to kidnap all American voice actors to voice ugly David Lynch Food

    CN :alright Danaboe, i want you to steal lots of voice actors that lots of people will know Danaboe :With Pleasure CN : make sure you also embarrass Rob Paulsen in front of the audience Danaboe :Alright, Rob Paulsen speak like an alien commander Rob Paulsen :Indeed, Surrender Precious Earthling Danaboe :and Tom Kenny, get com fused Ton Kenny :Alllllllllriiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!,Ugh what am i doing here?

    , even i hate the voices of the squealing demon fruits as much as you. Danaboe should just keep his Under 10 fan base to himself on the internet, because i don't recommend you to see it, and if you do, then cover your ears
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I... loath this show. I loved the Annoying Orange web series when it was in its prime in 2011. But I literally hate everything about this show. The first episode felt more like a 14-year-old's Star Trek fanfiction. No, I'm not even kidding that's how bad this show is.

    And the faces on the fruit are just creepy. The animation keeps getting worse and worse as it progresses. There's no depth into this show. It makes other internet-driven shows like Fred: The Show look like... beautiful, emotionally driven and well thought out masterpieces.

    I think TTG has more originality than this trash. It's really hard to say what's worse. Fred: The Show, or The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange. This is probably, the worst content ever produced on Cartoon Network produced so far.
  • painfullyerect11 January 2016
    wtf guys this sis gey the game basically hes no graphics i cant believe this. this is terrible guys cm on man i play boom beach everyday and is much beater then this. e.very time the orange says "Ehy Apple" it makes me so angry and mi sister is .leafing so much and i cant stand it. stop wt your Dion immediately becks its Gris an.d is not funny at all stop please SRO out of ten. but. i cent so u no the problem guys u get me. it. told me i cant preview it because not Enif Li.NeWS and in cant so I'm just Gina right more lines becks i really wanna post. this because its rel and its really happening so stop it guys cm on man you get me? stoop it guys i know your reading this becks your not letting me post this becks you now if i post this IL ruin your whole career guys?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why does everyone hate on this so much? Annoying Orange is a perfectly good show, and I would prefer this over The Powerpuff Girls any day. This show takes the fruits from the web show and puts them through adventures. It was never meant to be like the Web Series. In fact, Daneboe even said on YouTube before it came out that The High Fruictose Adventures of the Annoying Orange would be more of a cartoon than a suspenseful web show.

    This could even be the Best show on Cartoon Network since 2004. I love this show, and I hope to see it again for a Season Three in 2015. STOP THE HATE!
  • This show is cute, hilarious, stupid in an entertaining and enjoyable way, and awesome. I don't understand why this poor show gets nothing, but hate. It's very hilarious how Orange ticks off other fruits, vegetables, and other food products by being annoying (Which is why he's called Annoying Orange, duh). So, in conclusion, a 10/10 would be not just generous, but very friendly. But seriously, guys, a 2.4/10?! That's kinda like how The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl got a 3.4/10. Like Annoying Orange, the movie is very funny, some scenes were very cute, some scenes were stupid, but entertainingly stupid, and is very awesome.
  • The Annoying Orange was a cute little video I found back in 2009 when Dane Boe made it. I loved them because not only was the name appropriate, but it's pretty funny. Now the Annoying Orange has his own TV Show? I thought this would be awesome, and it delivered.

    The High Fructose Adventures Of The Annoying Orange is about Orange and his friends going on adventures, and having fun. It's a simple concept that is great! Every episode is original in it's own way, and entertaining to watch.

    Why does this show get so much hate? It's a fall-back to original cartoons, and it's entertaining for people of all ages. Yes, the Orange can be annoying sometimes, but that's the joke. I love this show and find it to be the most entertaining cartoon I've seen in such a long time.

    Parents who do not like this show bash it entirely without actually taking some thought with an open mind to it. The Annoying Orange is a very under- rated show and I find that the more episodes you watch, the more it grows on you.

    I give The High Fructose Adventures Of The Annoying Orange a 10 because it's way too low on the charts by people mindlessly bashing it. Give it a chance and watch it. If it's not for you, then it's not. It doesn't mean it's uninspired and a bad show.
  • But I still like it. This may not be Annoying Orange comedy at it's finest, but in my opinion it's thoroughly entertaining and somewhat amusing.

    For those of you who complain that this is stupid, you're right. It's very stupid and that's the point. Why else would there be a bunch of talking fruits?

    Plus, it has Tobuscus in it and if nothing else, his exemplary performance in this show is a good enough reason to watch it. So I do recommend you watch it.

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