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    It was not a problem at all that Katy Perry was already closer to 30 (what she is today) than to 20 when she made "Teenage Dream" back in 2011, because first of all it is just a dream about being a teenager and secondly, she is incredibly popular to the demographic of teenagers. I quite liked this song. Katy looks as stunning as always in the video and the tune, especially the chorus is as catchy as it gets, perfect for her voice. The story in this video is not too memorable, but it's not a problem at all as it's really just all about having a partner who makes you feel young again and simply about having a great time. And if anybody always manages to create that atmosphere, it's certainly Katy Perry. Thumbs up for this one here.

    UPDATE: 5TH APRIL 2017:

    The above is a review for the Katy Perry song "Teenage Dream" I wrote on 10 August 2015 with the following reception: 1 of 2 people found this review helpful. This is because this IMDb title page previously belonged the song and music video I just mentioned. But now lets get in the review for "Katy Perry: The One That Got Away":

    Here we have another music video from singer Katy Perry from the year 2011, so this one had its 5th anniversary last year. The fact how popular Perry was back then already (and still is today) is shown by popular actor Diego Luna starring in here and the one who made this is prolific music video director Floria Sigismondi and this came out one year after she made "The Runaways". I personally would say this was a good watch and listen, but the story was just too much for 300 seconds to be honest. It actually could have been a movie of 90 minutes with all Perry offers in here. I don't think she is a bad actress and also nice to see her go away from the attempt to look hot in every scene with this aging makeup. In the young scenes, Perry looks as stunning as always though and is a definite contender for hottest woman on the planet once again.The best thing besides the looks in here is easily Perry's tribute to my personal idol Johnny Cash of course with the "You are my Sunshine" reference. Touching stuff and it elevates the music video a lot. I give it a thumbs-up. Perry alone for once is not the reason how much I liked it, but like I just described it delivers in other fields impressively, mostly because of the song within the song. Don't miss out.